Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos

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    What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?
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    1. Mimzerella :D

      This was as disappointing as my life

    2. Eduardo Uzhca

      Amijo consigue un trabajo

    3. Gary Schneider


    4. nano 4:20 Campodónico

      Ay niños que no tiene para comer y vos jugas con la comida

    5. Luiz Soares

      Vlad do área secreta ficou muito mais legal

    6. Syzanna Smile

      129 млн. за 2 недели😦😦😱😱😱

    7. Arianator96

      I got a Mentos ad before this 🏹

    8. New User

      So now you just got mentos-flavored coke, or is it coke-flavored mentos?🤔

    9. Suresh Kumarajeewa


    10. Dusty Iron

      Why does every one of these stupid ass videos always delay the fucking point until half way thru

    11. backup1

      Well that was a waist is time 😐

    12. Sardar Muhammad Saleem

      i thought the coke mentos mixture is gonna come out of the tank but it settled before ...

    13. Masster Gunnz

      Bruh this shit was corny as fuck lol

    14. NovatoGame

      só deu vontade de comer os mentos desperdiçados.

    15. BrPontoCom

      no coments. c

    16. PS

      *How this have many views? :/*

    17. Ya boi Slytherin

      I loved this, was gonna skip till actuall thing but no, they were actually good experiments. Keep up the great work!

    18. Master of FUNN

      gesels.info/video/video/ocyWkKWypHhlzpU.html Crazy mentos exparement vs coke

    19. Samir 513

      Woher denn Batman?

    20. Michael Zamyslov

      Fails compilation.

    21. Stacy Moukoko

      they wasted a watermelon... the best fruit ever

    22. Полина Осьмина

      Сколько всего хорошего испортил!!!!!

    23. BlipBlipist

      Hello! 👋🙂


      What a Power🌪

    25. Arrow 17

      3.1416to jajajaja

    26. S Kael

      Such a waste.

    27. iSak

      These videos suck!!! Quit making them

    28. sven tutt

      Thank you for your contributions to humanity

    29. Глеб Мочалов

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    30. juan lopez

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    31. juan lopez

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    32. Lizkook in your area

      *This is how many people doesn't like this* 👇

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    34. Chris T.

      Absolute garbage, beginning to end

    35. Khaled Anas

      Unnecessary wasting foods and drinks..

    36. Grace Byon

      omg this is entertaining

    37. Elena Gaatjeniksaan

      Holy this video had 129 million likes

    38. Евген Исаев

      Парень, мне кажется у тебя есть отклонения в психики)))

    39. Akatsuki_Ardii


    40. Project BluEvanescent

      This is STONKS to a whole new level At least the main content is shown 1/3 of the duration of the video unlike most videos I watch, which I have to wait until almost 90% of the video it takes. The rest of these clips were fine in my opinion. They're just basically side dishes of this video. All in all, it's not bad for a clickbait-y GEsels video.

    41. Asii Jaan

      I respect him for wasting 10 min of 129M Viewers High five 🖐 bro..

    42. agndfbbn adhjbdd

      suger displaces carbolic acid from the water from created by the co2 desolveing in the soda

    43. Angelique Anzaldo

      El problema con este tipo de videos es el desperdicio de recursos.

    44. 이찬혁

      이게 뭐라고 계속 보고있냐

    45. Most Subs No Vids

      I’m not mad... I’m just disappointed

    46. ding dong

      Do a hole on the cap ...

    47. Eric Fernandez

      Can I have the aquarium?

    48. Mr Jee

      Shitty Experiment


      😃 《|》 /\

    50. Shaheer Shakeel

      Me thinking how this video got 129 million views 😱

    51. Roro small TV

      Do u know how many people need this food ur just wasting ur going straight to hell

    52. Baked Beanz on Toast

      But bugger all is happening!!!!. WTF

    53. こーちゃん


    54. GrayF0x Of Lyt

      How did this guy het 129 million views in 2 weeks wtf

    55. Nyd Bul

      God : 🤦🏻‍♂️

    56. Меруерт Альжан

      Я одного не понимаю , вроде название видео на русском , а коментарии почти все на английском 😂👍

    57. JR Animation

      That watermelon :(

    58. Izzy Golder


    59. Mustafa MTR

      3:15 for people who dont want to waste time

    60. eMJay Josias

      Make it cooler , so disappointed