Colin tells Baker to hold himself accountable, Mahomes 'needs to play' if he can | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Colin Cowherd opens up today's show with some NFL talk. Hear why he believes Baker Mayfield needs to hold himself accountable before ripping referees and their perceived lack of accountability and why he says Patrick Mahomes needs to play Week 8 against the Green Bay Packers if he's available to do so.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Colin tells Baker to hold himself accountable, Mahomes 'needs to play' if he can | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Will Patrick Mahomes play on Sunday?

      1. Connor Boaz

        jackie liuk That’s what I was saying. He was talking about how people in the NFL don’t sit out for personal reasons. James White did, and for good reason.

      2. Nicholas Kinget

        The Herd with Colin Cowherd no he won’t and also U said nobody sat out for personal reason and James white sat out week 3 cuz his wife was giving birth so that’s personal

      3. DARK SIDE

        No you idiot

      4. Swifty

        He’s gonna hurt himself

      5. Life A Beach

        He’s not going to play for at least a few weeks, too risky, if the oline was better they could take a chance on it, not good enough, he will need to be able to scramble on a dime, ankle and knee are both dinged. Not happening.

    2. Romain



      Colin loves this happening to the browns n baker lol. You can see it in him just a joy on his face.

    4. Ebhota Emmanuel

      Ty Hilton played a game when he literally left his new born baby in the hospital

    5. eric brown

      oh no, topic is Baker

    6. Greg Thomas

      You GOOF!! lololol

    7. Ryan Maliek

      Mayfield is just another loudmouth who bought into their own hype, just like Ryan Leaf, Johnny Manziel, Josh Rosen ect...

    8. Alpha1102

      5:15 6:04

    9. George Morris

      Its actually kinda sad how bad colin wants this kid to fail

    10. Rodrell Green

      I watch this pick myself up when I'm down. Because there's always a bigger goof out there than me.

    11. Ismail Mohamud

      Colin called him a goof twice lmfaoooo

    12. Philly Sports!

      I love seeing baker fail!!!!!

    13. Monique C Jones

      Freedom of speech =/= Freedom of Consequence

    14. El MI

      Matt Moore held his own today, much respect to him.

    15. Cliff Tishman

      As a browns fan i kind of wish colin would adopt mayfield and until some thick trunky midwest ethos in him

    16. Francisco Davis

      He shouldnt of play and im glad he didnt

    17. Mike Waisome

      This was a pretty terrible take by Cowherd. The media bought into the possibility of Mahomes playing this week when all the Chiefs were doing were making sure that Packers have to spend time game planning for Mahomes. There was NO WAY Mahomes was playing. HIS KNEECAP POPPED OUT OF PLACE!!! Lol...btw Colin was 100% spot about Baker. Dude is still talking about the refs....unfortunately he doesn’t get.

    18. Zion Wise

      He can say that when your talking sports an not playing

    19. Action Jackson

      Baker 4 President

    20. Julian No

      Mahomes should not play until ready. And his agent knows it. 300 million is on the line.

    21. Julian No

      Cowherd has looked at the stats. His ratings go thru the roof when he starts jawing with Mayfield. In fairness Mayfield does not have an O-Line which is the most important part of any quarterbacks success in any football game, period. He has 2 to 2.5 seconds to throw in the pocket tops. Brady often gets 4 or more. Goff this year has had substantially less time too. Look at his performance. Lousy. Its all in the trenches. Mayfield should not be blamed for that.

    22. Elite . TeeVee

      Smh he needs to play! Rodgers vs Mahomes?!? Epic

    23. Marcos Herrero

      3 players on three occasions on New England have sat out this year for personal reasons

    24. Kenny

      Mahomes can not be allowed to play until he is 100 percent! He is too valuable to be risked period

    25. Drizzle Drizzle

      When did journalism turn into a bunch of windbags talking from their neck?

    26. William Sweeney

      Pick a f*cking side already, Colin. Baker plays poorly you trash him, Baker plays well you praise him. Anyone can look at a stat sheet, week to week, and give their uneducated take. This is sloppy journalism, even for sports.

    27. Tori Temple

      Baker is ALWAYS blaming someone else

    28. Tori Temple

      I love it when he goes off on Baker

    29. NolanEP

      Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland. He'd be a perfect fit with Baker Mayfield.

    30. Jay Zbieszkowski

      “You goof”😂😂😂😂😂

    31. Luk1887

      Faker Gayfield has no future in the league - not athletic enough, not smart enough, not good enough of a leader and breaking records for turnovers 2 more seasons max and he's done

    32. timmydevil999

      Colin would never rush back Tom Brady or Peyton Manning

    33. Michael Jordan

      Hahahahaha so disingenuous Collin. Mahomes hasn’t played well in prime time games?? Look at his stats. Even in his losses....he scored 48 pts against Goff and the Rams last year I mean come on!!! The kid is totally clutch no doubt, KC has no defense is all

    34. Jordan Merchant

      Being a Chiefs fan I'd rather Mahhomes sit and get 100% thrn plau and get further injured. I wsbt him better toward the end of the season than risk his health just to get in a pissing contest with Green Bay

    35. ReptileLovers

      Patrick needs to sit till after the bye week. The Chiefs will still win the AFC West. They need him healthy he is still dealing with the ankle and now the knee. Collin put on your dunts cap and go to the corner

    36. Nat Buskirk

      jimmy butler just had a baby bro I think most people would sit out if that happened. also didn´t you do a whole thing about KD returned back early from an injury and now look what happened

    37. FunkyPopGuy

      Your hate for Baker is unmatched lol

    38. Utopya Speaks

      😂😂😂 Colin wild.

    39. George Mess

      Dude really doesn't think much of Mayfield. It's starting to rub off on me.

    40. Giovanni di Capo

      He's not going to play - they will lose - he will play the following Sunday & they will lose again & Mahomes will get injured again. KC has been given a crown for doing NOTHING. They're worst than the BROWNS. Mahomes is being fitted for his HOF & goat conversation ---- REALLY REALLY?? He won't last 6 years in the league. Remember ANDREW LUCK --- He was suppose to become the GREATEST EVER! Didn't even make it to a Superbowl. PUMP UR BRAKES

    41. anthony patterson

      Colin starting to get that Daffy Duck thing.

    42. Michael Garcia

      If Colin loves baker so much, he should just marry him.

    43. Ronald Russoe

      I said it before Baker Mayfield, is a sober shorter Johnny Manziel

    44. patriots news report

      Refs might let the pats get away with some roughing the passer plays or things like that if Baker keeps running his mouth go pats and Baker needs to shut his damn mouth

    45. Browns Revenge

      The funnier thing about Colin it's he was rejected when he tried for the high school football team

    46. Frank Champion

      If only Colin had the same energy when talking about Darnold than he has when talking about Baker

      1. Non-Classical Liberal

        People don’t talk about the Jets...they suck🤣

    47. Francisco Camacho

      And that’s why people don’t last in the nfl I’m working sick because it’s not jeopardizing my career.

    48. awsomesprinkles

      "Did you go to class at Oklahoma?" doubt it...

    49. Jesse Wright

      We play better on the road

    50. Jesse Wright

      Mahomes sisnt lose this games. He played great

    51. Tai

      Can’t believe I’m saying this.. but if we wanna win games baker does need to grow up and LISTEN to Colin.

    52. Jeff Jarrett

      Cmon now, NFL players take games off for "personal reasons". James White and Jaylen Ramsey just took games off because they were having babies. That's as personal as it gets imo.

    53. Joe O'Malley

      If Mohomes can, but why risk a major injury? Get him healthy. I don't think you are seeing the bigger picture at all.

    54. Ednis Jeanty

      Nick really ripped Baker a new one 😂

    55. Ant Chi

      Um Colin, bears linebacker roquan smith didn’t play a game for personal reasons this season so it does happen every now and then

    56. Deathpotato

      Prioritizing the game over health and comparing a knee injury that could be worsened to... common people working common jobs with a common cold... okay

    57. Nige

      You goof 😂😂😂

    58. Dan Stevens

      so many crybabies on this comment section, crying about Colin Cowherd and what he says. Pathetic wimpy beta "males."

    59. apope06

      But in the big showdown games Mahomes has played well.

    60. Emanuel Gonzalez

      Preach colin haha damm 😂💯💀