Enes Batur Needs to be Stopped!


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    Enes Batur Needs to be Stopped!
    Enes Batur has Falsely Copyright Striked ANOTHER video by JT and GEsels is letting him get away with it! He needs to be Stopped! I hope you enjoy the video! :D
    My Original Video on Enes Batur - gesels.info/video/video/is9ma97OmI6ArKE.html
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    1. TBR


      1. CoolTech INC.


      2. 0o0Silver0o0


      3. Fernand Marquet Fire Chicken


      4. Festive _ puffs _

        Feels bad

      5. Santa Claus


    2. arda HD

      *anus butter*

    3. シBATUHAN



      anus batur is not sexy

    5. SandboxArrow

      Enes needs to be execüted

    6. Tofu_GameZ Z

      Enes Batur? More like anus beater

    7. Doğa aksoy

      He is like Jake Paul in Turkey. No one over the age of 13 likes him.

    8. Patrick Kelly

      Coming back to this now that this fruit appeared in rewind!

    9. Lucifers Lonely


    10. ღ•ÏŤŹ Ãĺĕx Ğãčhă•ღ

      I'm with enes batur because ı knowed hım more than you ı trust enes batur he is the best youtube ever besides he is just like our big brother like really you need to stop enes batur did nothing WRONG !! You are so mean to other youtubers would you be happy if we do this things to you :/

    11. Mindman567Official

      He's Turkish pewdipie

      1. Mindman567Official


    12. gulaman gaming

      Comment ROBUX when u will help me REPORT all of anusbuttur's vids

    13. Kral Erin Ve Prenses Neva


    14. Josh Bonsubre

      What about morgzz?

    15. James Gong

      Guys by 2020 everyone is gonna switch platforms and GEsels’s gonna throw a fit

    16. Thyphon - TSO

      An ass butter

    17. FerdomDax

      İnan miyom

    18. AndreJ HD

      Waiting for Anas Battur to strike this xD

    19. Robi 2031

      Anus Biter lol

    20. Breyvs

      Guys he is not copy *facepalm* He did at 2013 he share old parts look at him video his saying *minecraft part 1 2013* and pewdieepie share it 4 months ago so that means pewdiepie is copier :/ i think you guys really stupid he made in 2013 its a old f u say crated 2019 its a old videl if you search enes batur old channel or use time machine(in google) search him on 2013 i find that please erase this video enes batur is not copying ppl we are not like your country >:( you made this video you not do research or dont look someone or enes batur can report you from police...Beacuse your doing Bully I know why you guys defend pewdiepie beacuse he is have too much subs and he is 1st on youtube maybe enes baturs idol is pewdiepie? we dont know he is not going to yours stupid edits i saw on instagram many ppl using pickaxe and helmet(english rip) anyway please stop ping him have a nice day ^-^

    21. A normal boy Named Osman

      Say yes if you are on JT’s side

      1. ღ•ÏŤŹ Ãĺĕx Ğãčhă•ღ


    22. Selime Hayat

      No matter how much you mock this guy, he won't mind people laughing like you.Because he's a Turk.

    23. Tattier Verbose456

      JT now controls his fate. GEsels grew a pair.

    24. aghil talebi

      You laying after this dont lay turkish yutubers

      1. Crowe


    25. CybeR Online

      Video: Exists Enes Butur: Its free real estate

    26. Gece Buluşmaları

      Enes batur dont know english its fake video ı am turkish ahahahha :D

    27. Jackson Young

      The thing with the poster is that the background is ant man and the wasp. So it’s not even his

    28. RocknX

      Anus batoon

    29. Merakli TV

      Fake mq enes batur un işi yok bu hiyara yazacak

      1. Ismayıl Namazov

        Ha şimdi burada video fikirleeini çalan suçlu değil küfürsüz eleştiren ha? Ve sen nereden biliyon kanıt ne götün mü?

    30. elyes


    31. Carter The Hedgehog

      use anus butter in the title so you don't get a true copy strike from the man himself using his name will get you a real and a true copy strike, yes.

    32. Zeynep Sude Kara

      Hi, as a Turkish person, I would like to open your eyes and have you see how respectful you are. You gain NOTHING by demeaning him, diss him, writing that you yourself are Turkish and hate him. I'm not his fan, but what you do is cross-border, at least many of you. Have a good evening Regards a Turkish Girl

    33. 10K Subs With No Video? Official

      Enes Batur is Jake Paul of Turkey... His audience is made out of 4-14 year olds

    34. Fernand Marquet Fire Chicken

      Curse you TBR

    35. Berna Yıldız


      1. Crowe

        Yapamayacaksın fmfmtmemf

    36. Dolan Duck

      Anus Butter

    37. Anonymous_ Criminal

      TBR what star wars game are you playing??

    38. The Zaky Craft

      Anus butter

    39. X-Phyte

      Türk yok mu aq nereye geldim ben

      1. Ismayıl Namazov

        Var brom..

    40. 25Blitzer

      Also I never steal ideas, I used to have videos, kept 3 unlisted, rest deleted, I almost stole an idea but changed my mind, probably never will post again.

    41. •Cute •Hell•

      O bu hoşuma gitti UwU enes demen çok tatlı ve ben türkçe yazıyorum (Use translate sjsjsjs)

    42. BlueWitherer

      🅰️nes 🅱️atur

    43. Enes Kerem AYDIN

      Enes Batur Nice Greek GEselsr!

    44. AndreJ HD

      Anus Buttur

    45. Wolfgang Mozart

      In turkey we hate him. Kids around 10 years old watch him

    46. LocalGronk

      Every Turk that’s saying “we hate him as well” CLEARLY YALL DON’T how els is he so popular and has that many subs 🙄

      1. Crowe

        Turkey's population is 80M and only the 1/8 percent of the population likes him. The rest hates him or is neutral.

      2. LocalGronk

        @bengisu zinni the pauls used to be good NOW they're shit my old acc is still subbed to them but true they still have the children watching them

      3. bengisu zinni

        well, how can you explain the paul brothers then? enes batur is turkey's jake or logan, anyone over 11-12 despises him

    47. Berk Gölge

      Oooo ı am turkish and ı hate enes batur

    48. Positiivelii Irregularr

      *we need to start a petition to ban him from everywhere **#saveJT** **#banenesbatur** **#standwithJT* *we seriously need to ban him, everyone report him*

    49. çetin yücel

      anüs basur

    50. Serkan Nohut

      Enes baçur :D

    51. Onat Kocabaşoğlu

      Guys, you can't stop him. Because of huge media companies who are they supports and sponsored Enes Batur, they will promote him. I experienced this internet - drama bullshit and i realized their real faces. They work like a cartel. I'm sorry guys, we're hating this guy but if you're not a huge media company, you can't finish him and like them. You'll just be scapegoat.



      1. Crowe


    53. Mete Uzmez TR

      They can’t say something like “all media steals” cause “all media” makes deals to buy copyrights of the contents which they want to take concept to turkey if you don’t pay for copyrights yeah you can say there is a theft

    54. Deniz Çekgül

      Shut up noobb

    55. Kaptan KuruKafa

      enes buçuuğr

    56. Cirak Mahmut

      Orspi enes batur

    57. TOC Mr Matt

      This guy makes morgz look good

    58. Hayden Abrahams

      He copy’s SO MANY fn channels his recent vid was copying team edge...

    59. Galaxy The Fox

      enes batur, more like anus butthurt haha get it right...

    60. AmY GaChA