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    everythingawful subreddit is awful suprise epicly
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    1. Mackenzie Mullins

      I made the mistake of eating breakfast while watching this 😞

    2. Google Demonetization

      PewDiePie: I will *BAN* all children 9 year olds: ... 14 year olds: ...

    3. GamingwithEmma

      10:43 i was wearing something like these.... paused the video and checked them lmao

    4. KingyYT

      So what did he say on his last vid about having a brake

    5. 666Sinn

      Saying hot water is bad is literally one of the stupidest things I've ever heard on the internet. All water used from taps, public or otherwise is potable. I'm sure you're too stupid to know that word, look it up.

    6. Geoff Dooley


    7. Ashaan Dalgliesh

      There will be no more nine-year-olds if you Battle all the babies

    8. _ NɨKʈO _

      I Rashe Я русский но мне нрав это смотреть 😂

    9. Theodor Koller

      bruh when u boil warm spring water you kill the bacterias ......BRUH

    10. Beyond Skill

      i am from straya and thaT MOTH AINT REAL HOMIE

    11. seeriu ciihy

      Felix: sees a bacteriophage the most common organism on earth Also Felix: tHaT cAn NoT bE rEAl 12:08

    12. Евгений Пасовец


    13. NotoriusDrifter

      Thank you Felix, now I want to throw up

    14. Nerezza Splatoon

      6:49 Listen really carefully in the background. Is it just me that hears the quiet moans in the music??

      1. seeriu ciihy

        Pewds-"babies are bad" Me- so no baby??

    15. JacketClanKing

      7:30 just a reminder that every one of those pairs is worth more than 70$

    16. momo :33

      Peww is cute

    17. GASBAL

      mr beast will be the world leader

    18. D Man Broders

      A hat biggest discovery ever

    19. Super scary Thomas

      Please don’t make a joke about Australia’s fires were already enough pain losing our animals losing our homes losing our family friends

    20. Honey pro 4490

      sub to t series

    21. TCGamerOfficial

      Pewds: I would ban all children. They are germ spreaders. Me: Like when u were a child?

    22. richard marriott

      I have a 2 year old child. Can confirm they are germ and mess factorys

    23. skyler sills

      Why is hot water bad to cook with?

    24. Patrick Burke

      6:44 me cries in 9 year old

    25. Basubhrit Nandi

      3:58 Dave Mustaine camo appearance!!

    26. Red Zhask

      Who watched this after he uploaded the goodbye video

    27. Rasmus Lundqvist

      3:52 Look at the poster in the background. Fitting coincidence.

    28. SirJulubs

      I'll be hiding in a bunker with my fellow kids goodbye

    29. Khushi Saxena

      Pewds-"babies are bad" Me- so no baby??

    30. red bliss waxy potato

      Whilst I was watching this bugs started to fall in the bath w me

    31. • snowbxll - Aesthetic •

      Wtf is that Australian bug, Being Aussie I refuse to admit that scary ass monster thing exist! That thing was DEscustING

    32. 420 dakmemes


    33. Melissa [- -]

      I thought you said you were gonna take a break pewds

    34. satanic hobo

      But 9 year olds are children!

    35. Melody Edwards

      Spiders aren't insects.

    36. Giovanni Hernandez

      Why can't you dislike a video more than once?

    37. Charles Damn

      Tsuki "why are you sad" collection RM of BTS in Fake Love: "why you sad?"

    38. ƙąყƖɛɛ ɬɧɛ_զųɛɛŋ

      “Kids are bad, I will ban them” 9 year olds:

    39. Ben Arthur

      I’m Australian and I’ve never seen that moth before

    40. xXArrowXx

      8:38 did anyone else think of the movie UP

    41. Tsukasa KIRIGIRI

      "Everything is awful" Murray: *not everything is awful*

    42. Wolfie The Alaskan Malamute's family

      The first time i tried to watch this it said this video has been blocked by alf industries. EXPLAIN?!??!?

    43. King.shepard

      liget im mad at my firend, shes trying to steal my manz ):(

    44. Pancake pal 213

      PewDiePie: if I become president I will band children 9 year olds:

    45. Jah

      everytime i hear the word “awful” i just remember the joker scene with murray

    46. Oz Kalvan

      I like how pewds's hair is sticking up at the end during the pixelings ad

    47. Mike Pawlik

      Why is this episode so gross

    48. awesomenes 181

      Hes geting less funny

    49. dlux 4u2nv

      Should I subscribe to t series or PewDiePie?

    50. Jesus Christ

      Rest In Peace pewdiepie, October 24 1989-January 16 2020

    51. aA bB

      1:37 ps1 Hagrid

    52. Jack Johnson

      based sam hyde

    53. Ethan Lawrence

      Should not have watched this while eating taco bell.

    54. Anxious Lettuce

      “No guys actually like that” rip not everyone j wants to impress others

    55. MLG Dan


    56. Jensonmonkeyman09

      Felix: says he hates children More than 50% of his viewers being 9 year old 9 years olds: no this cannot happen he is betraying us

    57. bssni touir

      Felix: I will ban all children. Also Felix: Your 9yo again!

    58. DANGERBOI 829

      11:45 👽

    59. Dabestatgaming 1223454

      13:12 what about all the t-series haters and all the 9 year-old subscribers?

    60. Andrew Carns

      Need to double check my headphones give me a second...

      1. bssni touir

        LEt'S mAkE tHe WaTEr TurN bLAck