Epidemiologist Kathryn Jacobsen on the latest COVID-19 updates

CGTN America

CGTN America

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    CGTN's Roee Ruttenberg discusses the latest COVID-19 developments with epidemiologist Kathryn Jacobsen.
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    1. Margaret Neanover

      Check heart related symptoms like congestive heart. Even though it's viral, the effects are very similar. The condition might need a 2 or 3 step healing. I learned by parents, very good doctor attention and by steps of conditions. This means also the organs have had best response or chemically alter the body.

    2. taresy6789pp Pang

      By the utilisation and understanding varion mechanism that virologist and scientist experts has discovered perturb the S spike of novel Corona virus by introduction and formation of novel inhiniotor small molecule that prevents interaction of the surface glycoprotein with ACE 2 human receptor on the host cells to Restrict binding with the ACE 2 enzyme angio tendon converting enzyme that prevents with interaction with SARS COVID virus that results in respiratory illness with the ACE 2 protein on which scientist believe theoretically that a good molecular representation of novel inhiniotor is SSAAO9E3 and that prevents cell fusion with receptor of the ACE 2 protein of which where the varion clear of inhibit of L of the glycoprotein O the S1 and S2 protein as scientist that varion of SARs COVID binds to the susceptibility of the Ace 2 PROTEIN and the fuse from activation of L cleave and that SSAAO9E2 which is N(4-(4 methylpiperazin-1-yl) phenyl-) memyic-(1,2)-oxazol-s-carboxamide known as ace 2 inhibitor novel inhibitor And SSAAO9E3 shows ability restrict binding cell. Membrane at cellular surface and L cleave activity that act as potential ace 2 protein inhibitors and SARs-S-RBD-ace 2 which is give name as [N-(9,10-dioxo-9,10-dihydroanthracen-2-yl)-Benzamide) C_21H_13NO_3 which this novel inhibit will prevent interaction with host cell to prevent infection and propagation endisome result RNA transcription cell membrane activity act as interaction disturbance to bind g og the glyco s protein spike protein with ACE 2 receptors that cause replication virus that make us ill

    3. Rod Sax

      Check the migratory small birds. They carrying the virus.

    4. Daphne Joanna Schultze

      What animal is save to eat?

      1. Kulwant Singh

        Infected Human. It will have the antibodies you need.

      2. SCOTT ontheboat

        Your arm

      3. Don Ethos

        Hooved animals and fish are all that remains on that list.

    5. Vannessa Coonrod

      She was superb. Thank you.

    6. Gibes NCIS

      29 Days are the incubation period. Why no one is talking of this. 14 day is not working.

      1. poofendorf

        @SCOTT ontheboat you're scientifically illiterate

      2. SCOTT ontheboat

        BS ! it's at least 20 days! 14 days is asinine! Temperature guns are useless!

      3. poofendorf

        The average is 0-5 days.

    7. b wills

      I dont quite understand how a CCP funded news outlet runs in America or RT for that matter. But a okay news report today.

      1. Supreme

        Same reason why BBC a british funded news outlet runs in other countries? Or why Voice of America which is funded by the US government runs in most foreign countries?

    8. Jorge Torres


      1. William Willaims

        I'll come back here in 6 months and time will tell if it's "ELIMINATED THE WORLD POLULATION". See you soon!

    9. Tree Of Rage

      "Over a 150 cases"..... A 150???

    10. June Tan

      It is possible that the virus may transmitted thru Online shopping/orders that came from affected area?

      1. Big Deeper

        @SCOTT ontheboat You must mean "venomous" unless you were planning on eating that snake. The Chinese eat snakes all the time of course. They even make snake wine.

      2. June Tan

        @SCOTT ontheboat.

      3. SCOTT ontheboat

        I always think back to my youth! When someone would say, grab that snake it ain't poisonous 😁☠

      4. roberto R

        June Tan or, you could just leave it in your garage for a couple of weeks.

      5. June Tan

        2 weeks ago I shop online and ordered item from a overseas shop. week after I found out that item I ordered are from china. with no hesitation I cancelled my order.

    11. moma M

      Hallo dat is superieure.

    12. Big Deeper

      Hm. She seemed pretty rational and honest. How unusual!

      1. asdf

        She didn't answer the PETA question.

      2. Big Deeper

        @Stinky Piece of Cheese Your droppings just brim with deep thoughts, Stinky.

      3. Stinky Piece of Cheese

        @Big Deeper In what cave complex do you reside?

      4. Big Deeper

        @Stinky Piece of Cheese Sadly it is very rare among so called scientists.

      5. Stinky Piece of Cheese

        Its called science.

    13. Florida Island Girl

      This will eventually be an illness we will all be living with much like the flu. It is serious, deadly, and spreads person to person, airborne, and aerosolized. It is a pandemic now!!

    14. Glenn Throop

      This is a biological warfare pandemic that was accidentally started by the Chinese Bio Lab in Wuhan China. Quarantine and incubation times need to be set at 40-Days. All flights out of China need to "STOP". This virus is like no other. If you get this virus you can die in as little as three days from the onset of symptoms. This Virus is going to KILL 10,000 to 100,000 people Worldwide. When you die your body will be immediately burned because this virus is that DEADLY. Wake Up People!

      1. poofendorf

        You suck at science and critical thinking.

      2. Gibes NCIS

        I have to Strongly agree with you. When I bring this up to people look at you like it's no big deal. Live in Northeast Nebraska.

      3. HappyFace

        it's not a bioweapon. it's a strong virus. and since we didn't have anything "major" since the last 100 years, H1N1 was bad, will this be the spanish flu 2.0? i can't tell you. yeah no this will blow over, a million cases at most(i'm being super-optimistic) also don't think that a million cases is nothing big. no i'm not saying that. if we're unlucky millions will die. also, this virus is new, no "herd-immunity" also, no vaccine, nothing.

      4. Stinky Piece of Cheese

        This post is full of fail. Bug off putin bot