Down Like That (KSI vs LOGAN PAUL 2 Edition)



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    1. Flip Master

      Who will win?? Like for Jake paul Comment for Aneson 'Rat' gibs

    2. Atlas Corporation

      Ksi please box jaystation just please

    3. Ice Fox

      I am happy that you won

    4. Ice Fox

      KSI you are better than Logan Paul you bet him I hate Logan

    5. 100 subs with 1 vid challenge

      Jake Paul's better than u but u better than logan

    6. carlos hernandez

      rip Kobe Bryant

    7. carlos hernandez

      rip Kobe Bryant

    8. ΨMeloXyl Ψ

      When you see your poop but then it won’t come And then you stand up Down like that

    9. 0 Subscribers with 0 videos? ?

      Yeah Ay, I want that knockdown, Dejis dog, it got put down- *Random Tik Tok Boi*

    10. lil Gamer

      F Logan

    11. Leah Van Rensburg

      I know I sound like a noob but what's this whole thing about? Do they really hate each other?

    12. Jak Moh

      JJ has an electric left


      love you ksi well done on smashing logan pauls face

    14. Krishaan Singh

      im hyped for the fight even tho its over

    15. CF5

      The Old Ksi will never be topped.

    16. Raiden Catcheway

      Stop making it a big deal Logan would have won if he did not lose 2 points

    17. Luthvfx

      Bru SX is 🔥

    18. Luthvfx

      Harry looks badass holyyy

    19. uno_ gaku


    20. 1,000 subscribers with no videos

      Whos here after anesongib vs jake paul has been announced? ⬇️ Im also rooting for jake

    21. Wild King


    22. bot oliver

      Do you think you could beat mike Tyson in a fight like if he can

    23. At Clips

      Do this with family rap cypher 2016

    24. Aaron_Kingtana28

      Yo I CANNOT WAIT for the trippie rex Collab

    25. Maxs youtube Vlogs

      Pipe down you only won a split decision

    26. Ashleigh

      I've watched this so many times and every time it makes me smile

    27. Pernellthegoat

      If you don’t know about ksi’s second channel it’s called KSIOlajidebtHD V2

    28. King JJ


    29. Football Edits

      OMG, ANYONE HERE AFTER KSI BEAT LOGAN PAUL😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

    30. Ay En

      How you just got a trippie feature 😂😂😂🤣

    31. Seif Tarchoun

      Song ?

    32. Mr Luisito

      Think of this as ksi as rocky and logan as drago

    33. Amer Rahman

      Who is still hear to listen to this song?don't like 👍 just comment

    34. Mehtaab Ruprai

      Wakanda forever

    35. Mehtaab Ruprai

      Wakanda forever

    36. Mehtaab Ruprai

      Wakanda forever

    37. Mehtaab Ruprai

      Wakanda forever

    38. Hayden McClure

      Where is he he scared to come back because he lost

    39. Fredrik Nymoen

      1.53 is that justin bieber

    40. Melisa

      When this song comes on in art class on the radio and you can't stop singing and everyones like ok

    41. Comrade JOJO


    42. AVGaming 23


    43. 【Saucy】

      I, Ksi, Have punched a freedom.

    44. Jesse Farias

      That moment when YOU (KSI) beeing the biggest p😿ssy on earth to fight the Paul’s in MMA. Only the biggest Beast on earth can handle that sport.

    45. Xtrim Gamer

      Ksi getting serious makes him look cringe hehe 😂

    46. Glad


    47. Noah Emil jensen

      nice dude

    48. Rix On

      Logan je bijo najbolji

    49. Michael Kisun

      Notice how the views are still going up? Dayym Down like dat


      You will be more richer and happy in life To active you have to do nothing I will just pray for you ☺️

      1. Breco

        THE SAVAGE BOYZ I was joking dw 😂


        @Breco I said nothing not even like Lol

      3. Breco

        Like beggar

    51. Jamez 10

      Who’s here after gib has beat jake

    52. Jordan Cleator

      The song goes good with the video

    53. jms aqo


    54. Nyny Jones

      Jake is going to knock yo ass out

      1. Nyny Jones

        @SharkFynn 200803 your talking about Logan

      2. SharkFynn 200803

        Nyny Jones the chances of him getting past Gib is as likely as Jake not abusing women. For both, it’s going to happen

      3. Nyny Jones

        @SharkFynn 200803 yeah he is hater

      4. SharkFynn 200803

        Nyny Jones he wont get past gib tho

      5. Mr Umbreonlover

        Is he tho 😂😂

    55. TheSavageRebellion1996

      Lit, Man!!!

    56. ld Blaze

      After you Beach

    57. Edwin Garcia

      The guy above me is weird

    58. Ivan Montez

      Ksi sucks

    59. Dam

      JJ the worst thing in u is that your not pg

    60. AmazingPlayz

      Yo can we appreciate how JJ uses his second channel in stead of his main channel more frequently. He has faith that we aren’t going to just unsub to him on his main.