Drake - Toosie Slide



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    Toosie Slide (Official Video)

    Director: Theo Skudra
    Producer: Christian Tyler
    Production Company: Colossale

    Cinematographer: Theo Skudra
    Production Coordinator: Alex Dall’Orso
    B Cam: Ali Khurshid
    Loader/Drone Op: Tristan Clarke-McMurchy
    PA: Kit Weyman and Jade-Elie Pascual

    SFX Company: Dynamic Effects Collective
    SFX Supervisor: Hudson Kenny
    SFX Technician: Matthew Beecraft

    Editor: Theo Skudra
    Assistant Editor: Ashton Lewis

    Finishing Company: Artjail
    Artjail Executive Producer: Leslie McCartney
    Artjail Producer: Caitlin Schooley
    Artjail Coordinator: Alison Maxwell
    Colourist: Clinton Homuth
    Assistant: Kevin Wu


    1. Jeet Skeet

      He do be sliding doe 😳

    2. Zebra Lee

      我看见了毛泽东 I saw Mao Zedong.

    3. MemesAreDreams

      this guy is ripping off oliver

    4. Lorenzo Porto

      When your crush likes you back, but still has a bf <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="259">4:19</a>

    5. Tk Tacool

      This song was too short for him to show off his full house 🏡

    6. Elizabeth Jackson

      I only like this video cause he mentioned the king of pop name thanks for keeping the king of pop legacy Alive

    7. T2TV

      When you smell Popeyes as your mum walks through the house door <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a>

    8. Jose Ivys Melo

      he live in a mall

    9. Robin Eldred

      This song sounds like it was written in 12 minutes. And as with most Drake songs, it repeats a simple beat ad nauseum. I can't believe tripe like this paid for THAT house. Good for you for pulling that off, Drake.

    10. chef pls

      Did you guys see the empty showcase in the beginning!


      You know what’s scary at least one person has died that commented in this comment section

    12. Ian Williams

      This song kinda trash ngl

    13. vugar zulfugarov

      I ve seen this house 🏡

    14. Varunshan Sivapalan

      He covered his face because he doesn't have a fresh fade

    15. Coffee Pot

      Most over rated artist alive.

    16. J. Alex

      Y'all see how big that house is right?

    17. Beto Carmona

      Damn I don’t even like my house no more lol

    18. Charly_EVT - Instagram

      I’m confined in your house bro

    19. jonathan garcia

      Weird flex but ok

    20. yixian er

      Masks, a large number of stock, $0.28 each, starting from 10000pc

    21. Mason Kinningham

      how much are yall gonna suck this dudes dick lmaoo

    22. Detroit Red

      Pop smoke dance 8-2-3

    23. Sa Mu Rai

      Drake : yo i need a thumbnail for my vodeo ASAP Graphic designer : I only got WORD pad Drake : ok make me one GD : I already did !

    24. Jacob V

      Annnddd cue the Toosie Slide Challenge....

    25. NaZy btw

      Omg einfach diamond casino in gta 5 das Haus haha

    26. Skoobs

      whack AF

    27. くうはく_

      is he in China???I saw Mao Zedong

    28. Christopher Koehler

      Been in Drake's house for a month now. He won't ever find me🤘😂

    29. Off Hills

      Mfs be only doing songs for tiktok not for the art if it

    30. Sean The Taurus

      The song is alright i guess

    31. Khozi

      Drake still doesn’t know I live in the pool room, it’s really dark in here

    32. Sani Sadiq nayaya

      Kaws sculpture spotted in the hall way 🙌🏾

    33. Jess Jerz

      Those weird looking doll things one of left one on right I swear I seen it blinking

    34. Detrich Swain

      🗑 this might be the first song of his downfall

    35. Brittany Rodriguez

      Drake dances like a white boy with no rhythm

    36. Oscar Coreo Contreras

      Wack bruh... what happened to this guy? 🤯

    37. Roblox Queen

      This was yesterday and it already has 6,000,000 views 🥴

    38. Nathi_Nice Entertainment

      Drake’s crib isa whole mall🙆🏾‍♂️

    39. Zayn's Mama

      I wouldn’t even complain about staying home if I was living there 😂

    40. Arinze Ogbue

      This song has cured my depression 😊😊😊

    41. Cleon

      I bet that house gets really lonely

    42. alioune badara wane


    43. Nick Fontanella

      The Cha Cha Slide's younger brother

    44. The Phenomenal One

      *weird flex but ok*

    45. B Williams

      Why he pick That pic of snoop 🤣

    46. Quan Lindsey

      House bigger than my damn highschool Nd middle school together

    47. kevin

      must be 14 or younger to do this dance

    48. Raphiel Usain

      He already knows whst it is, just decides to make the tik tok dance for them

    49. Gabriel Passos

      Arregaça 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    50. Trigger kay

      OVO 💸💰💰✈💨💨💨

    51. So Keres

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="154">2:34</a> pac❤️🙏🏻

    52. LivinLegacy 69

      This shit is trash

    53. ashraf dx

      How weak from a mumble rapper with just too much autotune to say he dance like M.Jackson..it's just blain trash..

    54. Jxck. LLJ

      Again drake hopping on the same thing as uzi. Futsal shuffle and tossie slide? Anyone else think that he might be doing the same thing he always does (steals things from rappers and deny knowing the rapper)?

    55. Kris FTW

      drake makes me wanna rob sum1 and make a tik tok wit em

    56. Jess Jerz

      Drake covering face from coronA virus smart

    57. SweetToothInc

      His house looks like it would never get warm with all that marble. Doesn't look very comfortable at all

    58. chathura


    59. paul nsem

      The name of this footwork gotta be Quaranslide

    60. sivrahc

      This house tour paired nicely with the chill beat and drake's never miss performance

    61. Te Shuko

      Basically he is saying either way stay home due to Corvid-19. And on that note, i'ma Toosie slide

    62. Niko Belleck

      Me: Drake: flexing his crib

    63. Fırat Kaya

      Fuck you drake

    64. Shawn

      I would say the neighbors hate them fireworks but I know for a fact he has zero neighbors smh

    65. Bisma

      fun fact : mao is black

    66. Adrien Isaac Rubalcado

      Shits kinda bunk tho

    67. skilocus


    68. Calvin Sisson

      Celebs always having weird ass stuff inside their house just to fill a room haha

    69. 223. JoJo

      what is this 🤦🏾‍♂️

    70. David Sanchez

      Drake did it again.. 🐐

    71. Tyson Perks


    72. Chrizems

      Not sure what’s worse this virus or TickTok

    73. QStar3

      Oh... you have a nightly firework show in your backyard too? Cool 😎

    74. NBA MegaMaster

      Tiktok finna play this in the hood today

    75. Drew Baucom

      Kevin Durant having none of it

    76. Oh shit Flight

      Y’all spot the kobe Jerseys??

    77. Gabs


    78. The Trey King Show

      Drake still dropping hits like it's 2010-2011-2012 all over again.

    79. II CJ2K II

      *when ur bored in quarantine*

    80. Abel Radhamés Naveo Henríquez

      This song is great toosie slide 🔊🔊🔊🔊🎵🎶🎵🎶😂😂