Diary of a Wimpy Kid's DARK TRUTH in Rowley's Perspective


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    On the surface of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series is a retelling of wacky moments and adventures of a middle school loser, but a dark truth is explored through Rowley's perspective in Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid...
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    1. Vailskibum94

      I actually feel bad for Rowley tbh

      1. Gavin Lybert

        Who wouldn’t

      2. Scott Green


      3. scargamer3


      4. mr.ms. no

        ME TOO

      5. Rexy Playz


    2. IsaacAnimatez


    3. Wilson Perez

      Me too!!

    4. Enoch Sin

      dude its a book lmao

    5. the blue ninja

      I know what he s doing that beacuse rowley and his family always go to a country and rowley has succes with friends that s what il do if il be like him

    6. SuchMoisty

      you know these kids are like 18 now?

    7. Kek_Kun YT

      Rip mumkey jones

    8. halfcatman2

      roses are red violets are blue i got my first like wait why is it blue

    9. The Awsome Nathan

      "Greg, your not a good friend"

    10. שלושת המוסקיטרים

      Greg IS a sociopath and here's proof gesels.info/video/video/a715pt2yX6ecj6k.html

    11. Techno Spyform1

      So basically, I'm Manny

    12. Powernolu

      I read the whole book from my school and Greg is pretty harsh ngl

    13. Mk Jnke3

      Didn’t Greg say he ate the cheese to protect Rowley after he was forced to eat it

    14. Logan Forrest

      Teachers in a nutshell

    15. Henry Hoover With Leo

      The new Rowley is one of the characters from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-It-Yourself Book

    16. VIBrios

      Rodrick journal would be the best book ever

    17. Rising Blader Montgomery

      Greg is such a jerk

    18. Ava Doez Gacha11x

      zoo wee mama-

    19. Agilard Javier

      All I though Greg's life was a COMEDY, But then I learned, Greg's life was a TRAGEDY...

    20. The Retro Boi who was born in the late 2000's

      Rowleys Diary: exists Greg: *communism intensifies*

    21. 1SpicyBoi

      Is sad that when I read the entire series I didn’t think at all about how much of a dick weed Greg is

    22. Zambi X

      Nobody: Rowley's head: *_Potato chip_*

    23. Catterbox109 PLAYZ

      Greg Zoo Wee’d his last Mama

    24. Hernan Antonini

      Greg:hi rowley!im Here just for... Rowley:I GOT A GUN greg: *ZOO WEE MAMA*

    25. Janek tv

      Greg copied Anne Frank

    26. Coconut 505


    27. Diego Lopez 99

      Zoo wee mama!!!

    28. Aidan D.

      This video just made me realize that I was the Rowley in a recently ended friendship. . . seriously fuck that douchebag "friend"

      1. Aidan D.

        @Hdn 19 I'm 20 and I've had that friend since I was born on a count of we're related by blood

      2. Hdn 19

        @Aidan D. i hate people like that. It's manipulative and not a good way of treating someone. Ive never had an experience like that and i always treat people with respect and just try and have a good time with them. How old are you and how long did you know that "friend"

      3. Aidan D.

        @Hdn 19 he made me think I was the asshole but all I ever did was what he wanted to do and tried to be a good person to him

      4. Hdn 19

        if you're like rowley you're a great person and deserve a better set of friends.

    29. Ollobot

      Rowley: i have the most pure heart Me: am i a joke to you?

    30. Maz3rLaz3r

      Just because Greg’s an asshole Doesn’t mean I’m not reading the book

    31. ImGoing toDORandomStuff

      0:10 see bill cipher?

    32. Mary Ellen Pallozzi

      Hey Disney fans out there, you guys should make a fan-made Totally Spies-inspired Kim Possible 2D animated spin-off series call: The Triple Kims about Kim Possible, Monique and Bonnie Rockwaller being chosen by an all-girls spy business to keep the world safe from evil as The Triple Kims, hence the title of the fan-made Totally Spies-inspired Kim Possible 2D animated spin-off series. Also in The Triple Kims, both Kim and Bonnie start off as rivals just like they were in Disney's Kim Possible. But as The Triple Kims goes on, both Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller start to have feelings for each other and after thinking about it, they both decides to have a relationship with each other. Kim Possible and Bonnie Rockwaller can even go to The 5-Star Middleton Beach And Epic Nightclub Ever! Resort every Friday night (as dates) after their action-packed fun spy missions to have tons of fun on the beach (with their sexy-looking swimsuits) and to both dance out and party out hard at the nightclub (with their smoking hot night club clothes). OH! And don't worry about Kim Possible's long-time best friend, Ron Stoppable; He can join The Triple Kims for extra help from time to time.

    33. someone poop

      I get it now.......

    34. BroomstickAnimations


    35. Midori the Festive Gardevoir

      *Greg just zoo-wee'd his last mama*

    36. Brad The Fnaf Gamer

      me before i found out how rude greg was: ok I kinda like gre-- "Vailskibum94: Diary of a Wimpy Kid's DARK TRUTH in Rowley's Perspective" me after: ZOO WEE MAMA

    37. it’s me Max

      I could kinda see Greg being mean to rowley but never have I seen the truth. one zoo wee mama for one bar that rowley owes Greg

    38. Manny Heffley

      I just shot up the kindergarten

    39. Mitchell Playing

      Woah THANKS you just ruined my childhood 😊 Edit: I’m not trying to be mean I’m trying to be funny

    40. BakaPancake

      Help stop Rowley abuse. 1 like = 1 Greg punch

    41. Jordan Cristal

      where is the other comment about the zooweed ur last mama

    42. its my turn on the xbox

      "Greg I'm not gay!" -Rowley

    43. Surf_4

      liking the stardew vallley music

    44. Tdm100 1234

      Does the good boy award include good boy points from that kid who reviewed Fiji water

    45. ZDC Fusion

      Zoo Wee Mama

    46. James Aviation

      i had nothing to comment so,

    47. Todd L

      r/Loaded Diaper.

    48. Tae Lee

      I'm never going to read diary of a wimpy kid the same

    49. Charlie Leshovsky

      I’m not gay greg

    50. Judy Black

      I finished it 6 times in a day

    51. Nick


    52. creeper krazzy

      Is it a Stockholm syndrom, or pure proof of stupidity ?

    53. Chris "The Bright Twin"

      A boy named Wee went to a Zoo and saw his mama! *ZOO WE MAMA WAS FORMED AT THAT MOMMENT*

    54. Kaushik Chevendra

      Oh come on man it's just a book

      1. Downscale

        13 books and 3 films

    55. Jacinto 14

      To be honest, thats the reason I stopped reading the books. In the begining, i kinda understanded greg s personality, since he got pressured by high school, his family,... But, in newer books, i realized what an egostytical asshole he was(even worst then rodrick), and manny is kinda taking his brother steps

    56. Aconamos

      holy shit

    57. mark klekovkin

      Gregs a dick

    58. SpaceRX

      Anyone see bill cipher at 0:10?

    59. David Tickner

      Your taking the fun out of children's books

    60. Bunny films

      now I think Greg is a horrible friend