Cub Sport - Hawaiian Party (By Dolan Twins)

Dolan Twins

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    Love is Love, for Everyone.
    Written and Directed by Dolan Twins
    SONG - Hawaiian Party
    Spotify -
    Filmed and Edited by Connor Brashier
    Ethan Dolan
    Kristina Alice
    Vienna Kendall
    Maddy Crum
    Max Haddadin
    Deon Hinton
    Produced by Nu Dae Productions, The Epoch Advisory, and The Dolan Twins
    Cars -
    PCH Car Company

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    1. r e ι y υ 安かゾ

      Emma is that you ?

    2. nks


    3. chloe vlogs

      I love this song

    4. It’s just jazmin Soto

      That girl in the beginning looks like Emma bro😱🤣

    5. Hailley Mcdonald

      I was laughing the whole time Idk why

    6. Arya Dhuka

      I love this vid because it just means so much to me because I'm bi it just shows that love is for everyone 😍😘 I cried watching I loved it so much

    7. im dairy free Ethan

      My cat is straight up looking at me breakdown wishing I was the girl💖😭

    8. rabbab syed

      " Emma Chamberlain has left the chat "

    9. sophdogdancer

      Okay yeah the Dolan twins are hot but this song SLAPS

    10. The girl that falls down stairs oOf

      is there going to be another music video??????? I rlly hope so. I need one to start out my school year

    11. Naveah Valdez

      I always wondered how Ethan felt kissing someone else besides Emma and I wonder how Emma felt watching him kiss her 😂

    12. sayuri shoykhet

      yo that boy couple is so cute i-

    13. Robert Jacobs

      Indie music has entered the chat

    14. Eleonora Mena-Carias

      I ship the gay boys sooo hard I swear

    15. Elizabeth R

      Grayson editing Ethan kissing that girl......

    16. Nimrit Randhawa

      how is everyone in this video so attractive...

    17. Nimrit Randhawa

      she out here living the y/n life

    18. johanna romero

      Grayson directing skills are fucking amazing🔥

    19. Paaiz tm

      Ethan doesn't kiss the girl

    20. Kaitlyn Asante

      The girl in the beginning looks like Emma Chamberlain

    21. honey bee

      Awe this was soo fricking cute!!❤️😍 ahhhh

    22. •Lilliana Mandujano •

      That girl Ethan in the video was with, resembles Emma. **cough**

    23. Danielle 123

      Does anyone else think that the girl with Ethan at the beginning looks like Miss Emma Chamberlain!!

    24. Bella Albarran

      why did she look like emma

    25. Kawaii Potato Queen

      love that they had lgbtq in there. that made me happy

      1. Aish Tuli


    26. Confused Dolan

      I got the chills when Ethan and Kristina kissed

    27. Zaira Jewel

      In the beginning I thought it was Emma

    28. ShOOkItH RaTaTo

      Literally thought that was Emma

    29. Jacky Vidz

      I got so freaking jealous when he kissed the girl but I'm in grayson lane anyone else or just me

      1. Confused Dolan


    30. Kaia Rieger

      Ok, low key... half of relationships start like this.

    31. JoJo

      Emmmaa come threw and talk

    32. Akriti Bhattarai

      why u people be trying to control who Ethan likes lol

    33. kirsty dewale vlogs

      No hate here I LUV Ethan but is it just me or is his mouth open the whole time lol

    34. Jeremiah Lozano


    35. person person

      Just now relized they mafe a song

    36. Allie Benson

      Ethan having like a panic attack or something is me when my crush decides to be an asshat and play with my feelings

    37. Allie Benson

      Me feeling fuckin single for 5 mins straight sHiT

    38. Anam Amir

      This will never not be iconic oh my ;-;💓

    39. **

      Anyone else wondering what the purpose of this video is lmao

    40. **


    41. Chloe Etkind

      She got PAYED to kiss Ethan...

      1. Confused Dolan


    42. Carmen Garcia

      this hit hard

    43. kiley redd

      Cub sport is finally getting the recognition they deserve

    44. Ayanna Arreola

      Who else got triggered when Ethan kissed that girl?🤭

    45. Corinne

      This was published on my birthday! But it’s 9/11 😔

    46. jaidyn vanderford


    47. t-rex tinyhands

      What bothers me is at the beginning he didn't close the door and she seems annoying otherwise love it

    48. Ellie Carroll

      1:04 -1:08 IMMA GONNA BEAT THIS BITCH UP 😂😂😂 His face tho

      1. Confused Dolan


    49. Jaylean Camarillo

      I love this song you guys are the best

    50. Kayla #1

      This is kinda making me cringe idkw