Cristiano Ronaldo 3 incidents with pitch invaders during match vs BAYER 04

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    Cristiano Ronaldo 3 incidents with pitch invaders during match vs BAYER 04

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    1. constable1501

      He could have been assaulted, terrible security that guy could have easily had a knife instead of a phone. Crazy spectators

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        @Hawk Who Knows All Lmao in Germany, the pedophiles don't even get harsh criminal sentences

      2. Hawk Who Knows All

        @Rick Nelson Nothing is SUPERIOR Than GERMAN ECONOMIC FREEDOM ..People are not INSTREET like in USA. If you LOOSE JOB. GOVT PAYs you for 2 YEARs Same Salary.

      3. Rick Nelson

        @Hawk Who Knows AllIt doesn`t matter, it is in line with the cost of living of the country you live in any minimum wage of any country means that you struggle to survive you have to spend it there not in USA or any poor country of the world !

      4. Hawk Who Knows All


      5. Rick Nelson

        What do you expect from minimum wage security ?

    2. Laldin Moia

      Third scene😭😭😭

    3. Kxrma Buddies Der erste war ein deutscher XD

    4. Sinn Hof

      Nice 🤟🏽

    5. DabXto

      I hate Ronaldo

      1. Der Hausmeister


    6. boubacar sy

      cris focus you need to understand the man not to hat him

    7. Mohamad Mahfad

      هنا يضهر لك انه لو كان لديه سلاح لقتله احسن له ولكرامته المفروض رونالدو يتفاعل معه هاذا سيجعله يسقط من اعين محبينه مثلي ان الآن

    8. H A H

      People love CR7 than any other player.

    9. rian jhe pardi wk wk

      Wk wk ada di belakang ronaldo

    10. rian jhe pardi wk wk

      Ingat wk wk

    11. Wahidts hayoto


    12. Hailemicael Dhur

      Cr 7 ♥

    13. Mr Vichheka

      If they love him,they not did that. i am a fan,i khow bout felling. but you think about him. if hater go to him and has a knife. who can help him? no no someone cant help him.coz he is die and we cant see him play again and again.

    14. sebastian bastian

      Ronaldo help me. I like you CR7

    15. sebastian bastian

      My idola

    16. Goes genta

      wkwkw security ny sok tegas wkwkwk jgn salahkan fans hukum saja security enak dri pada fans

    17. raj nepali

      The security is very weak ...they should not let them come in ...

    18. JÉ CHÁI

      The punk wanting to kick the it was his fault...wonder how he felt after watching this video!!!

      1. JÉ CHÁI

        @EPIC HIGHLIGHTS the security or steward !!! Duh


        Whose fault was it

    19. machysom Carmo

      Cristiano Ronaldo fez a mesma coisa do Neymar

    20. Rodi Arias

      Cr7 GOAT

    21. Atilla K.

      i was there in this game. there was more then 3 persons...

    22. Nhlanhla Ngcobo

      His only care for hairstyle CR7

    23. Jimmy Vivas

      Cr7 es el mejor

    24. Rinto Sambudi


    25. Michaelson Sarmiento

      I admire CR7 but jesus these people are so stupid.

    26. Naufal Mubarok

      Ronaldo the legend of legend

    27. Hayati Alihan

      1 cr7 RONALDO thank you were mach merih

    28. xanzeo

      He is so mean and arrogant to his fans. Those who defended him what if that person is u u will hate him forever. There is also another case when he came out of a shopping mall and a fan boy came running towards him from behind sideways wanting to take a pic of him but was pushed off by him. His behaviour is really disgusting he had forgotten the fans gave him everything. He is also like a cry baby need to be coaxed pampered upon make him happy just like how serie A and juv gave him the award. Juventus is a joke club afraid of player no wonder he feels he can get away with any wrong doings bcos he feels so large. How to respect someone like this...

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        @xanzeo You need a therapist

      2. Kevin Eliasson NESE1 Nicolaiskolan

        @xanzeo I know but still, you need to understand that it gets frustrating when 3 people run to u in the middle of a game just to take a photo with u. And honestly, I would have done the same as Ronaldo did when the third guy ran to him, because that guy could have done something bad, no one knows! I understand your point of view but u need to understand that u can't just run up to him in the middle of a game and expect that he will take a photo with u, he's just doing his job!

      3. xanzeo

        @Kevin Eliasson NESE1 Nicolaiskolan nevermind he is the best person on earth so happy... I still think he dun need to make that kicking action and the crazy remark to the fan bcos that hurts alot esp. to his diehard fan. U can see the fan when hold up by the SECURITY he tend to make a hand sign sort of pleading CR to let him take a photo together or something else. U can see the video again I think I shd not be wrong.

      4. Kevin Eliasson NESE1 Nicolaiskolan

        @xanzeo Bruh.... man just stop! Answer this, would u want someone to run up on you from behind and grab u by the neck? Do u know how much of his money he sends to charity and children hospital! Please look up some facts before u talk shit! He helps so many people and does everything for his fans, just because u are so blunt to see the truth u don't have to talk bullshit and make stuff up!

      5. xanzeo

        U know what u are just like him nasty and mean. No wonder u like him so much stop defending him theres no need for him wanting to kick him and calling him crazy his behaviour is low class and this is not the first time he treated his fans badly. He shd learn from roger federer what is class and respect. No matter what u have to respect yr fans they gave u everything.

    29. Veety Simeon

      He didn't care his fans...full difference with messi

      1. tritone11

        Are you braindead????

    30. Dinesh Bhandari

      Hey cr7 don't make sad to your fans.

    31. Nocturno

      Mi comandante SIUUUUUU❤⚽️

    32. Sonrixx 619

      Very bad security

    33. CR 7 best

      CR 7 best ❤❤❤🇵🇹

    34. CR 7 best

      CR 7 best

    35. honeyglow

      Cristiano has a lot of patience. I completely understand why he got mad at the end. Three invaders and the last one pulled his neck.

      1. BVZ

        The last one didn't pulled his neck the security guy pushed him but still completely agree with you

    36. sport FOotBoLl TJ

      Не надо так аа Криштиану ты не прав

    37. Dashly Mireles

      CR7 .l.

    38. Shalima Krishnan


    39. Abhi Nash

      Ronaldo best footballer best athlete inspirational to all young talent . Eg of hard work.. legend GOAT

    40. Ayoub Kilani

      most popular person after michael jackson

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        Lmao Elvis who ?😂

      2. Claude

        elvis the king

    41. E - Ruz

      seems like Ronaldo has changed

      1. Stefano Costantino

        @E - Ruz he is Happy

      2. E - Ruz

        he's not happy

    42. Born To Fight Flk

      Why not Messi?

    43. seven 999

      The innefficient security could be risky not only for one player....also for all players in every sport. We had sad examples before... This kind of repetitive situations im daily life can be very stressful even for a normal person. This fact has to be analyzed and not taken lightly.

    44. NotAPlayer

      And say that ronaldo is nice

    45. Oromo powerful Channel

      OMG if that’s guy has knifes easy to stab him what’s stupid Secrite is that . I’m so sad for him

      1. Agba G

        @Rendi Saputra yup, komen dah di edit tapi masih salah :v

      2. Rendi Saputra

        @Agba G may be security?😀

      3. Agba G

        What is secrite ?

    46. gojek tube,HD


    47. Ye Bakchodi

      Actually it was not the fault of the fan , the security move him in such a strong way that Ronaldo moved

      1. Ye Bakchodi



        Yo right that's what I also observed

    48. Vinay Singh

      Then they become Messi fans 😂

    49. Bisri Mustofa

      Bad ,, very bad security.... Imagine these invaders with knife in their hand

      1. Jesus Of Nazareth

        U just copied the pinned comment

      2. JustAdreamer Forgood

        Use your head, few hundred security to keep check of thousands of fans

    50. Dhanaraj. K

      Guy wanted to take a pic and hug and he refused. Ridiculous, even tried to kick and punch him. Arrogance level💯

      1. Dhanaraj. K

        @JustAdreamer Forgood That's because the security was pulling him dude

      2. JustAdreamer Forgood

        The fan pulled him like a rag doll which annoyed him, stick to watching cricket

    51. luka micic


    52. Baibata Compaore


    53. Wonde Hackworth

      I thought he's gonna pulled out gun out of pocket haha.

    54. Jason n

      No humbleness I swear in Ronaldo,to all the people who saying he could have been carrying a knife well you blind idiots he wasn’t, you guys and Ronaldo could clearly see that he was only trying to take a picture😂🤦‍♂️#penaldopissedcuzhedidntwinballondor

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        All you guys saying shit about him are dumb. The fan clearly pulled his neck and hurt him

      2. Veety Simeon

        The 2nd is not from back

      3. BVZ

        I swear to god if someone approaches from my back and pulls my neck suddenly I'll first beat him to a pulp and then ask him why he did it....Cris was rather calm

      4. Veety Simeon

        @hamza naqvi you are right..he doesn't care his fans

      5. John Smith

        Jason n shut up you idiot he was playing a game he's not going to stop playing to take selfies it's the fans fault and for the 3rd guy cr didn't see what happend he just felt someone pulling him so it's a normal reaction for any one ..

    55. It's Hell


    56. lil Draco

      #Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuuuu better than Messi

    57. tr1p1ea

      One of these guys could have been ben hayward with a knife.

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        @Ich Watwollensejetztvonmir Ok, yes! I don't have an idea about Germany so you're correct. Actually I think every stadium should have metal detectors

      2. Ich Watwollensejetztvonmir

        @JustAdreamer Forgood Ah okay, good to know. In Germany they don't have metal detectors, and this was in Leverkusen.

      3. JustAdreamer Forgood

        @Ich Watwollensejetztvonmir Real Madrid has metal detectors

      4. Ich Watwollensejetztvonmir

        @JustAdreamer Forgood Where do you live? I have never seen metal detectors ever in football stadiums

      5. JustAdreamer Forgood

        No, before they enter the stadium there are metal detectors

    58. Abbess Bouzidi

      Fan" cr7 hug me and Ronaldo nope i love when he walk to the right 😂😂😂

    59. Ulises Puma

      Ni que fuera un dios

    60. Nancy Sasso

      It appears easy to jump the field, I would too if I was there. LoL! Astonished how Higuain got exasperated with the interruption.

      1. JustAdreamer Forgood

        Babe, it's easy to streak too