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    1. Jo Ro

      How would they know what’s in the bill? Democrats don’t read bills until it’s passed, just ask Nancy.

    2. Grizzly Bizz

      And they're still pushing that women are the fairer and gentler, nurturing souls. . . . BS! Women today aren't deserving the title of woman or mother, scarcely adult enough to be mothers they way they're acting! I'm glad I'm beyond the dating market. . . not worth the hassle anymore. I don't need or want the drama. It would be great if Soros was the target. That is one evil man.

    3. Shirley

      Abortion is murder, murder is against the law, uphold the law now or be brought down by non compliance?

    4. Jeff Cardinal

      TIE YOUR FUCKING TUBES AND FUCK EVERY MAN IN THE WORLD LADIES. Otherwise your only aborting to kill a child.

    5. Paula Tuttle

      As I recall, at least in the 1970's & 1980's, abortion could only be performed in the 1st tri-mester (13 weeks was the cut-off). When in the hell did abortion become allowed at full term?? SICK! The issue is absurd on its face! The debate should be about rolling back whatever bill that allows full-term abortion! (aka: MURDER!)

    6. Gg Burg

      In his press conference from India, a reporter asked a question, ( I need to go back and see the q) But Trump said I’m not answering that, “we are in the middle of something.” And shut the q Down. Was very odd. Also AOC has her own PAC, is it the same one?

    7. Gg Burg

      Ruemller her German just drips!

    8. Gg Burg

      I believe the red ‘river’ is a reaction of chemicals in the water. It happened in Thailand years back. Not positive, but I think it had to do with oxidation of iron/rust in the water. The oxidation is why the water turns red. Who knows what pollution is in that water. One on the people on bridge is saying ‘it’s the pollution’.

    9. Airman's Mom

      I see the inability of the Born-Alive Bill to pass the Senate two ways: 1.Maybe there's something stuck into that bill somewhere that doesn't have anything to do with it, doesn't belong there, is a detriment to our Constitution and people actually read it this time. Or, most likely, 2. This is showing us who are the REAL Patriots are in our Senate who will stand up for an innocent child that God has now said "No! You're NOT killing this one!". In that case, we now see their true colors and beliefs no matter what party or affiliation they claim.

    10. Dee Dee QT


    11. Marilyn

      Women are worshipping their own bodies instead of the Creator of life.

    12. Praha Mama

      Great Indian Summer America, from coast to coast.🇺🇸❤️🎺🙏🏻 ⏲

    13. Praha Mama

      Vote Please The Snakes Must Be Voted Out... IRS Lottus Must swamp On their banks.... Money Talks And Talks For Whom Not America the 🐍🦂 Are Slowly crawling Our From swamp..... Arrogant Inhuman .. Danger Danger. Cryptic Message From Eric Holder, Is assasination On their mind ? Non Stop?!

    14. Praha Mama

      We Let To many Bolshevics, marxists And Nazis To America. ... Just claiming We Prosecuted, we are refugies, We Hungry.... No more. Thats no wetting. Look how many Jews The red diapers parents And Grandparents Cryied We poor prosecuted We are snakes 🐍 Communist party Cards Sewn In our Long coats.... Please Good Women Take me in, Take me in.....

    15. Tami

      Yes, everyone that voted against the babies are demonic!!!

    16. I Bleed Red

      Trump Day 7-07 7-07 7-07

    17. Loes van Dongen

      There is a special place in hell for baby killers, as well as for those Who enable them.

    18. marinegrunt66

      by the time trump does anything, corona virus will have killed us all.

      1. Susan Douglas

        you are an uninformed moron...

    19. Teri Goins

      Over 7 minutes to get started. That’s too long for an intro. Just letting you know. Otherwise, thanks for your service.

    20. Teri Goins

      You are taking way too long to get to the info...many minutes!

    21. Patty DeBingo

      At what age? If a fetus is alive at 5 weeks, is it to be saved? Or is it a baby that has a viable life?

    22. marinegrunt66

      another day, traitors are still walking free to destroy our great Republic..

    23. Shirlie Harris

      In that video it shows Obama, Bill, & Hillary's heads, all in Kill box's but Michelle Obamas hands in a kill box,..whats that supposed to mean I wonder? the best is yet to come folks :)

      1. Barbara Both

        @ the 31:40 mark

      2. Michael Doane

        Which video exactly? Please lol

    24. cjaracz2

      If I remember correctly, there is a seal team 9: dark ops...

    25. M Ch

      Please ALERT Secret Service, President, Barr & all that Eric Holder’s tweet reveals the deep state will assasignate President Trump saying he can’t navigate protection of USA re Corona virus.

    26. Bami Fun

      The developing baby feels pain by the second trimester; A baby born at 21 weeks and five days can survive.

    27. Michael Doane

      No comments!! Wth yt!