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    No matter what your comments were no matter what we did em.
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    1. #ginny4life #hp

      I love how they try their best for their fans after such a hard time And are still so funny

    2. Shermar Ennels

      So is no one not noticing Grayson dick print @19:30

    3. Caitlan Shannon

      Grayson: we're going to be doing them... Ethan: .... That's ... Cute.... Grayson: FrOm ThE bAcK 😂😂😂

    4. Kayleighh Lancasterr

      is no one going to talk about how funny this WHOLE video is? ive never laughed so hard in my lifeee

    5. Bri Hazelwoos

      gray:were gonna be doing them *silents* from the ba-

    6. Riley Ann

      9:54 cHokE mE dAddY

    7. Sandra Robertson

      Why do I love the outro so much❤

    8. Tiffany Ye

      Ethan’s music is so loud u can hear it

    9. Valerija

      0:01 I don't understand what happened 😂😂😂

    10. Ayden Brewer

      You gays are so cute ♥️

    11. Άρης Χαραλαμπάκης

      Grayson's muscles :D

    12. Cyera M

      No one: Grayson : PET THE COUCH REGULAR

    13. Crystal Ram

      i lost my shit when Ethan opened his mouth after the cinnamon

    14. Chloe Ward

      5:33 SHIT

    15. hailie mills

      Grayson is cuter

    16. hailie mills


      1. hailie mills

        Grayson is cuter

    17. Lil Mkay

      Again, do they have the ware house?

    18. Zainab Malik

      On the first round where Ethan had whipped cream in is mouth I didn't even understand anything that he said but I love LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUUUUUU GUYS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCHHHH AND I WISH ONE DAY YOU GUYS WILL DO A VLOG RECREATING OUR OLD OLD VIMES

    19. Alex da squash

      “Some people say I’m a tool yeah”-Grayson Dolan 2018

    20. eva diaz

      Why Is No One Talking About 5:33

    21. Natalia Cush

      The end tho loll

    22. Jonnie Jonnie

      At 4:09 grayson's hands are huge😂

    23. Magali E

      Honestly idk who is cuter, they’re both so adorable😍

    24. Mia Navarrette

      the silly little goofball skit had me laughing till I couldn't breathe

    25. Aaliyaha Baker

      Find girlfriends for each other

    26. Jaz Will


    27. Uxia Blå

      Ethan hitting Grayson w a chancla is my mom when I was a child😂

    28. Ana Silveira

      Dairy free Ethan is ashamed

    29. Lily Anne

      Grayson just chuckling while rolling around is adorable 😂😂

    30. Kritika Gupta

      i was sort of not okay with them changing so suddenly but seeing this video makes me happy. i wish they would start making more warehouse videos now though :)

    31. Aubrianna Boulet


    32. Amaia Murat

      I forgot their end card thing was them screaming their asses off 💀 I had on headphones

    33. Beyonce Daly

      From like 1:00 did I hear “we’re gonna he doing them” .... “from the back” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂holy cake I’m screaming

    34. lauren gracce singings

      2:48 omg ethan is so adorable there ahhhh

    35. Blakely Burnside

      Go swimming with sharks for a video

    36. Kassandra Haines

      Kate: He wants PINEAPPLE pizza. Also Kate: Lets give him a hideous pepperoni nipple shower curtain 🙄

    37. Halona Wynn

      “We are going to be doing the comments”..............”that’s cute”💀💀💀

    38. DJ diy's

      8:07 NoOoOOooOooo 😂😂

    39. Noodles

      The face Ethan make when their rolling on the ground 😂😂😂

    40. Camille Turner

      Wtf was he saying with the cinnamon in his mouth


      Pause at 1:41 I have that same phone case right now and look at Ethan’s face your welcome

    42. Felisha Catrina

      9:53 omg Ethan eyes 👀!!!!!

    43. Balaji Santhan

      guys that lil shake of grayson's head in 8:13 to 18: 20 ahhh

    44. W.w

      0:03 Grayson said, “•0•”

    45. Aaliyah’s Life

      Ethan: I don’t- I don’t want any spoilers Grayson: Ethan, ethan we haven’t even started yet 🤦🏻‍♂️ 😂😂

    46. Miss Kat

      0:56 I'm sorry but thats what she said.

    47. Arushi Phukan

      the "we're back" is exactly what I wanted to see them do. I think I needed that thank you very much.

    48. Maliha C

      Is it just me or can you here the music from Ethan’s headphones 😂😂

    49. Pietra

      Ethan looks SO good

    50. Cara

      where graysons building hobby started