Demi Lovato - Anyone (Live From The 62nd GRAMMYs ® / 2020)



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    1. ViralCompile

      The beginning was staged.

    2. Genevieve De Coro

      I'm listening Demi. Sending you loving energy baby girl! Have faith. You are very genuinely loved💗🤗💖

    3. Cody Flowers

      I can't watch this video without crying! Check on your friends and just actually listen!! Amazing job Demi Lovato!😘

    4. Jeff D.

      Damn that's powerful and damn does it hit home....

    5. why we should save the earth

      Demi has such a good voice its insane

    6. Jasmine Roman

      Wow felt this deep in my soul💞🙌

    7. Game Game Castro


    8. Eduardo Hernández

      She is a Queen, she has a beautiful and excellent voice and a Soul wonderful, congratulations; Demi Lovato.

    9. Kean Manasor

      every tear is to her coke addiction....... diet coke addiction that is

    10. Jennifer Starr

      I feel insignificant, I'm listening

    11. A.J. Gonzalez

      She is such a beautiful singer. I really hope she finds the help she needs. It's heartbreaking to watch.

    12. Shkelqim Bejko

      It is very exciting

    13. Yeni G


    14. Heather Hughes-Neal

      Girrrllll WE ARE ALL LISTENING!!!!!

    15. Moris rivas

      I steel crying

    16. jingles

      we are listening Demi- hang in there

    17. inkredible_jay

      Thank you Demi ❤️

    18. Alfredo Guerrero

      I still don’t know what it is, but whatever you’re transmitted by your lyrics, your voice, your body language girl this is something Big cause u’re big woman no matter what the world say against that, but you have more love around you than you thing u don’t even imagine how many people pray and cry for you we love you no matter what, and we want you to keep transmitting this thing you’re transmitting.

    19. Macey Bunn

      God the pain is unbearable and valid. It’s recognized and it exists. You’re not alone Demi. I know it may not be much and can’t be the end of all and savior of all, but there are those of us that are RIGHT there with you. We see you, we hear you, we are listening and feeling every single thing you do. It may be unfair, it may seem unending but somewhere in there, we can find something beautiful in those that share the pain together.

    20. Davon Fryar-Frazier

      Tbh, I thought this performance was just ok. She was screaming!

    21. Sunshine

      How can you stay seated after a performance like that

    22. F You

      I dont get it, she sounds like a screeching cat when she sings the chorus. I dont like the song either.

    23. Steven Evan

      God is listening. You are an amazing talented woman don’t listen to that voice.

    24. gxlden audios


    25. eyedoughnut

      we are listening!

    26. Tracy Lee

      There's so many times in my life I've been in those places and the one thing I do know is someone is always out there to help I pray everyday people reach out open up there's wonderful people out there that will help rescue you have to be true to yourself first you then you have to be honest and good things will come

    27. eyedoughnut

      great vocals/musical heart,peace&wisdom demi to your family thru the evil dead hearted war making racist jesus hating darkness of trump,trump is a lawless career criminal liar

    28. Angelica Dorado

      Demi is by far one of the best singers who is underrated. This young woman is special, talented and sings from the heart. Not many artist can say they have that spark like she does. Absolutely beautiful. I hope everything works out for her.

    29. Jenifer DeLeon

      You did amazing with the lyrics and your vocals are amazing! 👏 This song connects to many people. There's times when you feel so alone and lost. Sometimes when people need someone to tell them things will be okay or just to be there. I know it's always comforting when I know I have someone who will be by my side for me. Also Demi... I'm listening! 😄 You still have people out here that care. Keep up your amazing art! 💕

    30. Irani-chan

      No matter how many times I listen/watch this performance, there's always a lump in my throat. Every single time, i cant help but feel this song.

    31. James Forrest

      My first time hearing this song and it's already got me in tears 😭 and the standing ovation she got was well deserved

    32. h2olady8

      Damn Demi. Girl kills songs. You can feel the pain she's in.

    33. Joshua Loftin

      She’s one of the last of the greats in my opinion compared to a lot of these new coming artist. Like this is SINGING. Not mediocre garbage.

    34. Morgen Dalman

      Hey demi i dont know if youll ever get this or even if you have the time to see any of these but i know how it feels to be talking and noone listening ive been dealing with depression for a very long time and some days feel like its my last but for you it must be very hard being put on a pedestal by the same people you crying out for help to. Your human too demi and if by the offchance you ever want to talk to someone who will listen not trying at all to be a creep plz find me on facebook and ill listen if you want.

    35. Laken Tegrmeier

      I cry so fucking hard everytime I listen to thus song.....i love her so much

    36. Divine Blessings

      YOU are BEAUTFIUL DEMI! I hope you continue to find strength and courae to keep moving on......

    37. Beach life forever Sunshine

      I’m out of the loop,what’s going on with Demi,why was she crying?

      1. Neisel Clemontine

        She is drug a addict that overdosed and then she wrote this song just days before going to treatment. If you're interested you can find out more information about her addiction, overdose, and treatment with a quick web search.

    38. S Q

      I am so glad she went into rehab after writing this song. Her voice is amazing! I pray God will send her the someone she needs.

    39. alustria222

      Keep your head up. Not that we will ever meet know I am always here for you. Someone as a stranger I would listen to any breakdown you need. Lift your spirits you are beautiful outside but most importantly it is obvious inside you're even more beautiful. Head up you got this.

    40. maureen galban

      You go girl

    41. Nicole Mestre

      God she’s such a badass. DO THE DAMN THANG GIRL. 💪🏻

    42. Minister Suzanna Riba

      Demi I felt every word. You may feel stupid when you pray but he’s listening. The Lord is there. He’s going to deliver you baby girl. I’ll keep praying for you

    43. smorrill1959

      Beautiful, Broken and Brave!

    44. adriana a

      if you didn't tear up watching this.. you're heartless.

    45. sunshine knapp

      Wow such a beautiful soul. We are definitely listening sweetheart! This song hits me right in the heart, you just said how I’ve been feeling for a long long time. And if anybody out there is being honest and truthful, they can totally resonate with this song.

    46. Antanasia Coleman

      Vocal power... Stone cold is a favorite of hers

    47. Robin Ansaldo

      This video of demi lovato has got me emotional, but powerful. This is how you make a "comeback".WOW!

    48. Sarai Devascu

      Damn this song made me cry

    49. Ashley Mae

      I find myself listening to this more than the studio version, it just hits in a different way and I really find myself relating to Demi a lot. I overdosed twice in the past year, first in April of 2019 and then in January of 2020. I had a lot of formal support, doctors, therapists, etc, but when it came to my family I didn't feel like I was being truly heard. Which I've had to come to realization that it might not ever happen and we can't force people to understand our pain, or base our worth on their lack of support.

      1. Lori B.

        One day at a time ☮️♥️🙏

    50. Kelly Laurent


    51. T

      Trust me Demi, they are listening to you now. 💕🤟🏻

    52. Down To Earth News

      I cried so hard. Most genuine performance EVER by anyone. I feel her pain. I hope things get better for all of us.

    53. Olivia Gomez


    54. Julie Fisher

      We are listening .....❤❤❤

    55. Julie Fisher

      Authentic and elegant..........LISTENING ❤❤❤

    56. Electra Child

      if she’s lonely she could always hit up Comethazine

    57. James Monkres

      True artist. I swear any time some artist’s sing live, it has nothing in compare to the studio version but DEMI..... that bitch blows shit out of the water and always drops my jaw when she shows her emotion through her voice. I have to repeat her LIVE performances on full blast, OFTEN. She touches my fucking heart!

    58. Jocelyn

      I love Demi so much. She is amazing and strong and i won't be surprised when she gets her Grammy Award.💜

    59. Athena

      Was that my husband over there?

    60. Anna Jones