Ex-Best Friends | Hannah Stocking & Lele Pons

Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking

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    1. Dr. Wine

      Did lele pons do a Solarium or did she just find a weird makeup tint

    2. Doctor Roo


    3. Unamed A

      Are they still friends with Inanna?

    4. Arturo Maldonado

      She got some of the lines off of TikTok

    5. Peter Harris

      I have snacks

    6. Layne Shelton

      Am I the only one who was really confused this entire time💀

    7. John Do

      9/11 was funnier than this

    8. BruhSZN Z

      guys I need help finding the funny

    9. Alta19 Leblanc82

      lele change to a black woman?

    10. f b

      Fucking retarded cunts will end up doing porn or overdosing they are two fucking stupid to do anything else

    11. Raushni Mukherjee

      Where has Inanna gone?? 😭😭

    12. Rosalia Paredes


    13. Van Yardia

      Me and my friend(s) tho

    14. Pastor

      They aren't that attractive anymore or thick.

    15. Laura Wilkinson

      Love u Hannah

    16. Kayla Subero

      Lele looked tan in the first clip

    17. Ljubica Kovacevic


    18. It's ya boy • 9 years ago

      hahaha so funny XDXDXDXDXD

    19. Semaj Holman

      Hi my name is Semaj and I wanted to tell you that I want to have SEX with you

    20. sara Jorge

      Tik tok: what s consistent seeing you

    21. Serenity Hb

      Love it

    22. Serenity Hb

      Love it

    23. Ai Cuni

      Who 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️

    24. maritza delgado

      Did anyone else notice the chucky doll sitting on the couch at 0:06

    25. Nina Moskalenko

      Что это за чучелы??? Из того света???

    26. Karla Peña

      Chucky was there

    27. Catalin Iannis

      Lele have mustach

    28. RandomLoveWorld

      The acting tho... fucking shiiiiit

    29. Kassidy Reiman


    30. Rick JAmes

      you guys ever kiss

    31. Zuhra Pilica

      is it just me or did lele just grow a beard LOL like if she has a beard

      1. Zuhra Pilica

        YAY ALMOST....... 5 likes :( PLZZZZZ LIKE IT

    32. S.A.S Gacha Magic

      I really like Hannah and Lele They are both so pretty

    33. just shana

      So..uh this is funny now?

    34. Wes Baumguardner

      Favorite part: the camel toes. 😎

    35. Perla Samaniego

      no ay alguien que able espanol

    36. aryana stylinson

      Mike hawk...

    37. Tania G

      gotta just send it

    38. Fatma Seif Abdalla

      I love you lele

    39. ᴅᴀɴ ʏᴛ


    40. Aiden Michaud

      Nobody fukken cares lmao

    41. amie wilkinson

      I love your videos so much that I always watch them

    42. Leslie Quintana

      This thing must be blue if you think the cat is cute❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    43. Hazel Pontero

      Hannah should get 10 million likes lets gooi

    44. Wesley Maines Jennings

      So funny! Comedy Queens 😍 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    45. Grooty 9000

      Wow comedy

    46. Sam Paul

      More like mike cock

    47. Valeri Iliev

      omg good guys doll chucky the killer doll!!!!!!!!1

    48. Megan Chandler

      Hannah stocking I love you and your videos your just an amazing GEselsr


      Hello Hannah

    50. Vittoria Munguia

      Wow your so rude

    51. Sakina Bora


    52. Lemon Sheep

      Is there a part 2 that comes with the bit I’m supposed to laugh at?

    53. TJ FORGEY

      I would drive you home

    54. Marinta Ham


    55. No Limits

      Opa?You are from Greece 🇬🇷?

    56. Ryan Rambalack

      My favorite part was the first one

    57. Ryan Rambalack

      You are cool

    58. Quy pham

      Where did Hannah get that cat from lmao

    59. Samantha Sanchez

      It's just a laugh video rigth?

    60. Jayvion Booker