Experiment: Coca Cola and Mentos

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Power Vision

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    What happens if you mix Coca-Cola and Mentos in a large aquarium?
    Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

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    1. Power Vision

      Coca Cola and Mentos Underground: gesels.info/video/video/eN9ocdPRf56i2aE.html Coke and Baking Soda! Super Reaction : gesels.info/video/video/ebJ6fta5n4h8zIM.html Lava Vs Orbeez : gesels.info/video/video/e8V2j5GQY3xppqU.html

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      2. Lundaa Enkhbayan


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      5. Ben Harper

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    9. Y u need to be mad Ya

      This seems cray ...

    10. TechTube

      Imagine if the coca cola and mentos stuff happens in your stomach 😆

    11. brennan clarkson

      Boi I did this kind of stuff when I was in boy scouts in first grade

    12. Cringley Cringles

      That’s also wasting drinks. :(

    13. sensei_sid

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="419">6:59</a> Fruit ninja in real life be like 😂

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    15. Fun clip


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    19. Nicely Put

      Destroying food. Classy

    20. Nicely Put

      Surely trained pro would know the box with such a massive open space would give the pressure plenty of room

    21. Nicely Put

      This video would be great for pilled up ravers after a club. Constant stuff with music. Otherwise it sucks

    22. 4 Degree View

      Lukily i was sitting on the toilet while watching this -so the time was not completely wasted✌🏻

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    24. Hey Guys

      Communism doesn't work.

    25. Kanoe Duffield

      Imagine eating mentos then drinking coke and that reaction happens in your stomach.....

    26. Pat The Becky

      Do they know that your suppose to use diet coke?

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        Thanks bro. 🙏💕😊.

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    30. Richard Fox

      Well, that was pointless.

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      Who else watching in lockdown ?

    32. Eric Quarak

      What the fuck is wrong with him he's crazy man I can't believe you did that 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    33. Call me taetae

      Why are they wasting so much watermelons ? Unbelievable

    34. Miecie Taylor

      Who else just searched this up and then found out that these are the peeps from TikTok


      How to waste hundreds of litres of Coca Cola.

    36. Dmitry Shos

      Very cool! Yesterday I did a similar experiment, but something went wrong. True, it turned out so epic and my wife and I laughed so much that we recorded a video and posted it on our channel.

    37. Максим

      Кто русский лайк

    38. FunnY FaceBook

      If Coca-Cola REALLY cared about the obesity problem they’d put cocaine back in their recipe.

    39. Callen Jimmy

      It’s recommended for some odd reason, I don’t watch experiments like this.

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    41. Archer Tor

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    42. Martine Boisvert

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    49. Fresh M

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    50. Abdelmelik Farooq Alwahid

      I want my 10 mins back 😐

    51. Nickel Csupo

      what dont mix mentos ?

    52. Nickel Csupo

      Ha! 6 cines

    53. rey Brad


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    54. Sir Watkins 111

      This is fucking boring

    55. Kevin Chao

      Poor batman

    56. shawnda mccormick

      What a waste, imo. Sorry

    57. half jonson

      why mentos :(

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    67. prince gujjar

      Wastage of time money and food also

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    69. Angela Nellum

      If we can't do it why yall do it

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    76. Sophia Avelin

      "this was made by a professional" how does someone become a coke-mentos mixer? what degree of certification sis he get to be a pro? *I WaNt It!!*

    77. Beardy Boy

      Why so many hate comments?

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      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="419">06:59</a> fruit ninja!

    79. S Trep

      This guy is a tiktoker

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      I know you found this video by searching coke and mentos