CHELSEA vs ARSENAL With Mark Goldbridge LIVE

Mark Goldbridge That's Football

Mark Goldbridge That's Football

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    Chelsea vs Arsenal with Mark Goldbrive. Join in the match chat as Chelsea take on Arsenal in a must win game for both sides top four hopes.

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    1. J WELSHEY

      If we win tonight we will also have a better GD than Chelsea! :) We have to win tonight! Come on DJ and tony, have a great game.

    2. Q S

      Utd declined Martinelli 4 times.

    3. Yassin Hani

      Draw fc

    4. Saltxn

      Whoah wtf I’ve been watching The United Stand for 4 years and I only now just discovered this channel!?!? Feels like alternate universe Mark!!

    5. dab_o

      Martinelli is class

      1. Q S

        dab_o Man Utd declined him 4 times.

    6. Joe Bailey

      "You know Arsenal fans, they always have to blame somebody and this time it will be Mustafi" - meanwhile Marky G blames individual Man Utd players CONSTANTLY

      1. Nandi Collector


      2. DatGuy

        He's been doing that for literally years. Mark might be the biggest hypocrite on the planet

    7. Samee 182

      Perfect result for us Mark!

      1. Samee 182

        Or not

    8. Robert Alvarez

      Kepa pig 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Cheta Enwegbara


    9. zion song

      kante slipped like gerrard. They will miss top 4 xD

      1. zion song

        @Yaseen Al-lawati yeah but they couldn't beat 10 men Arsenal

      2. Yaseen Al-lawati

        zion song it’s not the same at all especially Chelsea went on to lead again

    10. gaz elliott


      1. gaz elliott

        @Jack chalke dont get me wrong mate we are a banter club too lol

      2. Jack chalke

        0-2 Burnley at ur own pit uhh

      3. gaz elliott

        @Stimpy such a funny club

      4. Stimpy

        Arsenal the leader of the banter group

    11. Scooby Doobie

      I think i spend more time watching mark than i do with my own family 😬

      1. Stimpy

        @Abbxs _11 sure

      2. Abbxs _11

        @Stimpy it's a joke lighten up dude

      3. Stimpy

        @Abbxs _11 that's being plastic

      4. Abbxs _11

        Lol just support Liverpool

    12. Kameel Sabri

      Arsenal are high as f**k on draws.

    13. martin oviasogie

      Arsenal FC the latest Draw Professionals

      1. Chris M


    14. AyeJ _

      Great game of footy

    15. hI im THEO

      36:20 Red Card and pen 1:31:20 1-1 Martinelli 1:52:00 2-1 Azpilicueta 1:55:15 2-2 Bellerin

    16. Yil oo

      1:0 38:25 1:1 1:31:26 2:1 1:52:18 2:2 1:55:17

      1. Taaha


      2. Nandi Collector

        Here's your medal Sir 🎖

      3. Reiss Sato


      4. Josh Brady

        Yil oo thanks 🙏

      5. Kameel Sabri

        The real MVP. Thanks mate.

    17. Notorious

      Anyone got the times?

    18. Lieo Deo

      "WHEN IS GOING TO END ROBBIE!" That was my comment, thank you for reading it I'm glad I made you chuckle

      1. DatGuy

        Do you want a cookie? Oh mark look at me please....

    19. karim benzema

      Granit xhaka is the best cb