Dolan Twins

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    We dye our hair thats literally all the video is
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    1. Phoenix Scott

      1:47 to 2:07 🤣☝️

    2. I'm a cat meow

      5:01 When you see yourself in the mirror for the first time

    3. Jess Murphy

      They always say sexual things even when sometimes, they don't even mean it that way and realize afterwards that what they said was sexual.

    4. talibz editz

      I’m not ur sugar mommy Ethan - Grayson Dolan

    5. hello have a nice day

      2:24 Now I need to believe that Ethan is older twin. Are you fucking serious?

    6. Alison Neese

      Grayson reaction at 3:37😂

    7. Rashmi Rao

      Happy jingle balls 🔔😂

    8. Channing Poindexter

      Hey gray

    9. Lauren Diego

      We all know where that finger was going 😏😂😂

    10. Lauren Diego

      "What is a sugar mommy"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    11. Melissa and Kaylee

      is the mic on? check check check check GRAYSON IT’S ON

    12. Taylor Welch

      Is it just me or is Gray really cute in this video?

    13. Cecy Monarrez


    14. hi vat

      anyone in 2019 like if u are

    15. Evangelia Papadopoulos

      look at Grayson at 0:02

    16. Alix H

      bruh..they make my whole life complete😭❤️

    17. Happy Wang puppy

      0:18 when Grayson smile 😭✨

    18. Happy Wang puppy

      0:17 I have a crush on Grayson 😭♥️

    19. Queenie Halloweenie

      Grayson looks like he earned his redwings lmfao

    20. Tanisha Nicholas

      Is it just me or does anyone else find the Dolan twins better wit beards❤️😂

    21. Tanwar Suhana

      @Dolan Twins It’s a good thing y’all didn’t leave the bleach in for too long. I know y’all did your beards but I was getting highlights on my hair and the lady left the bleach in for too long. It ended up leaving a really really bad scab on my head. My mom and I went to a doctor that my friend’s mom recommended and he cut the scab off. And btw, he also cut my hair and skin off. And the skin wasn’t dead, it was like alive. So I felt the guy cutting my skin off. After he cut it off, he took a picture and showed it to me. He literally put a hole in my head. My mom and I got in the car and I literally had a full blown meltdown. And it happened 2 weeks ago too. It still really hurts. So, good thing y’all took the bleach out in time.

    22. Brandon Kendrick

      They are p****** what a bunch of girls

    23. Macy Zebro

      0:49 uhhhhhh is ethan literally Dylan O'Brien??????

    24. idk I'd wife me

      Grayson is hot asf😻 Is it just me or...😁

    25. Ariel Rubio

      Grayson sound drunk when he said "im not your sugar mommy Ethan , you cant just slap my thigh"😂😂

    26. ytb user


    27. itz_ tdk

      Happy jingle balls!🤪😂😂

    28. Savannah Barragan

      HAPPY JINGLE BALLS 😂😂😂😂😂 6:18

    29. wussup fam

      grayson: “AH YOU LOOK LIKE A BILLY GOAT” ethan: “i kinda do look like a billy goat, you look like a billy goat also grayson” grayson: “no less of a billy goat more of an *antelope* 💀😭😂

    30. heyyitshayleyy

      "you could be an elf!" "you could be a dick head" lmfaooo

    31. Aiyana James

      you booty cheeks

    32. Chawanna Grant

      Grayson czy i have tears in my eyes

    33. Marlene Jaracuaro

      Roses are red Violets are blue I’m having a dolan Twins marathon And so are u ?

    34. A.W.L 05

      Don't mind me just having a Dolan Twin Marathon.🤣

    35. yousra

      Why do grayson seems like he's on his period😂

    36. Itsyourgirl yaya

      3:37-3:54 was so funny grayson was just shook

    37. makala b

      Gray is ridiculously hot in this video

    38. Laura Brown

      “We GoT bEArdS nOw”

    39. Drayasmiles Lynch

      Jingle ballz

    40. It’s me Maya

      Grayson: YOU PUNCHED ME Ethan: youre fine

    41. Frida Renco

      4:49 omgggg

    42. Anika Rahman Raisa

      You are looking very handsome in beard Grayson

    43. Breanne O'Hanley

      Is it just me or is Grayson extra cute in this video xoxo


      This is the only clickbait that i don't mind😂

    45. Lilly Saiz

      How many people reading this have met the twins ?! 👇🏼

    46. Lilly Saiz

      I love them ❤️

    47. Gretel Ricardo

      Siri might hate you

    48. Celine Davood

      This is still clickbate cause only Grayson's hair was dyed, where actually the title says dying our hair. Lol Jk xx

    49. karrlie emerson

      June 2019 anyone?👍🏻

    50. Nevaeh Faith

      5:44 hahaha 😂