Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (Official Video)



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    Music video by Demi Lovato performing Tell Me You Love Me. (C) 2017 Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc./Hollywood Records/Safehouse Records LLC

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    1. Marie Sawdy

      Who can leave this beauty

    2. Susan Sue

      She's beautiful ♡_♡

    3. Lele Cute


    4. Jezebel Smallwood

      Every time I look at him I think about Detroit 😕

    5. Francielle Cairo

      Tão maravilhosa❤

    6. Easy home cooked meals Melissa

      I think you are stroung and brave and you Just need to find your place in this life .I think you will be a great mom and your world will change for nothing but the good.All kinds of love sent to you girl.xoxo

    7. Büşra Akaslan

      Like to remind me! 2020 ✔ 2021 2022 2023

    8. Lovely Poison

      Am I the only one who thinks that this tune is like SOBER 🤔 At the beginning

    9. Don Ken Tish

      Anyone February 2020💙

    10. vibric

      That Erik is a bastard....

    11. Eduardo Bazzani

      miss eric

    12. Omayra Cruz

      You ain't nobody till u got somebody? That part there hits hard af when couples pics getting more attention than a single pic. Everybody be fake happy for u.

    13. Adam Rodson

      What about so glen people bitch?

    14. DAMIEN JOB


    15. Kawane Fernanda

      yo no pierco mi tiempo mirando DEMI com otro ombre pero yo que voi quierer la toda noche en mi cama

    16. дильщаз Диновакинова


    17. julian chimwala

      you looked at her you looked at her chest i watched you, maybe if i get her number and she text at 2.00 am you would be happier lol classic

    18. HoangDuyKhanh HDK


    19. HoangDuyKhanh HDK


    20. mc dezzin da rb

      Se increvam no meu canal pfv,Deus abençoe vcs

    21. Karen Vitória Xavier

      Alguém em 2020?

    22. Alejandra Sierra

      Me Encanto Esa Canción😍

    23. Alejandra Sierra


    24. julie klemm

      i love jesse

    25. Ackeem Bellanfante

      Who's here in 2020 drop a like

    26. Brenda brendoca

      Muito ermosa

    27. nann26

      i love you Demi :)

    28. Lilli G.

      I love that she says "you aint nobody til you got SOMEBODY" Shes helping to represent the gay people and those who identify as nonbinary. She could have said "a man" or "a woman" so thank youuuuu

    29. Ross Stephen WillIam Easterbrook


    30. Paul Andrew

      Ouh Demiii. Mob love from Kenya. 2020

    31. Eric Styons

      Who is listening May 2007!!!!

    32. Bikrant Shah

      Awesome. Love forever...

    33. Galen Lopez

      Demi "!oh tell me you love me! ".

    34. Galen Lopez

      Really gonna watch me pisant #useprotection be safe with a #texastonguetickler.. But the condiments are free love haulijah

    35. Leticia Gabriely

      no conditions 🥴💗

    36. Brandon Locke

      The way to the way is to weigh out the way. Emulate her. Go do that/your wedding and leave EVERYONE.

    37. J D

      Demi looks amazing!! Not my favorite song by her, the video is great though!

    38. Sakura Shiro


    39. Wieslaw Sobocinski

      Demi Lovato

    40. paula maier

      Dr. Jackson Avery get in the OR ASAP

    41. Laura Gedgaudaite

      I love Demi soo much, she's inspiration to me, her music is everything, ❤️

    42. Laura Gedgaudaite


    43. Kelp Farming

      Awww, just keep pushing the mixing nonsense. Hollywood lives in a bubble. Sad

    44. Liza Port

      I love her!!‼️favorite song

    45. Jayleigh Contreras

      Fuck it up

    46. Eshek Pillay

      We love a fierce Kween!!

    47. Natalia Barrr

      Love her

    48. Abigail Francis

      Demi’s sad love lyrics have been my story these days

    49. LBE

      now that shes bi, can we reshoot this video with me as the groom PLEAAAAAASE

    50. LilPachy zero

      Hold on... What's marcus doing there?

    51. Luisanna Reyes Cabreja

      Every 😂❤️ Grey’s anatomy 🔥😂

    52. Ikke ltnsk

      I think i lost for all this time not seeing this mv. I know i'm stupid but this mv is great dude! I keep watching while i realize my jaw is on the floor. She's goddess ,she's still my role model since i was around 13 and i'm much older now and know that i still love her")))

    53. Oscar_Smith

      Does she know she marrying an Android??

    54. Kristian Herzner

      I saw Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and immediately geeked.

    55. Angelika Czarnecka

      Awesome ! I would like a movie based on this music video 🤩

    56. panda cute

      it just my feeling....why does this song feel like demi love for Wilmer....I don't know how to explain it...but that how it goes.... love u demi ..and stay healthy please 😘😘

    57. Sarah Hornung

      Those two need to learn trust

    58. Adilene Garcia

      Me proyecto tanto con esta canción y cada vez que veo el vídeo lloró. Maldición 😡😡😭😭

    59. tricster #1

      Um I'm shocketh I didn't know Marcus was in this video

    60. OnickyzO Gaming

      when it's 2021 respond to this comment