Did Cristiano Ronaldo dive to earn Juventus' winning penalty vs. Genoa? | Serie A



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    ESPN FC's Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Julien Laurens debate the legitmacy of the penalty earned by Cristiano Ronaldo in Juve's 2-1 win vs. Genoa. Nicol calls the incident "dumb defending" after the Genoa left back stuck his leg out in front of Ronaldo. Laurens has his doubts and is unsure a penalty was warranted for the little amount of contact between the players. The FC panel also discuss Napoli's 2-2 draw vs. Atalanta and the controversy surrounding a foul on Fernando Llorente that Napoli felt cost them the victory.
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    1. Florenc Licaj


    2. dawnga hlawnmual

      Its not a dive

    3. Football Legends

      It was a dive actually.

    4. Diogo Pinto

      Like Suarez and Messi haven’t dived for decades. Right in front of the box. Works where there’s WIFI only...

    5. RookerRoo343P

      Cristiano always dives.

    6. Shah Md Rifat

      Espn will never disappoints Messi fans😂😂😂😂😂😂when Barcelona lose a game they all blame Valverde and when Juventus or PSG lose all blame goes to cr7 and Neymars shoulder. Even if they score from penalty to win the game they will try to make some controversy. How funny and biased this channel and their so-called idiot pundits is!!!!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡

    7. Luca Boscia

      What do these clowns have against juve

    8. Jesse Ordonez

      It's simple. He dove. Ronaldo is amazing. But he also likes and knows how to dive.

    9. Cristian nangombe

      It's a clear foul but CR7 set it up. He is smart, I think he can read in the mind of defenders and he uses that to his advantage. A penalty is a penalty whether it was set up or not.

    10. Julienne Kamanzi

      When goats don't need grass to feed(Genoa)

    11. Romuald Koudoro

      I am happy to see CR7 plays

    12. Anonymous Duh

      Ronaldo and diving ....a perfect love story....

    13. Girja Lepcha

      When cr7 play movie role he was good actor

    14. shaolinWOLF36

      Asking if a player dived to win a penalty is like asking if water is wet.

    15. Oten

      9 men??????????????????????? these wankers only saw the report. they didn't watched the game or even the highlight

    16. Fiz R

      He dove

    17. chaz

      Ronaldo is one of the most consistent divers in the History of Football... but everyone forgets that because of Neymar etc Fraudnaldo

    18. Realman Khard

      He dived like a 🐬. This is not the first time . Because we all know that for him in Italy is difficult to score goals. Even Lukaku score better than him. So he needs penalty to entertain his fans 😂. No penalty no party for Penaldo 😂.

    19. Dawa Thongchi

      Lots of penaldo fans saying that these pundits are clown as they didn't watch the match boy nobody watch the farmers league 😂😂😂😂

    20. Sonrixx 619

      Anything to bash ronaldo huh. Keep taking, he is still undefeated. A man doing skills like that, runs, passes also coming in clutch deserves Ballon d or. Most of you will disagree because it is simply ronaldo. Everyone wants to give to someone rather than CR7. While others have hard time adapting to clubs, King Ronaldo comes in ANOTHER club and adapted brilliantly.


      Where is the video - Ronaldo • top 10 dives 🤣😂🤣

    22. Reza Hosseini

      Messi does 2 goals, 2 assists and 2 nutmegs. Virgil watchs the game and on the other side Penaldo does a dive! (some idiot people compare this dolphine with The Messiah :D) And finally Ballon dior goes to Virgil or Penaldo...

    23. Aborgin begum

      Show some respect to Penaldo pls ... he is a great diver

    24. Marc Lamparter

      Well I guess it's hard keeping up with Messi. Legend has it long ago when Ronaldo asked Messi how he could keep up, Messi jokingly responded "Just dive Roni". Ronaldo took him seriously. The rest is history.

    25. Natsu Kiiroi

      The Answer is so Simple What happen in Italy now Is Calciopoli 2.0 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

    26. Tony 4real

      Craig honestly didn’t watch the game. He is clearly basing his argument on the final statistics he saw and never watched the game. It showed 2 red cards for Genoa when in actual sense it was a red card for a player and a staffer. Genoa were down to 10 players and not 9

    27. Karina Cutie

      No penalty no party...right PENALDO...that's right they call him PENALDO and GAYNALDO

    28. Vinay Singh


    29. Salam M

      Talking about Cristiano Ronaldo they also getting more viewers don't care

    30. Aditya


    31. prazey

      That was a dive anyway you look at it, anyone who disagrees is just blind. Get your head outta Juve and Ronalo's ar$e.

    32. Jean Philippe Junior Charles

      It was a dive and everybody knows how CR7 likes to dive to get a penalty ... You are journalits everything you say a lot of people will think you say the truth . so you have to say the truth there was no penalty Cristiano dived . you must say the truth even if You talk about Messi , Cristiano , Mbappé , Meymar etc .

    33. Learn It

      It has VAR, nobody can mislead

    34. Real M

      Ronaldo NEVER dives. And even if he dives, he NEVER dives. And even if he dives, he deserves it. At least he doesn't use the hand of God :)

      1. Real M

        @Siddharth Bhosale Are you selling emojis? Moron :))))

      2. Real M

        @Siddharth Bhosale As if Barcelona is doing so much better :) And Ronaldo is still NR1 :)))

      3. Siddharth Bhosale

        @Real M real madrid is no more u fool fan boy 🖕🤣😂😂😂😂

      4. Siddharth Bhosale

        @Real M argentina team strong team what a joke 😂🤣 And i told penaldo never played wc final 🤣😂 choker in wc 🤣😂 cause wc is the most imp tournament in the world Ur penaldo has less rate of goals than messi 😂🤣🖕even after playing 118 more games for club 🖕🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂he has less club goals and messi is 2 years younger then think that how much edge messi has over penaldo 😂🤣🖕🖕🖕🖕

      5. Real M

        @Siddharth Bhosale But he won Euro 2016, with an average Portugal, and again this summer with Portugal. Argentina has always had very strong national teams. But none of your gods could do much great with their teams. Maradona 1 WC, Pele 3 WC. Messi 0 SA cup, Ronaldo 2 Euro cups. You are praying to some false gods :)))

    35. Lwando Nyanga

      Ronaldo did not dive anyone who says that is just jealous that Juventus won their stupid Viva la Juventus, Juventus will the Serie A and the UEFA champions league because Dybala and Ronaldo are performing nicely and if they keep that up Juve will win the champions league

    36. Muhammad Huzaifa

      If you take VAR over it in the end it wasn't a penalty.

    37. kwstas kwsta

      Cristiano Divando (from dive and Ronaldo BUT also from diva and Ronaldo)

    38. Shikha Jain

      Well diving is also a form of art


      Analysis of game without watching it... Claps for these clowns.

    40. Tommy Fury

      These man r clowns