Crazy Football Skills 2020 - Skill Mix #4 | HD

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    Ultimate football Skills 2020 - Skill Mix ft. CR7 BALE MESSI NEYMAR HAZARD POGBA SANCHEZ DYBALA

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    1. JoshVgamer Enriquez


    2. JoshVgamer Enriquez

      Pls next skills mix, add Scocco skill and goal (River vs Central Córdoba )

    3. ariel martinez

      Hey little guy this people talk about you about work about political decisión, and where is México.??

    4. Omar Abukar

    5. Saefudin Amri

      What ball mitre for Indonesia.? 🇮🇩

    6. sancho jadon

      Mahrez cr7 messi ballon dor 2020

    7. the give rosas

      Whats name of song 3rd??

    8. Jack James

      What Is the third song cause its fire🔥🔥

    9. D2 Brothers

    10. Cool videos

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    11. raman6500

      That’s soccer not football

    12. Canal iFutMagic

      Amazing 🔥



    14. Sang Nguyen

      I need the song name at 0:37 :((

    15. Kleminho


    16. aman phondani

      5:47 best one for me

    17. KevinSillo 30

      Song 7:30 please

    18. Fares Fer

      Mahrez and SANCHO

    19. Nathaniel Reid

      love your vids from barbados

    20. ikhuan ikhuan

      11:21 😂

    21. Saul Hernández

      Buen video bro, excelente 👍🏻

    22. Aliff Shukur

      Bro what app you used to to this vid??

    23. CJ V0r0bei

      5:50 LOOOL that was cool

    24. VUKSA & CONE

      00:43 SRBIJAAAA

    25. mostafa alg


      1. Nail Gr


    26. IvanTheHawk

      Come on I thought this was the real football 🏈, eww not this kickball game.

    27. Gaming Perfect android

      5:48 What was that??!!

      1. Ali Fame

        fifa 20

      2. vini skills fut

        @ikhuan ikhuan

      3. vini skills fut

        @Los Blancos y nada mas

      4. vini skills fut

      5. ikhuan ikhuan

        Double touch

    28. Min Thein Kyaw

      I purposely clicked on the ads so that you could earn a little more.xD Thanks for these amazing football videos!

      1. All Football

        haha, thanks bro appreciate it ❤️

    29. Eddie Garcia

      What is the first song called?

    30. Ron Burgundy

      1. Bazanji - king 2. Paper Crowns ncs

    31. football top

      riyad maahrezz

    32. i am the nigga

      Mahrez 😍😘🔥

    33. CR 7

      Awsoooommmm bro can you help me ? Where did you get your videos (copyright is big problm ) plzzz share with as the solution . 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    34. Lokesh Kumar


    35. Lv Crusher

      What is the song

      1. Lv Crusher

        The first

    36. Auser Syde

      3rd song?

    37. andro FIRE

      Wtf is that dude 👌👌💪🏻

    38. Empe Boy

      music ???

    39. MasterMind10

      Banazji's music 🔥

    40. Agent M-838

      Been a long time since I saw Alexis on a skills mix

      1. vini skills fut

        @Joao Martins

      2. Agent M-838

        @All Football Same here 😂 I loved watching him at Arsenal

      3. Joao Martins


      4. All Football

        Agent M-838 He was injured bro, I hope he finds his form soon so I can have more skills for my Videos 😂

    41. MARCO AZZURRO 1926

      First song?

      1. Алексей Бобрик

        Bazanji - King

    42. Cafer burak Yeşilkuş

      You best brooooo

    43. Rayen 31

      Lionel mahrez

      1. Nail Gr

        محرز أسطورة العرب

    44. Kalaala Sports tv


    45. Ridho Kelana

      Music ?

    46. P. Siripis


      1. P. Siripis

        @Luka Danieljr thank bro

      2. Luka Danieljr

        Bazanji King

    47. Nicolas Zavarelli

      You are the best

    48. Antonio Diaz

      Muy buen video

    49. Nick'o .R

      Ist song called?

      1. Алексей Бобрик

        Bazanji - King

    50. Nenad Pilipovic123

      Nice done 👌

    51. Joao Martins


    52. CK 2006

      It's insane dude🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

    53. The mistyc C.D.N

      Very good 😈💪

    54. 9zM7md

      Big hug from palastine 🇵🇸

      1. VIJAY MEDIA

        State level tournament football match...

      2. 9zM7md

        @الفتا لمزطول كيف مو فلسطيني؟

      3. الفتا لمزطول

        @9zM7md انت مانك فلسطيني

      4. الفتا لمزطول

        @9zM7md اي وشو؟؟

      5. 9zM7md

        @andro FIRE حاطط علم السودان 😂

    55. Josue Gonzalez

      Entre los primeros u.u

    56. Murad Sido

      The beste is back

    57. Jerry Jalin

      Very good

    58. Hisam Hossain