Experiment: Coca Cola and Baking Soda! Super Reaction!

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    What will happen if you mixed high concentration baking soda with Coca-Cola and Mentos? Look.
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    1. Kianofolmar

      That Fluid he mixed with the Mentos and Soda? was not Coke. Just sayin

    2. Роман С

      А лица то зачем закрывать?

    3. Dracula

      Next challenge drink coca cola and then eat mentos

    4. flyhound97

      Couple of these reminded my of my HS GF first time she let me feel her tits.

    5. flyhound97

      You could rename the video, "After Taco Bell'' and not have to change anything else.

    6. Vinson ASMR


    7. GoYo Hernán



      *5:25** Sawe your time ⌚ thanks mi late* gesels.info/video/video/arRijLayg6yCunM.html

    9. Miih Alves


    10. Антон Теплов

      Смотреть с 6:22

    11. Akash JasS

      danger for health

    12. 23 aba


    13. playTheGame TERRARIA

      спалился на коле было написано ПЕВЕЦ по русски

    14. SERGO leff

      6:35 не кока кола кого ти наебать хочеш?

    15. dèlfa Et les chats :3

      J'arrête pas de regarder des truc comme ça 😂

    16. Commander Xananymous

      Thks m8..I gonna do this at my brother room now

    17. Sain Peres


    18. しょう


      1. катя добрянк


    19. Luki ferdiansah


    20. Awal Lina


    21. ChristopherMichael 5284

      Waste of a lot of good soda though.

    22. TORBRODE

      Why are you blurring his face

    23. kewitt

      Diet coke is way more reactive

    24. Roberto Vidal

      Save you more time, it’s supposed to be Diet Coke not regular Coke.

    25. 百年珍藏老电影&纪录片


    26. _ kirura

      おもしろいけどちょっと勿体ないかな……… 別にその人のものだし何しようが勝手だけど

    27. Laserdice

      Why did he blur his face? Normal people wear a ski-mask when mixing Coke with Mentos.

    28. Anand Rawat

      I m bore with mentos and coca cola experiment plz do another

    29. Vorachart Tuaychareon


    30. Rangel Avelino flore


    31. ke f


    32. Cesar crack 897

      Alguien que habla español algún español o mexicano

    33. Victor Tinajero

      Buenos estos esperimentos

    34. RCAF TW

      Too many fucking ads. Unwatchable

    35. MistressMelody Bloom

      4:09 it’s like coffee coming out!

    36. Валентин Мельник

      Когда собаке делать нехер , она яйца лижет.

    37. Habibbur Rahman


    38. Abhiraami Anandu

      Well doing with cola Because natural water will not make reaction with mentos💣


      6:11 Is this coca is purple or should i just go and see a psycos doctor?? 😳😳 but i still think they need some vanilla to make this Rocket fuel experiment work.

    40. Anto Samawarea


    41. Weebiest Katarina


    42. P. K. Wyatt

      8:06 Now I know what my dad meant when he said my sister was an accident.

    43. 박박강김윤

      어후 저거 언제 치우고 누가 치워

    44. ugi tube

      Org indonesia like

    45. Serega Dizil

      Ебать! 53 млн просмотров. Теперь понятно, почему тебе заняться нечем

    46. The Firesword Dragon

      Rating soft drinks based on how well they explode? Is that what our world has come to?

    47. The Firesword Dragon

      4:47 Personal favourite. I knew coke bottles could become rockets!

    48. HBShow


    49. hang minh

      love you

    50. Catiania Borges

      Algum brasileiro os gringos não bai entender nada kkkkk

    51. Troll Man2017

      Me: *eats to much beans* My stomach: 2:00

    52. HP

      Shouldnt it be diet coke ?

    53. Jaden Coffey

      3:40 *Mento Volcano*

    54. stvp68

      Did I miss where they did the trick shown in the thumbnail?

    55. stvp68

      I’m glad they showed the footage of them unscrewing the bottle caps. Otherwise, I would have been confused how they got the Mentos inside.

    56. stvp68

      No Mentos were harmed in the making of this video?

    57. Faisal Sharif


    58. Nic Surge

      Why not diet coke?

    59. 이민석


    60. Max Tangen