Dennis Rodman goes one-on-one with Tucker Carlson

Fox News

Fox News

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    Former NBA star Dennis Rodman reacts to Lebron James' comments on China, NBA controversy. #FoxNews

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    1. bell nexxia

      Tucker trying to get Rodman to go against Lebron and his cronies but Rodman is in his own world.

    2. Nahoku A

      @<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="142">2:22</a> Tucker's face..ha..ha.. he said wow why did I invite this guy on my show?

    3. budfr

      Tucker.." here in America"....America is not a country, idiot. Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, etc are not part of America??

    4. rcharlesish

      Americans have the right to mouth off or say whatever they want about ANY other country (ours included). Who cares what big business thinks. Who cares if they lose business over there. Good riddance. The Fed will end up owning all these large corporations eventually anyway. Freedom all the way !!

    5. Adam Craig

      Dennis is full of crap you can tell with his lawyers reply with every question

    6. E M

      I want to punch Carlson in the face so bad

    7. Brendan Cronin

      I enjoy Tucker Carlson but you won’t get me to diss The Worm lol. This is not really his arena anyway; Dennis banged Carmen Electra, Madonna, Jeannie Buss, Vivica Fox , and Tera Patrick. He’s in the stickman hall of fame!

    8. Leenchoo chawaka

      Rodman: politics is not my cup of tea Tucker: you got that right

    9. Rococo Kitchen

      he is great as a baseball player, but this...??? rodman discussing the politics,come on...

    10. John Smith

      Say what you want about mr.rod but when I was serving my country in the military stationed in southern California I ended up at a house party at Mr. Rods house. He was so kind to me and my buddy here was this superstar taking the time to treat two nobody Marines like gold. It was a really cool experience I will always cherish, thank you sir!

    11. Spring Lamb


    12. Quinnefard Illgauskus

      His hand movements are distracting af

    13. Paul Clary

      I never cared for Rodman but I agree in what he said.Apples and Oranges are diff.

    14. StreetsHb Pawlowski

      Not many sports figures have " communications " as a major.

    15. Marena Jose

      He is right

    16. stevieeskay

      He didn't just claim Beijing was a country... Oh man.

    17. stevieeskay

      This man out here wearing womens glasses and getting all communist on all our asses.

    18. nunu bizez

      Are Tucker’s guests told before the show to NOt answer any questions clearly?

    19. Adan Vivero

      I’m confused what this conversation was about

    20. Raymond Babcock

      Rodman is a worm.


      China love American 🗽 people lol sure denis dumbass

    22. Nathan Smith

      So Rodman is a tool... everyone knows that. However this makes him and lebron look even worse. Telling people yeah we can trash our government, the best most free country but don't you dare criticize a dictator. What a bunch of fools.

    23. Project Yeti

      He hasn't got a clue has he.

    24. Svengali Falls

      That dude is a loser sell out

    25. Dan

      “That’s why we have the freedom of speech” “We have no right to criticize other countries”

    26. Rusty Tygart

      Oh ya china loves us that’s why there flooding us with fentanyl..... dirty little red commie’s

    27. Joe Combs

      Was there ever a time when Dennis didn't use a lot of words, say nothing, & contradict himself while saying nothing?


      Tucker Carlson is a joke. Trying to create new rather than report it.

    29. jones jones

      You know what else doesn't mix well just like politics and sport? Politics and Dennis Rodman.

    30. I. Wynn Wynn

      Look how stunned and dumbfounded and frozen tucker always looks

    31. Bigdog Bulldog

      Dennis is a pisser ,he should stick to painting his finger nails and and effing bimbos

    32. 123 456

      I wonder if black ppl claim Rodman🤣

    33. Piccolo Namic

      Dennis don't get it . They don't love Americans. They love your money. They don't love you in Asia Dennis Rodman. If you were poor, they would treat you like dirt because they hate everything we stand for

    34. Jesse russ

      All I hear is a bunch of nothing.


      I think i sort of understand.

    36. Michael Sathekge

      He lost me after the point about politics and basketball not mixing?

    37. emi kira

      What in the actual hell is this?!? 🧐🤦‍♀️🙅‍♀️

    38. MegaBrorsan

      That guest made absolutely no sense. Typically low IQ ramblings.

    39. American Patriot!

      Why do they interview this creep, he is nothing but an idiot

    40. Captain Charisma

      Translation: something very life altering is about to occur it could be nuclear war, Yellowstone erupting, or Global financial collapse but this as unassuming as it can be yes this is YOUR LAST WARNING!!!

    41. texas flood, the

      Gentlemen, which brings me to my next point. Dont smoke crack.

    42. Sons Of Liberty

      Tucker I think lebron the communist is dumb. I'm just wondering when he is going to start handing out all his money?

    43. Wisco nighthawk

      So much hate for black athletes, it's clear to see.

    44. Westward Thinking

      It is great to know that Dennis Rodman is able to vote......I wonder why {{{they}}} love democracy so much.

    45. Lee Wilson

      This man breeding will dither the overall intelligence of humankind.

    46. Lee Wilson

      Rodman is ready for his nose ring and a chain from his chosen master. I bet the men who raised him are pukin in their graves.

    47. Tommy Robinson_boi

      Rodman’s ridiculous what a idiot “ he black”. He said it’s up to the government to speak out about disgusting behavior. Take your own advice 🤦🏻‍♂️

    48. Tommy Robinson_boi

      Someone should tell LeBeta politics and sports don’t mix or better yet Kappernick

    49. Vlasta Molak

      Birds of a Feather...little rocket man and tall idiot Rodman...

    50. justin devos

      I love the look on Tuckers face when hes listing to his crazy guest.

    51. Jeanene W

      Let him go live in North Korea or China and try to pull his crap.

    52. hungry money

      The worm lol

    53. Quirt Manly

      Hope you are not looking for logic or wisdom from the NBA!

    54. Nuno Marques

      Rodman, could just suck a cucumber

    55. paulF60m23

      Beijing and Shanghai are not countries… LOL they are cities within a country😂

    56. Transit PM

      Punk rock🤘🏾Rodman.

    57. 7rue Op1n1on


    58. Edward Rueter

      "Putting them in concentration camps? ... Ok for Americans to say something... kinda disgusting" This from the guy who supports putting immigrant children in cages because they were born on the other side of an imaginary line.

    59. Chris Smith

      Wow.......politics and hypocrisy runs deep in all sports

    60. Ruben Melendez

      When your so stupid you side with Denis Rodman just to be on Trumps side. You guys are dumb.

    61. Giovanni Masi

      Rodman looks weird, but I gotta him give respect. He was one of the best basketball players next to Jordan.

    62. Omari Polite

      I don't understand everything about Politics, even though I'm learning more and more... But I understood NOTHING about what Rodman was talking about!!!

    63. Bling Status

      Dennis is 100% right. Keep actors, celebrities, and the owners of Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and Netflix out of politics. They're money people, not people people. Unless they have shown some sort of adept understanding of politics, they should not be talking about them because people are gullible enough to follow them as an authority on the subject..... and they rarely are.

    64. Bling Status

      So distracted by his hand movements. Dennis sit on your hands!! Lol.

    65. rob hoppe

      I think I understand what Dennis was trying to say. When you're in America, say what you'd like to say, cause that's your right. When you're in another country respect their history and culture, don't make comments about them unless you understand their history and culture. Be respectful when you're in another country that's not your own.

    66. Dixie Hall

      Culture is different from government. It’s not the Chinese culture that should be criticized or changed, its the government, silly.

    67. Event Horizon

      Rodman you’re a whack job.

    68. Dan Cote

      Rodman sounded like a politician...He danced around the question that Tucker asked

    69. Mr. F

      what a freak this guy is! He is barely able to form and speak words! Stop giving him a platform!

    70. JBreezy87

      Hes slowly turning into Ru Paul

    71. Scott Wolf

      Dennis a politician 😂

    72. Jack

      wow tucker just can't make his face look normal

    73. Sylvia C

      Tucker said “ I’m not sure I understood a lot of that but thank you “ 😩😅😂

    74. M S

      Rodman thinks Beijing and Shanghai are countries. He doesn't know anything about geography let alone politics and freedom of speech. It's plain and simple the question put forth about the first amendment. You can criticize anything without being punished. Why do we care what ball players think anyway? Rodman can barely put a string of words together.

    75. Samuel Stout

      A waste of Tucker's time and our time. Should've just aired a 5 minute PSA.

    76. Jay Dub

      C’mon, sport is FULL of politics. He’s taking a weak view because he doesn’t want to be bagged out. “China loves us, we don’t want to make them angry by telling them that killing and torturing innocent people is bad...they give us money”!

    77. samdup21

      Rodman is a clown, don't know why did they even call him for an interview.

    78. GB 211

      I'm not sure why the comment section is bashing Rodman as if they were expecting much from an uneducated former NBA star. Doesn't make any sense why Tucker brought him on. It's like if Rodman brought on Tucker and interviewed him about how the NBA has changed since the 60s, would y'all say, "Wow Tucker is so stupid and incoherent." If this interview made you feel contempt for Rodman than i feel bad for you. He really is an inspirational human being

    79. Wi To

      Kapernick mixed politics & sports! Couldn’t even stand for anthem.

    80. unnamed user

      LeBron James gets to live in the Land of the Free just to be a slave to the wealth.