COURAGE - Motivational Workout Speech 2020



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    COURAGE - Motivational Workout Speech 2020
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    Speech by: Jocko Willink,Art Williams, Eric Thomas, Nathan Harmon
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    1. Moussa Ilyassa

      Yes no more weekness no more taking easy roads noooo I will start tomorrow thank’s a lot

    2. Tyra Hunter

      Phoenix Rising from The Ashes...🔥🦅

    3. Truefitter

      If you're reading my comment, I wish you a happy life ❤️✌🏻

    4. Corey Seymour

      That’s actually Andy Henriquez not Eric Thomas so you probably want to make that edit to make sure he’s given credit for the content. 👍 great video though!

    5. Amaze GAMER

      This is the motivation we all need Decide,act,succeed,compete again

    6. mcdonald Cantor

      At this point in my life i can say that set backs, circustances, what "define me", situations anything being done in secret to cause any harm to me even to those who think they have deceive me.. I suggest take a better look.. Take a better look at me cause im still standing but standing taller.. I let life be so i can BE... I wont be stop. I have push, pull gone tru now i have break tru it..just dont live... Experience living

    7. Rohit Wagh

      Your not human if this video doesn't hit you hard🔥🔥🔥🔥

    8. MomBoy

      Why is will Smith so motivational always click on his thumbnail

    9. Dylan Roberts

      This makes me want to keep going. We all can get there let’s go guys

    10. Kenny bater

      Can I find this on spotify?

    11. Bender

      Lol this guy is too much.

    12. Eat my buttt 445 5

      I was watching this than a Wendy’s commercial came on.. damn

    13. John

      Why did u let it happen?

    14. InspireHealthAndHope

      It will always be the tough times that test us most. Where is your mind set at when you encounter these times of adversity? It'll always be easy when your not in the grind, the real question is, how do you keep going when its time to grind and you don't want to any more?... motivation will run out... Its going to have to be a deep seated desire within your mind that will keep you going, cause you'll be tired, you'll get angry, you'll want to give up. That internal desire has to be greater than any of those limiting feelings and circumstances. Be better than that weak person inside you always yelling at you from within, holding you back.

    15. Ahrry depp

      I really need these videos Thank you brother 💔

    16. Kibrom Tsegay

      wonderful motivation thanks for shearing us!

    17. TradeLikeBrad

    18. Savakio

      hold your breath for a minute ...can you? You are already a billionaire, you are already very wealthy, no money on earth can buy you the capability of breathing naturally, without your breath you are dead, being able to breath it is absolutely the most essential and most important necessity a human has! Everything, everything else is a bonus, everything, be grateful for what you already have and change your prospective, really, truly don't sweat the little unimportant details you have created in your head, you know those little stories that most of them are not even true, Breathe and Breathe well my Friend!!!!

    19. Sam Curren

      I'm going to have over a million people watch my videos one day. I'm sure of it

      1. Patrick Fenton


      2. TradeLikeBrad

      3. John Swagger

        come back here when u do bruv


      Discipline,consistency, patience that's all u need💪

    21. Salamander Studios

      I wonder if he knows the week starts on a Sunday?

    22. Apxyツ

      Hard work pays off.

    23. Jayme Jackson

      I needed this. I have been at the lowest in life but I WONT QUIT !

      1. Patrick Fenton

        Bro ive lost my mum family my job but yet ive recently stopped drugs turn the pain into drive never give up

      2. Dylan Roberts

        Don’t give up. I hope everything good comes your way ❤️

    24. Jaqlyn Avouris


    25. Ryan Andhee

      Success isn't about the money or big houses....Sucess is waking up in the morning knowing that you changed the world⚡ Hang in there🔥💎

    26. Andreas Rydell - Vlogs & Self Development

      Don't waste your potential, because potential not acted upon turns into pain and depression. Whenever I make consistent progress with my GEsels channel I feel most fulfilled. Even though I'm just starting and I don't get many views I stay at it. Tom Bilyeu says success is being able to accept yourself when you're by yourself. Taking consistent action will get you there. It's worth it.

      1. TradeLikeBrad

    27. POKOdotto

      Everyone keep going I am trying to become a boxer and I’m not stopping fr anyone One of my goals is to hit 10k subs Help

    28. Grace Morgan speaks Youtube Channel

      If you feel life has been unfair to you. God is in control of every situation. Sometimes he wants you to let go of some things such as toxic friends, draining relationships and focus on him alone. I speak a blessing over your entire household and life

      1. Meryem Abdulrasol

        Damn dude, thanks! That's really nice of you, may God keep you as giving as you are now! I hope you and your family have the life you all dream of!

    29. HIT

      Everything great needs courage to start and consistency to finsih!!!I wish you both😉!!!

    30. Bodhi Perry

      Practise makes perfect, simple as that 💯

      1. Bodhi Perry

        Christian Kerridge 🔥

      2. Christian Kerridge

        Practice makes habbits, good habbits make perfect

    31. A Helpful Earth

      Whenever reading this I want you to believe in a better you for 2020, I hope you have the most amazing year!! Thank you from one motivational GEselsr to another 💪💪💪✌✌🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍

      1. TradeLikeBrad

      2. A Helpful Earth

        @Heartless Matt amazing my friend, I hope my content helps ✌🌍

      3. Heartless Matt

        A Helpful Earth I just subscribed

    32. MisterTracks

      nice video

      1. TradeLikeBrad

    33. Wounded Viking

      Lets go Alex!! I fought Cancer twice and lost a big piece of my face to amputation. A tumor ate up my jaw and I was labeled an ugly freak. I started over from scratch, and started a GEsels channel to inspire others who feel ugly and not good enough for this superficial world.. my face will not define me. with positive projection you can overcome any mental or physical hurdle. go check me out and subscribe if you want to help me grow. i want to give people a spark of change and join me on my journey!

      1. Safi plays

        Stay blessed 😇

      2. TradeLikeBrad