Coronavirus: Guests in pool at Tenerife hotel despite quarantine

Sky News

Sky News

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    Around 160 British tourists stuck in lockdown at a Tenerife hotel over coronavirus fears will have to stay in isolation for 14 days.
    Guests described a chaotic response to the outbreak after four people tested positive for the virus that has continued spreading its way through Europe.
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    1. JoJo Reference

      Pool closed due to the corona...

    2. Nick H

    3. Lil- Cosmo 소프트

      I was there last summer, and yes... Idiotic tourists populate this area.

    4. Eleanor Smith

      Just as in the days of Noah, they took no note until the flood swept them away.

    5. käte Kruse

      stupid like bread

    6. princess conseula

      Idiots total idiots.

    7. Ginés Valverde

      fake news

    8. V C

      Moan moan moan

    9. Stephen Jackson

      The restaurant been ripping people off for years so ..why should I feel sorry for them

    10. smiley 666

      keep booking holidays and flights cause when this is over prices of flights and holidays will shoot up

    11. December Davis

      Pools closed due to-

    12. Gizuu

      pools closed due to corona

    13. Sergio Morando

      Attenzione pericolo nelle piscine comunali italiane in quanto i Life guard ( bagnini,) ma anche istruttori nuoto ,personale di pulizia,segretarie , allenatori in Italia non di rado moltissimi di codesti lavoratori delle piscine pubbliche comunali NON hanno le visite mediche periodiche obbligatorie e non hanno neppure i corsi sicurezza sul lavoro in quanto NON assunti regolarmente con il contratto nazionale di categoria e NON avere le visite mediche vuol dire possibilità di trasmettere divulgare il coronavirus e altre malattie a bambini ,turisti ,atleti !!! E viceversa !! Senza che nessuno se ne accorga !!! Vi sono pure in Italia gli abelinati di turno che vogliono tenere le piscine comunali italiane aperte per gli allenamenti sono dei marrani ignoranti c'è rischio vita per i lavoratori delle pubbliche comunali piscine e per chi le frequenta !!! Senza contare che molte piscine comunali italiane sono mal tenute con manutenzioni mai fatte infatti alla carlona dagli stessi comuni o loro gestioni ..come accaduto a Mondovì dove lavoratori e clienti sono finiti in ospedale per impianto aereazione fuori uso o senza manutenzione !!! In Italia con i bagnini lavoratori vari delle piscine comunali si pone altro problema oltre a non avere tutti con le carte in regola di visite mediche e contratti ...infatti al nord Italia in questi giorni qualche piscina comunale è srata chiusa per precauzione...e presto molti bagnini lavoratori si troveranno senza stipendi e senza cassa integrazione né indennità di disoccupazione in quanto lavoratori fantasma questa è una vergognosa situazione italiana che anche i turisti stranieri devono sapere ,anzi anche i turisti atleti possono se vengono a conoscenza di codeste cose di denunciare tutto a carabinieri CGIL NIDIL di Cuneo o città dove si frequenta la piscina con la presenza di queste ignobili situazioni !!! Sergio Morando

    14. mark alsop

      So heat doesn't seem to kill the virus.

    15. Louise Opray

      Lol I'm from tenerife and I literally live like 5km away

      1. Nelia Eppcoo

        Be careful

    16. Mariam Khattabi

      What should they do? Die?! They enjoy the sun...the First immune system strengthener! Be Well people 😘😘

    17. Schlipperschlopper

      North Korea has new drugs against the Corna desease, called KUMDANG 2 and ROYAL BLOOD FRESH:

    18. TheOriginal Lee

      I had a GREAT idea! Instead of bringing them back to their home countries to infect even more people, why not give them an extended all expense paid trip to Komodo Dragon Island?

    19. Pauline Burke

      I'm living in the province of Milan and schools, many shops and Universities have been closed for 10 days and continuing. We are lucky because we are not in one of the towns on lockdown. Most people have had fever/flu/ colds this winter and we have not been tested. I believe many have had Corona Virus and recovered. We went to a pizzeria on Friday and it was full. No masks, no panic. Our main concern is economic damage. Of course we wash our hands etc. We empathize with all those suffering. Now we need to do what we can and avoid panic. I have a rare genetic disorder which needs hospital treatments every three months, so I don't know whether the health system will cancel these 'non critical' appointments or not. We are just trying to carry on and keep going, hoping that the economy will recover, and that as few people as possible will be seriously affected by the situation.

    20. Your Neighbour

      Pool closed due to AIDS Pool not closed due to coronavirus

    21. Sirena Spades

      These people didn't pay attention to the Diamond Princess cruise ship news story, did they. Hopefully they don't circulate it and kill us all. What is wrong with these idiots. Close the pool and lock them in their rooms!

    22. JP LIU

      Another Diamond Princess in the making?

    23. Ben Anglin

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="92">01:32</a> Can someone please quarantine those man-boobs? or put a couple of masks on them? Jeeeze

    24. Jemma J

      We have a d*ckhead who went to france for Valentines week, came back coughing and sneezing, we asked him to quarantine himself, and he wouldnt leave... Iv been sick at home since then not going to work just in case

    25. unpopular vidsx

      Subscribe to me

    26. Jemma J

      Hilarious, ppl in bikinis covering their mouth, what if it transmits through ur skin?

    27. Monika Tokarska-Hosoi

      WHO made a huge mistake. WHO should press governments in January and block trips and traveling because people even if they knew about the virus they didn't cancel their holidays. People don't understand that the only way to stop the virus spreading is to close borders and block traveling. They just don't think and they are in troubles now and make troubles for others.

    28. Christina Bugatti

      Truth is good education, how bout we start there. Is there any truth is what they are saying?

    29. Luke k

      This is so embarrassing for all is brits. Stop being so selfish and self quarantine.

    30. Modus Operandi

      Its going to be like the British cruise ship stuck in Japan that infected 6000 people, the UK company should be sued and investigated.

    31. Coronavirus Info

    32. pdxbound81

      Too stupid and narcissistic to understand the danger they’re in.

    33. Andrew Pryce

      According to the experts ( not keyboard worriers ) we have winter flu bugs colds etc bouncing around all winter.which are worse than Corona virus,this doesn’t even make the news,For God sake get a grip these idiots trying to talk it up on line are worse than anti Vaxers !

    34. grayza29

      shouldent go holiday when u no whatts happenin doesint matter how much money uv spent people shouldent even be aloud to leave the country so if youv went on holiday in end up somewher the virus is then fuckin stay ther

    35. actnowone

      Who would want to travel anywhere at the moment if they didn’t have to? Answer only those with half a brain or chancers 😳😟🙄

      1. fc ltawil

        @actnowone very true

      2. actnowone

        T LA Total stupidity risking their own lives and that of their family and friends plus the general public

      3. fc ltawil

        True, they know the risks I don't understand why they do it or why they think that its not going to affect them.

    36. surality

      Only infected people wear masks, which is it?

    37. Eden's Family

      I guess some are here for a good time. Not a long time.

    38. Mr. C

      just for comparison look back 2 to three weeks ago and see the infection rate and death rate compared to today, that should give some perspective for the oncoming months, well not really they said each person on average when asymptomatic transmits the virus to 2 to 4 people and that's on average there will be some that transmit to none due to lifestyle and some that transmit to many. The ones that transmit to none in the mathematical formula brings down the average significantly. Does not tell us the max transmission.

    39. Linda Storey

      I saw this on ITV news earlier,and thought it was irresponsible of those tourists to wander about the pool etc, they'll probably be the first guests to moan if they catch the virus

    40. OG Zombie Blunt

      Pools closed

    41. digit

    42. Courtney McClure

      I love that area so much, I was on holiday there in july

    43. Fyn Kozari

      So all it takes is 1 infected guy to enter the pool right? To start the chain reaction?

    44. Kevin Onyeka

      One of the best virus protection gear here -

    45. Emil G

      No one is gonna be dying of coronavirus and with their last breath think: "At least I stayed in my room". Hell no. I'd go sunbading and boozing too, and if I'd end up cathing the virus and die, at least I enjoyed my last days...

    46. Joanet Sanchez Barrera

      Wolcome the tenerife no problem the Best canary island

    47. C _

      This is reckless yikes.

    48. Big Chris 2

      Looks like it's time to skeddadle to the underground bunker again ...🦠

    49. Nedews

      this is not going to end well...

    50. Marco Garcia

      Relax just watch the kardashans.

    51. Justine Ferreira

      I don't get it ...surely it takes 14 days AFTER. the last person gets sick or it just spreads?

    52. Kelyaan

      Darwinism take them. they deserve it.

    53. Lydia Martin

      The title of this video should be: "Guests at hotel follow the rules and wear their masks in public areas of hotel as instructed" But that's not sensationalist enough. What else did I expect from Sky?

    54. Plant Planet Earth

      They are all contagious that is why they haven't done anything.

    55. Imsofunny lol

      My friend went to the hotel next to the one that got the virus and she is getting flu symptoms!

    56. steve wilson

      Wearing face masks doesn't stop the virus. Pointless security blanket for the masses.

      1. DPMixing

        It depends on the filtration rating of the mask. A typical surgical mask is often loose-fitting and would offer little protection to healthy individuals as it doesn't form a solid seal toward the edges of the mask thus allowing air to pass through on the sides. For an already infected individual, it is still advisable as it lowers the risk of transmitting the virus to other healthy individuals by acting as a partial barrier that traps respiratory droplets ejected when coughing or sneezing. For a quarantined population, having everyone wear masks is advisable as it lowers the rate at which infected individuals can spread the virus, especially those that aren't displaying obvious symptoms. For healthy individuals, masks that are rated to N--95 and higher would filter out most respiratory particles in the air and reduce (not eliminate) the risk of contracting the virus as they filter out particles down to 3 microns or larger. That being said, it is important to dispose of the masks regularly every time they are removed and to not adjust or otherwise disturb the seal of the masks once they're put into place, which often isn't followed. No mask is guaranteed to completely protect against viral transmission, but choosing the right filtration rating and following the appropriate PPE procedures can lower the risk of being exposed to the virus in an environment where it may be present.

    57. TRA K47

      This is why the rich should put all their money to research for this kind of thing

    58. Chameleon1616

      All this pool is missing is a punch bowl and a community toothbrush

    59. Chameleon1616

      All this pool is missing is a punch bowl and a community toothbrush

    60. Nobody like me

      Some of these people are stuck at work not on holiday so just think about that for a min!

    61. Nope Nope

      It’s 2020 who hasn’t learnt yet to shoot video on widescreen? I am incandescent with rage at this shoddy video work.

    62. KingKong

      This video is just crying out for Andrew Sabisky to comment.. 😂

    63. Edward Newcombe

      Coronavirus.A.K.A. Brits abroad

    64. Oliver3168Large


    65. SHADOW MAN

      Quick, let's nuke Tenerife and Italy. I'm good with that.

    66. Dave Hall

      At least Micheal Barrymore isn't there.

    67. 西門吹雪

      coronavirus most likely came from the USA not China as more then 10 thousands people already dead from "Flu" in America.

      1. DPMixing

        Flu is an influenza virus. Coronavirus is in a completely separate family of viruses. Thousands of people die of seasonal influenza every year in the USA, however, millions get infected and clear the influenza virus without treatment. Making the mortality rate fairly low for influenza, below 0.06%. SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has a preliminary mortality rate somewhere between 1-3% making it 10-50x more lethal than the seasonal flu, the latter of which we already have vaccines and antrivirals to combat. Currently, there is no vaccine for SARS-Cov-2 and no proven antiviral treatments, although some promising antivirals are being tested like Remdesivir. Genetic sequencing of the 2019 SAR-CoV-2 virus most closely relates it to a 2013 coronavirus isolate taken from Chinese Horseshoe bats. Currently, all evidence points to the origin of SARS-CoV-2 being a zoonotic spillover event occurring in central China.

    68. not interested

      Goes on holiday, comes home and post Christmas beach body becomes GEsels thumbnail.

    69. Eylone Muskson

      I mean...these are people who _choose_ to go to Tenerife ...are we really surprised they're this dense?

    70. r567R

    71. Gloria Thomas

      What stupid people words fail me when people are dying of this virus who didn't get a chance of quarantine.😡

      1. Mr. C

        @Gloria Thomas I agree 100%

      2. Gloria Thomas

        Mr. C just inconsiderate they should stop moaning and man up.

      3. Mr. C

        and they are drinking alcohol which suppresses immune system and probably dehydrating themselves by drinking alcohol and sitting in the sun for extended periods. Damn.

    72. Rhodes C

      Pool closed due to coronavirus

    73. george shephard

      coronavirus is a load of bollocks, paid actors.

      1. george shephard

        @Hula Balloo swine flu, ebola, now this crap, it's all bollocks to control population.

      2. Hula Balloo

        george shephard 😂😂😂😂 delusional

    74. Gekko Wizard


    75. Mick Williams

      Close all borders .We don't want them here British or not.

      1. Hula Balloo

        Mick Williams 😂😂😂😂😂 dumb

    76. WolfAirsoft

      they can stay there they're a theat to the united kingdoms national security

      1. WolfAirsoft

        @Hula Balloo i aint getting no coronavirus xD

      2. Hula Balloo

        WolfAirsoft 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    77. Rights aren't Wrong

      Close the boarders immediately. Don't let any citizens back in until this virus has been dealt with.

      1. Rights aren't Wrong

        Hula Balloo have they never seen the beginning of a zombie movie 😂

      2. Hula Balloo

        Rights aren't Wrong 😂😂😂😂 delusional

    78. Tracey Pace

      Cough cough sneeze sneeze wots up

    79. Margaret Lavender

      Absolutely stupid and utterly selfish

    80. Nahla

      I’m not getting on NO FLIGHT TO ANYWHERE !! Why risk it ffs! Even if it was pre paid holiday I’d cut my loss