Cristiano Ronaldo Is Finished ? NO! | Skills , Assists & Goals Show 2020


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    Cristiano Ronaldo Is Finished ? NO! | Skills , Assists & Goals Show 2020
    Cristiano Ronaldo So sad
    Cristiano Ronaldo so sad 2020
    Cristiano Ronaldo Skills
    Cristiano Ronaldo Goals
    Cristiano Ronaldo Skills and goals 2020
    Cr7 2020

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    1. MM10 HD

      Awesome bro...loveed it...Thank you so much for the gift I really love your character... Not like others but your very good .Being a little bit high at statistics,(Viewss and subs) your still humble...thats why i really love your character 😍😘😘😀😉😊

      1. MM10 HD

        @The Punisher yeah maybe because i was once a ronaldo fan

      2. The Punisher

        MM10 HD Yea but atleast you’re not hating on Ronaldo (or are you🤔)

      3. MM10 HD

        @The Punisher lol i told about R47 RHR not ronaldo🙈

      4. The Punisher

        MM10 HD So nice to see a Messi fan that doesn’t disrespect Ronaldo. I love Messi too, being a Ronaldo fan.

      5. MM10 HD

        @R47 RHR 😁😀😊

    2. More Gaming

      The Best video for Cr7

    3. Eduardo Maia

      I Love You Cristiano Ronaldo

    4. Adi Lutchmansingh

      Iam cr7 biggest fan he is the best the goat❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    5. IDI Football

      This is good. Real good. 👍👍👍

    6. Gabriel Torres

      Cr7 the best 2020🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    7. just crow

      Bruh the first time messi came in the Barcelona team he was so fast and better than ronaldo but now ronaldo Is better!

    8. pablo pablo

      Messi is going tru a Big mess is a playier not the boss but acts like is the boss of Barcelona.I hope that he go's from Barça will see what happen next if really go.Yes hes very caro but clubes like M.Cinty can buy him wil see if he go there.He will never adchive what Ronaldo did never.And if I was the Boss of Barça defuu sack him.He's job is to play 4the club not Critisease the Boss end off.

    9. Franci Pereira


    10. edgar perez

      Not at messi's level tho....

    11. BleTrick

      My favorite song let's gooooooo INSTALIKEANDSUB!

      1. BleTrick

        Kyle Boswell Brandon Skeie- So bad (remix).

      2. Kyle Boswell

        Who sings it

    12. Circhil EE

      R47RHR you are puto

    13. Circhil EE

      He is finished Jajajaja stupid idiot , CR7 the best in the world, the puto wants like 🖕for you F iu....

      1. Circhil EE


      2. Circhil EE

        R47 RHR ok you wants more, give more idiot

      3. R47 RHR

        @Circhil EE Fuck off from here! You are nothing more than a stupid

      4. Circhil EE

        CR7 is not finished, you are attached you self, F....

      5. R47 RHR

        @Circhil EE are you an idiot 🤔 I have made this video for burning Cr7 haters

    14. JMH21 HD7

      Nice bro

    15. sal s


    16. S Morgan

      When 30 goals plus a season is a poor season loool.


      #Cristiano is not over ,until God makes decision about him🤘guys#

      1. R47 RHR


    18. Булсиной Туребеков

      бұрынғы раналдо қаида шашы ондаи емес еді шашын қысқартсын

    19. Hridoy NGC

      btw i don’t like his new hair style

      1. R47 RHR

        Oh !

    20. CR TAUHID

      Amazing dude😍 Damm🔥

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks tauhid 💕

    21. Aneesh Cr7

      cr7 all in one man only genius goat

      1. just crow

        Like u are

    22. Futbol TrendX

      Amazing work bro

    23. Anderson Santana

      Tá voltando ajoga muito

    24. awil Suleiman

      Ronaldo CR7 best one really no one can stop you NO NO ❤🎉🥰👍

    25. CyrpressKush23 CK23

      He gets better with the age, but still doesnt seem his 35. Siuuuuuu!

    26. Georg

      AMAZING VIDEO! The greatest of all times. Cristiano Ronaldo 🐐

    27. Benfica Eusebio

      Are those ankle pads real? If they are that's awesome that he has his family

    28. JonathanRomero

      Qué chévere.

    29. The Punisher

      2:13 How on earth did he not shatter his left knee.

      1. Tcb bct

        He has an unbelievable physical preparation

      2. R47 RHR

        He is Cristiano bro 🔥

    30. Ivan Bonelli


      1. R47 RHR


    31. johan rivera coaquira

      No hay ni habra mas

      1. R47 RHR


    32. Hriiveidm Herlady

      Scoring machine is back. Big fan

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks , yeah 💕

    33. Riley Taylor

      Everyone loves Cristiano Ronaldo

      1. R47 RHR

        Yeah 💕

    34. Neem_ Channel

      im still new bie ,i need support my channel ..

      1. R47 RHR


    35. Good Borg

      كريستيانو رونالدو الأفضل في التاريخ

      1. R47 RHR


    36. JAMAL

      30 K 🔝💛

      1. R47 RHR


    37. zee qayum

      Let’s take a moment to laugh at all the idiots who thought he was ‘finished’ 😂

      1. Riccardo Perretta

        Because he went to Juventus, then they said 'he's finished, Italian football fans are very ridiculous

      2. Juan Douglas

        zee qayum, no one thought he was finished, they were just hoping he was finished so they kept saying he was finished

      3. R47 RHR

        Yeah 😂

    38. Binshad Pt


    39. The best Plаyer

      Если вы хотите, чтобы Роналду забил гол, посмотрите это видео

    40. Chaima Drtepi

      The best 💪

    41. Snezana Ivanovic


      1. Snezana Ivanovic

    42. Snezana Ivanovic

      Great photo

    43. Snezana Ivanovic


    44. Repçi Kral

      Adamsın adam Abi seviliyorsun

    45. MGL MANDAL

    46. andres ojeda

      Cr7 the best 😍

    47. Elmansor Sarr

      Football is'nt the same without him simply the Got🛬🛬💪

      1. R47 RHR

        Yeah true 💕

    48. JAMAL

      -Who is Raza? -Raza? , ohh Raza Haider is best creator

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks bro 💕

    49. Ocep Chevot


    50. vico rizki rider

      Knp rambut cr7 di kucir?

      1. R47 RHR


    51. ADH Football

      Great video man

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks bro 💕

    52. Frank Ramírez

      Cristiano Ronaldo es el mejor y lo demuestra siempre con su increíble poder goleador, inteligencia de juego, su rica técnica y su velocidad CR7 es impresionante y más aún a sus casi 35 años 👏😎

      1. R47 RHR


    53. FBDSS CR7

      Amazing, bro!

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks bro 💕 , Glad you checked ❤️

    54. LM10FXHD

      Can i post your video as a supportive upload?

      1. LM10FXHD

        Thanks bro

      2. R47 RHR

        See bro ! I don't want any supportive Upload because I have to grow myself. But if you want you can use it as Supportive Upload 🙂

    55. CK7


      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks bro 💕

    56. 95 sectionNord

      Cristiano juventus + sélection = 29 goals in 30 games finish ???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👽👽👽👽👽

      1. R47 RHR


    57. Amirul.Channel YT


      1. R47 RHR

        So bad

    58. SHAMIR GAMER 2

      U know what,I always dream to make video like this but I have no idea where did u guys get this clip,could u tell me where u get it so I can make money and help my family with GEsels ? Ur edit are on fire 🔥

      1. R47 RHR

        @SHAMIR GAMER 2 I know I am nothing without you all 💕

      2. SHAMIR GAMER 2

        @R47 RHR wow u have almost 10,000 subs and still reply,good man 💪 thanks for the reply

      3. R47 RHR

        First of all Thank you ! And I get clips from 1900fcb freak 7 And the last , I don't earn from yt 🙂 Hope you have a healthy and good day ahead

    59. Enes Tonev

      You are one of the best football channel

      1. R47 RHR

        Thanks bro 💕 means alot 🙏

    60. Nawfal Daniel


      1. R47 RHR

        N O !