当腊味煲仔饭遇上胡椒猪肚鸡你又以为有故事?还是没有!Lap Mei claypot rice | pig maw and chicken soup with pepper Liziqi Channel

李子柒 Liziqi

李子柒 Liziqi

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    When Lap Mei claypot rice meets pig maw and chicken soup with pepper,
    Any sparkles? You’ll be disappointed again!
    It’s festival season when pigs are slaughtered
    in nearly every household in the countryside,
    for cold smoking waxed meat and sausages.
    Freezing days are best with pig maw and pepper chicken casserole in Hakka tradition
    to go with Lap Mei claypot rice, plus pork liver stir-fried in salted egg yolks.
    What a divine combination!
    腊肉 腊肠用冷熏的法子做了个遍
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    1. Rick Carver

      Li Ziqi, you still make me hungry every time you do the food cooking. Keep up with all those amazing cookings.

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    4. Milly HOPEstan

      6:16 nice song. What is its name?

    5. Zubair Mohammad

      Beautiful, but very hard working life. What part of China is this. Please guide me i wud love to visit this family & if possible bring her to Pakistan. Regards

    6. Sasukeheart2

      I desperately want her conversations translated into English! I'm so curious to know

    7. B.G2012

      This video not good for vegan people 😶😁😂

    8. ZM Rembulan

      Jos bosssss👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇🍇

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    10. CKanandien 까나디엥

      Looks great :)

    11. Cathy Lee

      天 子柒的订阅要超过CNN了

    12. اميره الاحزان

      استغفر الله العلي العضيم...الحمد لله على نعمت الاسلام

    13. simeon Gardner

      To all of the people that disliked this video, you are only dumbfounded at the sheer hardwork this beautiful lady can do!😡 This is absolute simplistic beauty!!

    14. Aidil Akswokcun

      rip pig but u gona be a tasty boi

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    16. PhilandMama Toys

      Amazing and beautiful fantasy!

    17. Hi Fit

      Orange cake in my channel :)

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    19. World New

      ついに日本語字幕きたー! こんな女性が奥さんならもうね。幸せすぎてあかん。

    20. West Kev

      낙원일세 ㅜㅜ

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    22. The Royal

      *I saw Liziqi eating such delicacies.. Then I looked down on my plate of simple rice and curry* Me: why do I even exist???

    23. Adrianus Riadi

      nice video...all natural

    24. Shiak Ayesha

      Your rose trees very nice please show all rose trees

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    26. Army bts

      جزائريين وينكم!

    27. Smart Boy TV

      Love you 😘

    28. well john

      柒姑娘在这一集里展示了中国人乡亲之间的互助关系,不纯粹在于钱(但大家对钱的来往又有分寸)。 中国人在乎:你敬我一寸,我回敬你一尺。

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    30. Ryubll82 Ryu

      참 맛있게 잘 하시네요 ~~~

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    32. lalrin hnem

      her life is so peaceful! This is like the best channel I've ever watch i really admire her

    33. Finest Nakambitchi

      She is beautiful 😍😍

    34. Actor Zain

      LIziq 您好,我是您的影片,我的留言给您很多,您不会回答我 (I'm Indian New Movie, Serial Actor And Model...... .)

    35. Annie Bexley

      She is Master Chef! My Greek friend is also making sausage in that way, so she is real!

    36. well john


    37. نون

      I appreciate your effort in filming these videos .. But are there any assistants for you in filming??!! I love your channel so much and I wish you luck.

    38. ts&2aact run

      熟悉的绵阳话。 familiar sichuan mianyang dialect love this angel in my hometown!

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    42. samaneh sajedian

      I want to eat this

    43. Odi Wang

      Amazing channel

    44. Zainab_ R. Kareem

      The most beautiful morning i have ever seen is the morning that you live it girl 😍

    45. Samantha Parada

      The small dog is back. I see a puppy too. The medium tan one is so muscular now.

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    47. rakuda氏

      日本語字幕嬉しい😊 ありがとう!

    48. Via Melviano

      3,5 thousand dislike?

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      Rich wonmem china

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