Chase Your Dreams!

Danny Duncan

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    Thanks for watching! Love you guys!
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    1. Danny Duncan

      Tour tickets available at ❤️

      1. Ricardo Franco

        @Aishwaryamoy Goswami what

      2. Jace Price

        Im from tulsa

      3. Тимофей Саченко

        @Nathan Almeida эй далблеб

      4. Тимофей Саченко

        @Nathan Almeida отебись уже

      5. Тимофей Саченко

        @Nathan Almeida отвянь достала уже

    2. exploring with Ash-B

      I remember when Danny was on your and he really needed a poo so he knocked on my grandma's house and it was so cool he signed my grandma's bra high fives me screams virginity rocks and didn't even flush the toilet so we took that turd and framed it and now when life gets me down k hold on to that poo and realise one day that could be me having a poo in a stranger's bathroom whilst signing elderly ladies bras ... Sorry I'm overwhelmed I need to go ......p.s when I'm older I am going to be a tomatoe ..... A big red juicy 🍅

    3. exploring with Ash-B

      When I'm older I want to be a tomatoe..... you always say chase your dreams so I'm currently bathing in a bath of tomato ketchup each day so I'll be the juciest tomatoe ever 🤠🍅

    4. Carson Logue

      Worst video by far

    5. Michael Fayard

      Why not New Orleans

    6. DeathRabbit

      World tour..... only goes to the states

    7. Aussie GoPro

      “World tour” 😂😂😂😂 hmmm

    8. Dipping Boys

      I live in stigler Oklahoma

    9. AtomBomb620

      Can we peep that guy wearing an Sob X Rbe shirt at 2:34

    10. Michael Olsen

      Wtf dude i live like 30 minutes away from tulsa i wanna meet you so bad

    11. Justin Y

      What is that intro music lol

      1. Fearsom Scooters

        What's that outdo music

    12. CTP_SQUAD

      i lost my werjinety bc im watching dany and i lost it bc danys wids are toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good

    13. Xavier

      Yo Danny was in tulsa and I didn’t even know 😔

    14. John Crouch

      Who else tried to skip the ad in the beginning then realized it was just Danny brushing his teeth

    15. Lauriano Tapia

      What type of bike are those

    16. rex non potest paccare

      Fuck yea danny

    17. Felix Nunez

      Ohh yeah Danny Duncan back with the crazy and super cool videos and big hater 🤯🥶😵

    18. Jordan Wooten

      I’m going to the one in destine

    19. Brayden Holt

      Noooooo I love in Oklahoma bro can you go back to Oklahoma Danny please can we like meet somewhere so I can meet you please

    20. Pokemon freak

      Damn it i wish ik u where hrre in tulsa

    21. Trey Kleven

      I got the same tooth brush as Danny Duncan my man, life’s good.

    22. Yes No

      Make ur own scooters

    23. Khaled Omar

      Disgusting content

    24. Brodstar

      first 8 seconds i thought it was a toothbrush ad

    25. Luke Fanelli

      I still have an atc and have never flipped it. Just gotta ride on 2 wheels

    26. Bre Evans

      SOB x RBE I seeeeee yaaaaa

    27. LivingLifeWithAaron

      What happened to the Mercedes sprinter Van?!

    28. Don ovan

      Damn bro come to Spokane my brooke ass can't go to Seattle 😂😂😂

    29. Ur mom Jk

      I’m actually so upset I didn’t know you were in Tulsa and I would’ve game everything just to meet you

    30. Kyle Cordo

      The intro 😂😂😂

    31. burstyFD

      When Danny gets ronnie on his vlogs

    32. Caesar Salad?

      what’s the music when danny’s in the airport ?

    33. Funkey32 Monkey

      U ever think abt running for pres

    34. Jeff Bates

      Bud went to Ronnie's birthday bash eh

    35. theycallmebigant •

      fucking goat

    36. TheManOnThePug PugLife

      Danny love your VIDS I have been watching for SOOOOOOOOOO LONG MAN 😁😎😎😎😎

    37. Pew pew pew Bang bang

      Thanks for helping me with the blues mr.daniel🙂

    38. Laura Colette

      0:56 that one guy was so touchy sorta weird lmao

    39. ʀᴀᴅɪᴄᴀʟ -ish

      At first I thought this was a commercial 💀

    40. Xavier Barajas

      Me: Awe this is a nice edit Danny: 0:25 Me: Nvm

    41. swxggg -

      danny why don’t u tell me when u go to oklahoma and come see me 😎😎

    42. Andrew Kastigar

      pit viper gang

    43. PakTechstar

      dafa yo f...k off

    44. Bradyredog2003 .C

      I love your video

    45. Bradyredog2003 .C


    46. Dog Potato

      Been watching this channel For two years and still don’t know is his names is danny or gary

    47. Varified Cheeto

      10:11 🤣

    48. Ej

      Shit was nasty asf

    49. Gamer Guy

      I was in mustang Oklahoma mf fml

    50. matt grubowski

      I ain’t playin wit you