Clash of Clans - Operation Blue Skies Dev Update Video - June 2019 Update

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans

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    Operation Blue Skies is here! In this Part 2 of 2 of the June Update Dev Interview videos, Designer Eino and Community Manager Darian talk about the new redesigned Legend League and how it will impact one of the longest running issues that has been plaguing Clash of Clans: the clouds.
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    - Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
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    - Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
    - Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
    - Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
    - Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
    - Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
    - Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
    - Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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    1. jericho anasco

      Theirs full level of th 13 or 12 on Cristal league but I'm beginning of th 11 that is unfair😡😞


      Plz do fast of clouding so many in titan 1 plz do

    3. Coc Soul

      I am an Bangladesi player of coc

    4. Coc Soul

      Can you help me in playing rush war game

    5. swaraj aeer

      The supercell clash of clans has such an update. Those who buy gold pass & they get good rewards. Also, players who have the same to same silver pass should also get rewards. Not everyone is buying gold pass. So bring an update on the season rewards as soon as possible. Thank you

    6. remya m.s

      Nothing for us low leagues😔

    7. rizezzz

      How to get dev build?



    9. pure pubg

      U mean th 9,10,11 as I was ab th 11 legend league player...Are going to be dumped simple.

    10. Shakil Khan

      ples get a coc id

    11. Modrago 04

      3:22 BONUS!!!!

    12. Глеб Ящук


    13. albert dsouza

      Will Thier be a new heroes

    14. Buster Bastian Meiner


    15. Celestial

      IF you aren't in legend league, don't pretend you are one lmao. After reading the comment, it seems like 80% of COC players are all th12 legend leauge players hahahaha it is actually embarassing and low.. no kiddin lamo

    16. BD Gamers

      Its Very Unfair...Th10 vs 12 Attack On Legend League... What We Can Do?? We r Th10... 😥😥😥

      1. Zak1999

        BD Gamers legend league are for top notch th 12 players not th10

    17. hey heyy Booiee

      This operation blue skies system is really dificult .....previous is better ...😥😥😥

      1. Sagittarius 88

        It's one of the most useless things supercell has ever added to the game. It's unbelievable someone actually thought this blue skies garbage was a good idea. Serves no purpose whatsoever.

      2. Marky IsNow


    18. Md Ratul

      nice coc

    19. Sajib Rohaan

      13 hours i came to legend legue bt nthing legend button workong to sign up

    20. Sajib Rohaan

      Man i can't do any loot..

    21. ayaat abdul

      Pls i need🇧🇩 this in coc

      1. Zak1999

        FREE FIRE game ply Booooooooo

    22. susanloveshuskies

      Why did I only get 6 attacks for the day?

    23. ILikeTurtals 228

      Hey my name is Darian

    24. Village boys

      3d effect game ...

    25. ARMY LOVE


    26. Espen Stige Brakstad

      It's been a while, those ney sayers countinued playing, well most of them at least, some true legends of the game actually retired after this update. So, is the game actually better now? I would have to say a big no to that. First of all, the waiting! It's kind of ironic that that would be on the top of the list after they tried to fix just that.. We get one attack, then we have to wait almost an hour for the heroes to wake up, and new troops are often not ready either.. Yes there is a boost option, but even if you got five boost spells, it only going to get you thru the day. The bottom line is that we wait far more now than we used to in the cloud. Secoundly, and maybe the more sad part, the game isn't really about skills anymore. Not knowing what kind of base you're facing, not being able to change your troops and spells when you see the base makes players use that one strategy that always give at least one star regardless of the base. Thirdly, if that's a word, much of the exitement in the game are gone with the fixed trophys and loot. We used to hope for a whale, mostly we found birds, we didn't know if we found gold or went bust. That was an extra dimension in the game now lost. And i could ramle on.. Like the home base now completely worthless, like less activity in the clans, go figure but ppl tent to log off when they're done with their 8 a day.. And so on and so on... This update just barely beat the th11-update as the worst update in all of gaming history..

    27. Shoaib Naveed

      HI Eino How to I get back My I'd phishing attemps Please Give me last chance Please Please can I back my I'd Please Permanently due to phishing attemps


      Please fast my th plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 💔💔💔


      Please fast my th plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 💔💔💔


      Very very big fan 😍🤩 love you coc 💖💖 9th sport me plzz coc

    31. Sandy sam

      please bro update with ultimate the game

    32. Plz subscribe for no reason

      Why is everyone in the comments are saying that there in the legend league Cuz I look at them and thing oh dam im only on Town Hall 7 ;-; and that is true

    33. Irakli Neburishvili

      supercell I have a permanent bass and can not be removed? For a long time I have a ban

    34. Jen EOs and PetRescuer

      Another thing is if the player is in legend. People should be allow to revenge them too. Not fair that you removed that from players from titan and down you need to put it back in.

    35. mandava janaki ramaiah

      Please help me to download clash of clans in android 4.4.2

    36. Snow Mex!

      The clouds pissed me off but I still got more then 8 attacks on some days

    37. MD Faijul Khan

      Plz sir ....update delete please ..coc player player not gaming .coc off .....plz sir back to old update .cloud update nice ...plz update delet ...all claser happy

    38. Diet -

      make JULY SEASON PASS PURChaseable with gems

    39. SEEMA BYJU

      Guy can I say one think in the next update can you put in a best of all log like best attack defense and the first and last attack in the th level

    40. sanjaya sahu

      Let's clash on

    41. McSky Roblox

      Thx for making COC!!!!

    42. Knatrick

      Lol when I was pushing to champs as a TH8 I got this soo much.

    43. SR.Carlos Gabriel


    44. Sk Gaming

      Bro this game is best I like this game very much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 this is my favorite game clash of clans

    45. Georgij Demidov

      Redesign x bow 6lvl !!!!! Please !!!

    46. Fire & Love Worship / Music / Teaching channel

      Im a th11, I get in Legend, and get kicked out, but its fun. The only issue i have is how hard it is to get out of Titan 1... No legends for us to attack and get more Trophies, And yet we are loosing 30-40 tropihes to those in Titan 3

    47. حسن hassan AL jaidan

      اكو عرب؟

    48. Honey Sheikh


    49. Honey Sheikh

      This is good it work any base

    50. Ralph Planada

      Hey... Supercell ur still updating nonsense... 8attck 8defense its crazy..legend now so boring.. Bcoz of that nonsense update... Ur all idiot there... Fix the brewing time of siege machine turn into 5mins... Lol fix all.. 8attck more i hope 10attack and 4defense... Okay wag kayong bobo update ng update na kabobohan


      hii supercell team pleas clans neme chenge new update me plizz supersell ❤️❤️👍pliiz pliizz me

    52. Virus Hacker

      Why supercell u don't promote indian clashers

    53. nishad mahamod

      শালার পুত,,,,তর মারে চুদাম

    54. gaming boy

      Hi u believe or not new legend apgred his not good 😥😥 no more interested for pusing trofy.s 😣

    55. dream boy

      Idiot what we do on th 11 pushers

    56. Wawan Dharmawan

      Blue sky 👎

    57. Poppkorn TV

      I have a german Clan. Name:Bryanadamsfans when you want to join,you are welcome

    58. Kage falcon

      If a th10 bought a gold pass featuring grand wardens skin, would said clasher be able to obtain the skin and hold it in a stash until he moves to th11 and gets the warden?

      1. Swaraj

        Yes you can. You can obtain the skin beforehand

    59. CoolChrissyBoy

      Can someone join my clan

    60. حسين علي حسين علي

      قناه كلاش اوف كلانس صعدوني مستوى 😂😂