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    Europe is struggling with growing death rates and increasingly overstrained hospitals due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Spain is Europe's second worst-hit country. Authorities there reported the highest increase in fatalities - with more than 800 people dying in a day. Spain is also reporting the largest percentage of infected health care workers, further straining the system.

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    1. Jaya Leela jesus songs

      May god bless the front line doctors nurses and other bràve and kind.god will protect your family unde4 his wast wings.

    2. manoli coleto


    3. Lalnunmawii Mawii


    4. Chandrika Rai


    5. Charlie Charles

      Praying harder for spain. 🇪🇸 🙏🏼

    6. pica pau дик петух


    7. Sergio Luiz

      Brazilian President keeps asking people every day to go to the streets, work and demonstrate against the covid-19, genocidal president has to be stopped please..

    8. spirit

      Church closed weeks ago because of this.

    9. Bobo T. Baggin

      That's what happens if you put all your money into football instead of health care. We are tired of keeping you alive, please leave the EU.

    10. happy go school girl

      It's a padamic*..

    11. m afridi

      Tumb up for all those medical staff.

    12. Md Rafeeq

      Md. Rafeeq good news is for , india and

    13. Mother Care

      Praying to God to stop this plague

    14. Rehan Khan

      A virus smaller than a peak is killing our loved ones 😢😢😢😢😢😢

    15. Acmad Sobirin

      you stay at home, and you become a hero for humanity

    16. Acmad Sobirin

      medical workers are the angels without wings

    17. Çağlar Aydın

      Turkey helps italy, england, Spain, Macedonia, Montenegro, albania.. etc 32 countries. Planes takes masks, ventilators... etc aid. But same European countries stolen their equipments each other. Like the thieves. İ think peoples must watch tv news.

    18. tauseef mughal

      COVID-19 & It's easy solution to World. Symptoms are the weaknesses of disease. "Whenever you find the secret or weaknesses of anything, you can overcome it easily". Assalamo alaikum ! The purpose of writing this letter is to present a solution to the global epidemic. Human can be developed so well but if he is not a acuman or hair splitter he can never be a good vigilant. Today's human takes breathe in technological era, he has invented atom bomb but Unfortunately he is unable to compete with a tiny creature virus, it's not that much easy to overcome this pandemic. When ALLAH ALMIGHTY give punish to the sinner He punishes them with the smallest creatures. Example 1: As history shows Abraha a king , and his regiment came to demolish the Holly kaaba, ALLAH Almighty sent little birds and decimate the entire regiment and protect ,His home. Example 2: ALLAH Almighty perish Namrood , a king just from mosquito, same condition is faced by today's world , yes i mean Covid -19 virus which is invisible to human eye (naked eye). QURAN CHAPTER Al-Inaam verse 103 "He is the Wise, the Acquainted [with all]. He is the all Knowing. Quran Surah Al-Nashra verse 5, 6 "undoubtly with every hardship there is ease" I am an Engineer as well as a HomeoPathic Doctor, in this regard I want to make you known that our homeo pathic medicines follow Quranic verses, while diluting anything you actually lessen the strength of the vary substance. so when ever you dilute any thing that mean you're searching secrets hidden behind it . Homeo pathic medicines are made in this way, when medicine touches the toungue or it may inhale through nostrils it activate the defence system of the body so our body immediately recover itself ,you can't control anything until and unless you know its secrets. One thing to be considered here is that, difficulties follows comforts, what if Covid-19 patients are in critical condition their immunity may gets strong. For example if Covid-19 pateint recovers, his healthy plasma can be transferred to patient who can also recover soon ,"where there is hardship there is ease" merely this method is difficult and require a lot of patience . Second solution Take a drop of blood or samples of flu of patient add 9 drops of alcohal (mix it properly) and ,it would be 1x now from this 1x take a drop and add 9 drops of alcohal (mix it properly) in it now it will become 2x ,repeat this again and make 3× 4× 5× and so on ...this is called potency mean dilution of medicine or disclosing of secrets. Now put the same medicine which the patient has dropped , put it in a glass of water shake it and give it to patient after every 2 hours patient will recover soon ان شاء اللہ because when there is hardship there will be ease. One more remarkable example of my son is here , In 2018 my child had chocholate allergic ,I made 3x potency from chocholate and he recovered soon الحَمْدُ ِلله Our first Caliph Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadeeq (may ALLAH be pleased with him ) ate diluted bread because through dilution immune system of a human body gets strong . It is said in Quran "protect your salah (prayer) mean protect your defence system". Our last prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him ) said " Healing accurs by the will of Almighty ALLAH when the medicine is properly placed on the disease". In world medicine just Homeo Pathic has credit that in Metria Medica (a book of homeo pathic) symptoms are given for every medicine in an organized way. In Quran chapter Al-Inaam verse 103 You will find majestic words (ھواللطیف الخبیر) He is above all comprehension yet is acquainted with all things. ھو : (Water( dilution Hydrogen+Oxygen=water اللطیف: ( (Potency )Acquainted الخبیر: Knowldege of medicine's symptoms mean Metria Medica. Apart from this there are few more Homeopathic medicines which can recover Covid-19's patient within one or two weeks . Kindly do contact with homeo pathic council and create a team of homeo pathic doctors at national/international ground so that we can overcome to this pandemic immediately , restore our daily life and the wheel of economy should go live as soon as possible , thanks Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Touseef Mughal B.E (CHEMICAL) DHMS ,RHMP Universal Researcher Pakistan

    19. ismail mujomba

      For let us all repent amen and ask for God's mercy upon all people in this according to the situation though in Africa eg Uganda we are not so affected but people are suffering from hunger and other effects as well due to the lockdown by the government because of fearing the virus so let's pray hard

    20. florida aguada

      This is hearthbreaking ,😢😢😢


      Love u from india we are with you

    22. Global Icon

      salute to those doctors

    23. Chau Nguyen

      Didn't spain have a women's march despite warnings?

    24. Karl Malone


    25. Karl Malone

      Prohibir todo chino en su lugar. manténgalos alejados en su área

    26. mhde06

      The whole world need to hold CHINA and WHO accountable to prevent such worldwide disaster repeating again.

    27. Si H

      Pray and love for all world..

    28. Yus 18

      In spain lol help me

    29. monysht

      🙏 🙏

    30. Onyx Stone

      During the lock down in Spain. Over 100,000 feminists chose to ignore distancing rules rally a protest march. 160 women were infected during that rally. Incubation is two weeks. Exactly three weeks later 10.000 are now dead. That one feminist rally killed more people in three weeks then the Spanish Inquisition killed in three hundred years. Feminism.

    31. AS S

      Boil water till steam forms. Crush garlic and leave it outside for a few minutes this will allow Allicin to form. Then put the garlic in the steamy water and try to consume it when it is hot to the tolerable extent. It'll kill the virus. Do steam inhalation of hot steamy garlic water. Keep drinking hot liquids. It really works.

    32. naresh madnani

      China employed infected personel to handle the luggage of flights to USA,Italy and Spain. Just google trade restrictions USA China, Italy China,Spain China.

    33. Pak Vince


    34. Angela Valencia

      Outbreak 2020/1920

    35. Khuong Tuan Tran

      *ALKALOID Gelsemium elegans* can PREVENT/DESTROY CORONA VIRUS Dear all I read news and see that many people died caused by corona virus. I am Vietnamese, very far from your country but we are the world. My tears down when see some related videos about the dead cause by corona virus. I am an IT Engineer, not a doctor but I have spent some night to research about "HOW TO PREVENT/DESTROY CORONA VIRUS" and I see some thing below, may useful information 1. Gelsemium elegans (very SPECIAL for research to destroy corona virus) 2. Loganiaceae 3. Gelsemiaceae 4. Helicteres hirsuta Lour belongs to Sterculiaceae

    36. tomhitman95

      Stay strong Spain! your italian brothers prays for you 🇪🇦🇮🇹 una preghiera per tutti

      1. Francisco Castillo Mata

        tomhitman95 Grazie tante. Ce la faremo insieme 🇪🇸❤️🇮🇹

    37. Ross Geller

      dios te bendiga españa🙏🏻🇪🇸 Turquía el te ama🇹🇷

    38. Mick Taylor

      KARMA for murdering Bulls in bull fights for entertainment. Good riddance.

    39. kiki yiyi

      Salute to all the cleaners and the maintenance team who are left out to be appreciated

    40. सारे जहा से अच्छा हिन्दुस्तान हमारा! India

      *China should repay for the* *war damage.* Salute to heroes from India.

    41. Iffat Hussain

      Alert CORONA PATIENTS. Use kalanchoe pinnata plant leafs, eat OR Use this leaf tea for CORONA TREATMENT in the qurantine time . 2 to 3 times a day take its tea. . Kindly spread this awarness everyone. Its a herbal treament u can also search its respiratory benefits and mucus decreases. Plz share this.... Its helpful for tretment.

    42. tessamersus

      God bless all the medical workers dealing with CV-19. As a former O.R. nurse, I've seen my share of terrible afflictions - like when AIDS was at its worst and we had many patients, some who ultimately died. It was a scary time for everyone, especially in the gay community and that alone was heartbreaking. We got through the fear of handing blood and patients with AIDS eventually, but it quickly settled down like CV is seems to be doing in certain countries. Dear Lord above, please put an end to this suffering and bring wellness to all, amen.

    43. shiza arain

      If you save one life you save all humanity. .salute all the doctors nurses and other medical workers from Pakistan

    44. Silvia Logan

      It is very hard on the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff seeing all those COVID-19 patients and are trying to save them.

    45. Coronavirus COVID Support

      Maybe Half of anyone that walks into that hospital that is not wearing air tight goggles will get covid-19. It is aerosol. Why on earth are the medical staff not wearing eye goggles? Cdc admitted it’s aerosol. Every Chinese worker was dressed for aerosol after a week into the work they realized it and changed their protective gear.

    46. shiza arain

      If you save one life you save all humanity. .salute all the doctors nurses and other medical workers from Pakistan

    47. Eyon

      The Aztecs are partying in the afterworld

    48. marian

      1cor.3/16-17 Know you not, that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you ? But if any man violate the temple of God, him shall God destroy. For the temple of God is holy, which you are.

    49. The Official Andy Saenz

      The world's governments obviously did not prepare for this COVID-19 pandemic. Hospitals worldwide are not properly supplied. There aren't even enough hospitals to treat the masses.

    50. John davidson

      Everyone please stay home safe due to #coronavirus epidemic (covid)-19 and follow all the rules with all the precautionary measures like hand washing santizer wear mask when you go out for shopping and make sure your immunity is good. As there are so many herbs in ayurveda that easily boost your immune system like amla , giloy , tulsi. I Used to drink giloy juice everyday to boost my immunity and if you cannot find these items in ur kitchen then you can use giloy capsules from #planetayurveda that have so many health benefits no side effects and boost your immunity naturally

    51. KENYAN GIRL VLOG'S Danny

      It is so hard


      That feminist march they had not long ago , could that have helped the virus spread? They literally said machismo kills more than the corona virus, and ignored warnings about gatherings and marched in their thousands. Now look .

    53. Arif demircioglu

      I dont Think this virus just coming from china . They always eat every animals . I Think there is a contry some Found this virus . And we Will find out soon or late

    54. Arif demircioglu

      I pray for spain 🙏 with love and luck from turkey

    55. golden pie

      Pray for China,they will be wiped out from map in near future

    56. ireri hubbard

      Una pregunta cuando decides ir ala escuela 🏫 y te recibes de enfermera 👩🏽‍⚕️ lo haces por el dinero 💵 o por q enrealidad por q quieres salvar vidas Yo las escucho y cada vez q veo la cámara 📷 la gente 💁‍♀️ está dormida 💤 entubada luchando por su vida En diciembre 17 e pesaron los reportajes de china 🇨🇳 Un dr murió por avisarle al mimos q si gobierno avía echo algo por q ellos saben lo q pasa y paso Mesa mucho coraje q ese hombre 👨🏼 y barios reporteros murieran y en ese país 🇨🇳 solo 😔 vimos lo q la gente 💁‍♀️ pudo hacer Entonces por q nosotros no hicimos nada por q 👎 no hicimos caso por q asta ahorita sigue el virus 🦠 créame do por que ??

    57. reviewunboxing es

      After this trial , pls give frontliners ( everyone fDoctors, Nurse , staff, cleaners, waste collectors, drivers , soldiers , volunteersb, grocery workers , ambulance drivers ems and Policeman etc. ),free holiday and their families. They deserve it.

    58. reviewunboxing es

      Just my opinion. Covid Virus spread will ONLY STOP IF zer0 PEOPLE WILL GO OUT AND GOVT ALLOW PEOPLE TO PAY ONLINE AND SOLDIERS OR VOLUNTEER DELIVER VIA DOOR OR WINDOWS. And stop temporarily the penalty from banks or any finances so people dont have to go out to deposit or pay bills. Again just my humble opinion.

    59. Karen Xiong

      Our Lord please hold all the people who left from this virus on your hands and take good care for them amen

    60. NDrockingIt

      Omg they're so proud of patients getting better. Omg I hope they know and realize how much they've done, even on those circumstances. All of this because the inept government didn't take precautions soon enough. They're the ones paying for governments with no political will to do the right thing. All my love and appreciation to them.

    61. Jesse Dugal

      The double headed snake with angel wings gives and it takes (;

    62. Umit Koca

      This virus is human made. Money is important than innocent people. Follow Israel in this situation. They have only 10 deaths. They have cure too.

    63. Utrecht 030


    64. David Casling

      Please keep strong .damm you china

    65. Charles Skynet

      I wanna return to 2019

    66. Mahendran Ramasamy

      Take siddha medicine. Medicine name kabasura kudineer cure first stage you want. More details search for Google

    67. jake 16

      Lady in this video don't even wear mask?,,,lied news

    68. Mathilde Wesendonck

      I work on an ICU in Germany and I am so grateful, because our ward is half empty. We have Corona, but because all planned operations are cancelled we have actually few other patients and everything is smooth. They are telling us that the big peak is coming this week or next week, but I feel that we are prepared. It is so scary to see these scenes from Spain, Italy and the USA 😫😭 Makes me sick to the stomach, I can‘t imagine how the people who work under these conditions may feel 😢

    69. Koon Jay

      South Korea everywhere hand sanitizer in front of the entrance elevator bathroom ect. Also checking temperature and Everyone wear mask plus citizens cooperation

    70. SHARKWAR

      China is responsible for this conditions..... China must be removed from the Earth.....

    71. pakstar27

      Silence over Kashmir and Ghaza lockdown has caused lock down of whole world. Its time we give people of Kashmir and Palestine dignity they deserve.

    72. Kestilian Kharphuli

      The dislike hit by CCP GOVERNMENT

    73. nagina horia

      We salute doctors and police

    74. ENT DOCTOR

      Only treatment may be using 'sumac' in water to be drank.

    75. jambroqc

      Keep Strong Spain! I love you Spain!

    76. Lord is Watching

      Wait for the riots and massive crimes. You can only push people so far till they lose it.

    77. Azerbaijani Identarian

      Wish you best Spain! Greetings from Azerbaijan!

    78. Azerbaijani Identarian

      Wish you best Spain! Greetings from Azerbaijan!

    79. Antonio RS

      Esto es un castigo por el maltrato, abuso y consumo de animales. La verdadera transición está por comenzar y no será por el Coronavirus

    80. Paul Duran

      Coronavirus is part of agenda 21 Depopulation