Cristiano Ronaldo Scores the Winner in the 96th Minute! | Juventus 2-1 Genoa | Top Moments | Serie A

Serie A

Serie A

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    Cristiano Ronaldo scored a 96th-minute penalty to win the match for 10-man Juventus against 9-man Genoa! | Serie A
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    1. flordelotus16

      History remembers Cristiano Ronaldo the Leader the Champion the Commander, the goal scorer the record-breaking player his charisma and refined skill and superiority as a man an athlete and much more. Sari is just a name whispered in the wind to which no one will remember. He can substitute Ronaldo and nothing will change because he Sari is not a winner and he doe not know what it is to reach high and prevail among greats. Even to be in Ronaldo's shadow would be a privilege and a big honour to him but he is not even worth that cos he is just a puppet at the club and the same way he failed at Napoli, Chelsea he will also fail at Juve for he has developed a taste for failure. Cuadrado, De Ligt, Matuidi and Costa are the only ones who Plays for Ronaldo for they feel inspired and recognise the mark of greatness and wish to learn and to serve as disciples of the true G.O.A.T Bernardeschi is the greatest traitor and snake in the Juve team and will do anything to make Ronaldo not have the ball. He suffers from that sick disease called jealousy and you will see him wasting shots after shots match after Match than to pass and watch Ronaldo celebrate after scoring. Sari will be sacked because his football and his philosophy it's worth nothing and its broken and many ex-footballers and managers like Capello another failure wish to gain relevance by commenting on Cristiano Ronaldo. All Vampires whose names are forgotten and they live in the shadows lurking at any opportunity to come alive ... Ungrateful all of them. Cristiano left Spain and brought visibility to Serie A that was lost from years and years .leaving from past glories He brought the eyes of the world away from La LIga and with it sponsorships. Cristiano will prevail at the end and the Italian league can go back to its usual non-existence.

    2. Jorge Zhang

      All Barcelona dogs are barking and saying that’s a diving bow 🤮🤮 go fk yourselfs

    3. Doesn’t Matter


    4. Ricardo Vargas

      Increíble, ni el var lo para, de lo viejo se cae sólo y así lo ayudan, no da nada, en cada partido qué pasa es menos, da tristeza pero si no se retira la afición se olvidará que fue un gran goleador y lo va a silbar

    5. pablo ortiz

      Fkn penaldo always diving

    6. Тимур Курскиев

      Anyways, hand gesture was, touch was. Open your eyes, idiots.

    7. Max Payne

      Cristiano Ronaldo è veramente da ammirare come atleta. Se è un campione lo è soprattutto perché lo è di TESTA.

    8. 2K20 Tv

      I ❤❤ Cristiano Ronaldo

    9. SneaX is back

      Ronaldo è il migliore

    10. sanal Abraham

      Best actor

    11. Jose Manuel Godoy Garcia


    12. Mohammad Qaim

      He scored with refree's assist

    13. Jeroy allen

      Huevo contacto en el aria es penal no se puede decir nada hubo contacto en el área

    14. Sadid Yousufi

      ronalod=like messi=comment

    15. cembre hore

      its juventus,,, its serie A... you "know"??

    16. Ramirín Merchán

      Pon q no fue penal hp

    17. Ale Feet13


    18. VideR.

      FIFA Best Diver awards need to be added like a prize, specially for Ronaldo.

      1. Broly

        Sorry neymar already took that prize

    19. Gianmaria Pecorari


    20. Carlos Diaz Villalobos


    21. P0ker -

      Yooo that Jersey fireeeee🔥🔥🔥

    22. Jibran Rubio Benitez

      Esos clavados no se los avienta ni Michael Phelps

    23. Daniel McGuigan

      Ghost foul

    24. Kyle Xy Xy

      0:22 😀😍

    25. Kyle Xy Xy

      0:16 !!

    26. Sonia P Sonia P

      Clear penalty, pesssi fans u can try more 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    27. IL 777 VTX

      nice dive LOL

    28. mamat sudrajad

      0:12 lesson from best player serie a 18/19 listen kid this is how to dive properly

    29. Rocco Galata


    30. andre Fx

      Real Scandal in football.. juve the king mafioso..

    31. LPS.Danny

      Yep it was penalty don't let your tears block your eyes guys

    32. Jun Abejo

      Great acting from Ronaldo!

    33. Minos Huang

      Povera Patria

    34. Theis Gronemann

      Some penalties are doubtful, some are 50/50. Not this one. 100 % clear penalty.

    35. OrcasRule x

      What a dive

    36. Englandsbestlover

      The ref bottled it. He couldn’t see for sure but coz it’s Penaldo, he gave it

    37. Matty T

      Greatest Dolphin 🐬 Of All Time

    38. mehrdad r

      Ronaldo is a fake soccer player! Act like a professional if you claim you are the best! Cheater...

    39. God Ofwar

      It’s clearly penalty. I’m a Barcelona fan but it’s clearly penalty.

    40. P N

      A true sportsman never dive. Nothing to be proud CR7 all goals you scored now is just ...penalties....get retire now!!!!!

    41. midin midiout

      How pathetic 😐😐 top moment 🤣🤣🤣 gtfo 🤢💀

    42. danieldjz

      With a free penalty, as usual.

    43. Enigma Unresolved


    44. Nischl Tiwari

      That's why I never enjoy watching him ....people over hyped him just because he played in English club..

      1. Dário III

        Nobody care about what you enjoy hater

    45. Football Cafe

      ronaldo dive and referee antonio giua decision is a disgrace to football

    46. Football Cafe

      mafia in football again and again.

    47. Yang Richard

      another fxxx Penalty shot. useless & selfish player

    48. Raymond Andreas

      No wonder why this old lady always failed in the UCL

    49. daniel Chavez

      Penaldo 🐬🐬🐬

    50. Adilene Ojeda

      Penaldo is back

    51. JahsGameplayHDR


    52. snooze

      00:44 she doesn’t even know what’s going on 💀

    53. Daniel Gonzalez

      Ni Joaquín Phoenix actuó asi de Bien!! Yo le doy un Oscar 😂😂😂

    54. Desmond Hume

      Qualcuno volò sul nido del cuculo

    55. Francesco Ferrara

      Il rigore non cera il var l'arbitro non lo a voluto vedere che rubentus incredibile...

      1. Tony Forlivio

        Con noi perdete sempre ,parla di cio...

    56. rividizd

      Juv is shaky so far this season. Attacks are not as effective and defense not so solid. Juv need to up their game if they want to win the CL.

    57. Pito Chico

      Thats never a penalty



    59. Sennay Ogbazghi

      Why are they cheering so much it is a league game between the top of the table and a team in the relegation zone. The fact that this almost ended up being a draw is the funniest part.

    60. Luis Caro

      Cualquier color un penal, Messi 2 asistencias 2 goles, un chiste miernaldo