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Mateusz M

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    (00:13) Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil: Prelude - The Atlas March
    (01:05) Angelo Milli: Requiem
    (01:37) Steve Jablonsky: Bumblebee
    (04:08) Hans Zimmer: Arcade
    (06:07) Hans Zimmer: I Will Find Him
    Into The Wild, Rocky 4, Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness, A Beautiful Mind.
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    1. Definitive Patriot

      My dream is this covid 19 will make us all realise how fragile mankind is

    2. Scott Blasiman

      I have watched this countless times. Since 2014 I started a second career, earned a masters degree. I quadrupled my salary. I don't know how to say thanks.

    3. Golden Dove Quotes

      I'm going to make it!! Hope our dream comes true.. 😊

    4. WSMO TV

      I will be a successful rapper and a businesses men and i will back to this comment Drop a like

    5. KT's Chess Channel

      I showed this to my cat. . Now it's turned into a tiger.

    6. ghost 13

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="363">6:03</a>

    7. Olijah Parris

      I've been trying to change my life and become more disciplined for years on end. However despite all the effort I give I can never remain consistent, but today 06.04.20, I'm putting this out there because I know today will be the day everything changes. 🙏🏽.

    8. Live YourLife

      If you want to achieve your dreams. You need to believe that you can and you will.

    9. Fer Robles


    10. Bhanu Priya

      Its not over until I win

    11. chloe taggart

      ‘it’s necessary to get the losers out fo your life if you want to get your dream.’ yes🤍🤍

    12. chloe taggart

      i want to be an actor ... and i know i’ll achieve my dreams.... because i have seen so many motivational videos and every single one has told me to focus on my dreams and don’t give a single fuck about what people think...it’s time to become an actress

    13. Madhu k

      i want to become finance analyst in 2 years after becoming i will come here and i will comment here

    14. Jesus Phiota

      I used to listen to this my freshman year in college and helped me get though college, I lost my mother while I was in college but I still continued because I know my mother would want me to keep moving forward. Now I have the job that I always wanted and I enjoy my working for my company. This video has had an impact on my life. Thank you.

    15. Adrian Swaby

      Cardboard box on floor Blue tshirt in white paint dried

    16. Ram Tamang

      I don't have a dream next year I am entering in college and I don't know what to do , which major to choose

      1. I Have Aids Gaming

        College is a scam, dont think you have to go, especially if you dont know what for.

    17. Pseudonym

      Hello alter ego in spring 2022. I've done my final exams with the grade 1,6. It would be one of my best decisions that I started now.

    18. Vân Thủy Nuyễn

      Can I get the audio script?

    19. About Success

      If you're reading this then I hope every single one of your dreams come true... Keep GOING 🔥💪

    20. aR Bi

      Coronavirus has watched this video

    21. Kjara Stewart

      otkud na srpski haha

    22. BlunKKK56

      idk why but when black people talk it is so much more motivating

    23. Derek Jefferson

      I WILL BE THE BEST POWERLIFTER . I’ll keep you guys updated with my journey

    24. 羽翌晨

      2020 now。Dream now。

    25. A A

      I watched this 100 times whenever i felt depressed during my college years. And now, i'm living my dream.

    26. New Nen Gates

      I going to do something thats never been done before!

    27. LifeLessons

      You don't know how much you can accomplish until you try. Your unrealistic dreams matter!

    28. Muhamad Abdulla

      I remember watching this when it just came out and it changed me instantly. I became who i wanted to be and was happy. For some reason i lost myself again on the road. So after years of not watching these videos i came back. Back to refresh and they still hit as if i am watching them for the first time. Thank you. I will became good again, i will come back stronger than ever. Thank you M, thank you.

    29. Nitin Goyal

      I had just graduated from university and was really struggling to find a stable job, my dream was to get on my feet and support my family financially. I came across this video one day and I felt so motivated after listening to it the first time that I started listening to it every morning. Today, I am on my feet and I have started supporting my family financially. This video helped me a lot during a very tough time in my life. Thank you to the person or the persons who created this video!

    30. Hannaneh STM

      inspiring videos just make you excited... They are NOT Practical you can do nothing without money or top talent... Maybe there are interesting, breathtaking sentences in this video but they are nothing more than beautiful sentences I used to enjoy them sometimes become emotional.... They are just playing with your emotions they just shout rhythmic words to you...

    31. Aditya Roy chowdhury

      I will crack IIT

    32. New Change

      I'm weaking up at 6 going to run up a mountain in 4 hours I swear

    33. The kartiktok

      such great motivational video. #thekartiktok

      1. agir motivation

        /ZCQ42bnyoutu.beilE4 motivation video for you

    34. RDJ fan

      Who will still watch this even after 2020? Drop a like👇

    35. Sherin Hanna

      I WILL win the International Piano Chopin Competition in 2025 and I WILL come back in 5YEARS AND cmt this.

      1. I Have Aids Gaming

        Sure dud

    36. jaxon wirzba

      I love that everyone is being inspired and starting their goals from this video and how everyone here is gonna be the first people to witness everyone’s dreams being pursued, I hope everyone succeeds in their journeys❤️

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      1. AR TV

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    38. hye진

      i believe in myself, i WILL be an artist, performing on huge stages, making others happy with my music, helping other people, i WILL make it. i update after i make it into a company.

    39. Master Els

      2 years of content creation. Slow progress on Twitch and GEsels. But finally getting somewhere with it on facebook. I'm investing 3 more years into this and I won't stop until I win. Thanks for the video 🔥

    40. Alaa Alansari

      What is the name of the film?

    41. Tiger Woods

      The goosebumps kicked in at the <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="248">4:08</a> mark.

    42. Anthony Eugene

      please give me the strength to keep moving foward. dont let me up ❤️💪💪

    43. Malik A Pasha

      Kindly review my attempt of making something motivationala gesels.info/video/video/c5d4bsralneIlnM.html

    44. ykd 2018x

      haven't saw better then anything like this , watching it by 2 years , still it never bores me always boosting me towards my goals

    45. wakil salih

      i am going to become a succesful investor in the world inshallah👆🏻💪🏻. what are you going to be?

    46. wakil salih

      i am going to become a succesful investor in the world inshallah👆🏻💪🏻. what are you going to be?

    47. izhar abbas

      was fucked Up CAME TO HERE WATCHED THE VIDEO shouted a lot, Screaming and motivating my self.

    48. The Golden Lion

      For all the dreamers gesels.info/video/video/ZNOaqdTUnGpluqE.html

    49. Motivation Arena

      Great content. An inspiration to me . He has inspired me to create my own GEsels channel.please show me some love on my GEsels channel (subscribe). Thanks🙏

    50. Mike Tyson Boxing

      Dreams ist veryyyyyyyy hard

    51. Malko Denanfa Muoafo

      un tres grand merci pour la traduction !message tres edifiant

    52. #CHILL Bro

      The bgm and the speech bring lots of confidence in me.

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    54. Abhimanyu singh

      I will be back in 2022, as a successful scriptwriter.

    55. Manuel Fernandes

      I will be a Navy Officer!

    56. love life

      Am scared BUT I know this world sure does need to change we need a balance but it's a world effort could make so much difference and help so much for generations but anyway enjoy your weekend 💛😇🌎🌏🌍🌐 My adrenaline goes over drive you see #positivewarriors

    57. Motivate Yourself First

      Incredible 👏🏻

    58. Tar Ch

      What to do if you don't have a dream?

    59. Alexander Probert

      I watched this as a highschool Sophomore wanting to play d1 football. I played 4 years. Became an all American, all conference, all independent FBS. I got injured, redshirted, and now I’m playing my last season at Iowa State. Never give up.

    60. Goalkeeper Songs

      The 9.9k people who disliked this are the biggest losers EVER

    61. Motivate 100%

      WOW THANK YOU :) gesels.info/video/video/oraeitico4KLs4s.html

    62. Mon Opinion

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="293">4:53</a> what movie is that ?

      1. Mr. E.L Finesse

        A Beautiful Mind

    63. Deniz Mehmet Mermer

      My first watch was in 2016. Now I have become a teacher. This video make me stronger and helped me focus. #ThisIsWhatIBelieve

    64. s7ventys6x

      I will be the person I’ve always wanted to be 💪🏻🥺

    65. pepperiin

      I watch this several times a year, nothing hits harder than this video. Thank you for keeping me moving!

    66. Riezen Cayabyab

      They ignore me They don't want me to play basketball because i'm too weak & noob But soon they will call me as their idol. I'll comeback here 2 years from now I'll comeback here show's to all that i gain respect. Promise

    67. Huszár Károly

      I WILL be the greatest engineer in spacex in 8years, there is no doubt in me about that.

    68. RkO spurs

      Stop scrolling just do it

    69. Edd Hazard

      Luther King!

    70. ichigo kurosaki

      Sie az wzruszylem :) ide pocwiczyc thnx

    71. Tejas Joshi

      Gonna Make Myself Proud.....Gonna Do the things until I get it done That'll be my will from now.......One Day you all gonna know me as The Greatest Entrepreneur remember my name Tejas Joshi.

    72. Shorooq Mohd

      Sunday, March 8

    73. Sven Michalwski

      #Fussball Motivationsvideo von #SvenMichalowski Best Motivationsvideo. gesels.info/video/video/edlpj7awf4FnlIM.html

    74. Tony Montana

      For the one who made this video... Can't thank you enough. 2014, you changed my mind, my life... You planted the will of not giving up in my soul. Thank you man. May god reward you with heavens. We need this

    75. Patrick Nyerere

      I will be back in 2024 as a very successful filmmaker.

    76. Jacqueline Spencer

      Hah y'all bad!

    77. Khaled Shouab

      🎤 أصل الأحلام , ماهيتها , وكيف تنشا ؟ - What are dreams ? gesels.info/video/video/ZLRne9elp5etpGI.html

    78. Alpha Zacharia

      I showed this to my puppy, and he potty trained himself

    79. Farid Hoccetov

      Fidan tesekkurler menim adamimsan

    80. TeamMV tazi

      I will be a engineer. I’ll be back in 3 years to this comment