Epic NBA Basketball QnA TRICKSHOTS vs Lonzo Ball!



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    Basketball Trickshots vs NBA Star Lonzo Ball
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    1. Jesser

      Wow #6 on trending! Thank you all so much for the love! I am going to make this a series with different Nba players in the future so make sure to subscribe!

      1. Lucas Miller

        Jesser this was amazing

      2. Charlie Ferreira

        👋🏼 jesser

      3. Lil Cold User

        @Fe4r_curt k

      4. Lah_G

        All u had to do was make a free throw 😂 He shoot 50%

      5. Person's Rule

        666 likes lmao

    2. Simon Jovanovski

      Troy is literally punching the air rn

    3. Abdirahman yusuf

      Lonzo Ball Died. RIP

    4. Jaxon Wood

      The amount of times Jesser said “You Know What” is crazy

    5. Peoples517

      i get that lamelo is actually tall but, he honestly looks pretty tiny

    6. Jaac2008 Chanel

      If troydan was there

    7. ya boy arrow

      Fuck horse

      1. ya boy arrow

        The last time I played that shit I broke my leg in a layup

    8. Jackie Manicad

      Why no troydan

    9. Kobe the Kowboy

      Did troydan no about this troy and lonzo

    10. Christopher Selby #08

      That was jesser lamelo dunked on I seen the clip but never knew it was him

    11. Elio Sweidan

      You should’ve brought troydan with you cause he’s a big lonzo ball fan

    12. Matt Jared Tangilon

      poor troy

    13. Kaden E

      Troydan punching that air rn

      1. Kaden E


    14. Billy Lymberopoulos

      Bro Lonzo is pretty trash at this

    15. Karlo Ivančić

      Whos here before 2mil views?

    16. Zachary Bressard

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="502">8:22</a> htf did he make a free throw

    17. Noscope0721

      lonzo dies every stream troydan makes

    18. Centech

      triple bs im the man

    19. Rashad Huntington

      Bro he said that he's not that good

    20. Remee Morse

      Omg look at Lonzo’s legs. That boy skipped leg day

    21. Sawyer Serafin

      Lonzo sucks

    22. BeastMode 34


    23. Elizabeth Atacador

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> true

    24. Kelly Kolovitz


    25. Thomas Velie

      Troydans jealous

    26. Basketball for life

      How many beat drops Jesser :yes

    27. Saucy YT

      Imagine troydan right now.....

    28. FINNB9

      lol I’m wearing a Lonzo lackers shirt

    29. Dodo Domagoj

      Who is her after crazy layups with lonzo of Tjass

    30. david meadows

      I have the Kobe’s Lonzos has on

    31. Kyle Vlogs

      Lonzo sucks

    32. Hector Flores

      You swallow

    33. Daron Bush

      His form was still bad here now it's wet

    34. 901 Gang

      Dunk jesser

    35. Isaac Johnson

      How do you have more subscribers than views

    36. Sandman 23

      Thats not only a 3 in difference. No way

    37. Ske ppy

      Why can’t Jesser shoot free throws

    38. Eli Kidd

      Who lives in Louisiana?

    39. Itzmehailey

      Don’t nba players look so talkative on court but seemed depressed in rl 😶😂👏🏼

    40. DkImiD HuNg

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="69">1:09</a>

    41. Ivory Beats

      Honest opinion his release looks fast

    42. B3TA Reaper

      jesser has hof corner specialist, hof green machine and bronze contact and consistent finisher

    43. Jeromba e

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="494">8:14</a> Jesser is a Karen

    44. Revoke_ Nolan

      Jesse can dunk?

    45. Sistine

      He humble af

    46. Wes Ward

      We gonna ignore the fact that jesser just dunked

    47. Ziphon

      If lonzo admitted it himself it must be true JESSER IS A CORNER SPECIALIST

    48. datower13

      No Troydan is big Lonzo Ball fan

    49. lloren michael

      What will troydan react to this vid?

    50. dawson dolan

      did anyone notice that it is drydel playing and not jesser

    51. Devin Hollins

      You should make a vid with Stephen curry

    52. chanvir johal

      Lonzo has a kid?!!

    53. TheBasketballChannel

      Bruh imagine troydan just watching this.

    54. Nolan Montague

      I’m glad you finally came to my city

    55. sahib sandhu

      Please respond what shoe lonzzo rocking

    56. Rochelle Howell

      Imagine being troydan

    57. Saed Gheith

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="528">8:48</a> No one : Literally no one : Jesser : Your shot looks good Lonzo : Yeah it is a little different

    58. 4oreX

      Did jesser just dunk?

    59. Bot_ SaVz

      Troydan is jealous


      Jesser stop putting shitty music

    61. Super Sticious

      Lonzo needs more grit and determination and he can be a really good player. He needs to stop trying be the 'cool one' and focus more on being a good player.

    62. Abigail Rosas

      Lonzo not even trying pelicans suckk💩💩💩

    63. LouisBaller YT

      So Funny How he airball 😂😂 <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="478">7:58</a>

    64. Sebastian

      At least lonzo admits that he’s not the best unlike lavar

    65. O P

      Even though he has some hate I personally love Lonzo as a person and a player

    66. Green Bay Packers

      Lonzo is the best player in the world he is the literal goat

    67. Raptor

      Imagine troydan being here

    68. Com3dy Trio Gamez

      Jesset is better than lonzo

    69. SupremeNitro

      Troydan is jealous

    70. Caleb Covington

      I wonder how Troy daddy feels

    71. ARB

      cash? <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="480">8:00</a>

    72. gasper kramberger

      He lied lamelo dunked on him when he wasnt ready

    73. DA - 07JM - Castle Oaks PS (1496)

      You can dunk 😳

    74. James Rodebaugh

      I want you to go against Tristan jass

    75. Luke Meyers

      Troydan probably sitting in the corner right now

    76. Caelan Hitt

      Ho Ho Ho To Horse 🐴

    77. Dimerfan Serv

      He got his ankles tooken by lemelo

    78. Willie Mack

      At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="3">0:03</a> I said to my self Jesse I wouldn’t go that far

    79. caleb manley

      Troydan punching the air right now

    80. Eli Smith

      I seen the golden state warriors vs Phoenix suns