Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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    Selena Gomez and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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    Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

    გამოქვეყნდა 4 დღის წინ


    1. hadi chanyel

      while other ex acts show her talent on music 😝

    2. The Nov

      She looks so pretty

    3. Jessica Honey

      She reminds me of Sandra Bullock here!

    4. C vb

      My refrigerator is out of eggs. I could have used those.

    5. Eve

      Justin is probably watching these clips in the bathroom

    6. lorencja05

      What is scary about eggs? Like wttf? And i hate when there are wasting food like this!

    7. Denny Kaleal

      Dude... i seriously want to lick her. Not like pervy... she just looks like she tastes amazing

    8. Johnny Moondogs

      The most beautiful woman in the world is selena gomez no one came close

    9. Kimberlee Quinn

      She wasn’t wrong. My ducks love them 🦆❤️

    10. That Tall Guy

      Nice to see Selena bring the twins to the show. 😍🔥🤤

    11. Rini Dey

      Fucking asshole you people to put a cow brain just to make a fun show....

    12. Anu Ranjana

      I want that toy bear so badly.

    13. Marvin “The Martian” De Arao

      Nobody: Literally nobody: Not one soul: Selena: Omg i’m dumb.

    14. theworstglitched ARTISTTT


    15. Chinniel Mae Salvador

      I really loved heeeeeer 😩🥰💕

    16. Sukh Qazmi

      Being a middle class asian... I felt so bad at that many eggs going to waste... Ugh

    17. Kira Akira

      the Diva Selena ❤❤❤

    18. i am cute jeans

      jimmy is overreacting and i hate it

    19. Christine Ancheta

      Selena's nails tho! 💅

    20. Mia Granger

      Who else just skipped Jimmy's part because he's just screaming anyway and I just came here for gorgeous Sel💕?

    21. Emma winter

      my idollllll

    22. Snigdha Mathai

      She seems sad 😯

    23. Vonny Arisca

      Omfg, she's so beautiful with that pink dress

    24. RoughSun

      2:50 omg that was so cute


      Kylie- wait i get cow brain and she gets a stuffed animal 😂

    26. Tachang Phassang

      Seliana Gomnde

    27. Varun SG

      She is super sporty . Wow

    28. Mariya Mubashir

      I hope they washed their hands after this

    29. Aimen Paracha

      She looks like such a decent and elegant princess

    30. Sarah !

      Why does he keep calling her buddy lol 😂

    31. Aqilah Ali

      she looks so cute here

    32. Andre Onesimus

      Selena didnt wear a bra

    33. krystal jeon

      She's getting skinier every time.

    34. MD Ather

      You will be lynched for that cow brain in india

    35. User X

      Jimmy fallon is very cringy and over reactive ... Be original and cooler like Jimmy kimmel!

    36. Deep hug

      Jimmy- “I thought I smelled an animal back there” Selena- “was that you?” 😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

    37. your Rofl

      What happens with her voice?? Sounds like Cyrus

    38. If Z

      what is it with jimmy fallon and the wastage of food! - show is good but the food wastage!?

    39. Nooria**** Mohammadi

      Cow brain wth

      1. Deep hug

        Those nipples 😳😊

    40. Nooria**** Mohammadi

      Selena thank you sooooooo much for helping Australia thank you so much love you soooooo much

    41. Wonderworld0000

      She had guts. Alot. Admired!

    42. ven u par top

      Jimmy was not even touching...😂

    43. Ariel Swiftie

      Cow brain was too much. I feel disgusted. Eek

    44. Cosmic Child

      oh god she is pretty

    45. Pranita Chhetri

      Selenas nipple at 2.56

    46. Naufal Arif

      Susune wes ndlewer

    47. Rahul Kumar

      i love the courage of Selena

    48. TheIkawatay

      Selenas getting mature and hot.

    49. 안으로

      I dislike the video because they killed a cow(an animal) for their 'can you feel it?' game, I mean thats ridiculous! One side people say #supportaustralia in concern of that poor animal burning inside the fire but on the another side people kill them for increasing their taste and also for these types of so called shows and support this at international platform. I mean sorry boss I can't even see it. You should have to stop this. At least should not promote this kind of stuff on international platform say GEsels. I know it might offend some people but I'll always stand by my side.

    50. Bhoomika

      Mea worms ewwwww that is DISGUSTING

    51. Bhoomika

      Omgg cows brain as in REALLY COW BRAIN?

    52. Marie venz

      You go girl!!! So FEARLESS

    53. Vineesh M V

      Selena is so adorable

    54. CHOPii

      Those nipples 😳😊

    55. Nuraeny Utami

      SELENA SO CUTEEEEEE.............................

    56. JOHN JAZSS


    57. Isabella Varela

      Mannn I LOVE U.S TV!!!!!

    58. Bernadette Alamis

      Soooo pretty!!!💙

    59. łaura pinheiro


    60. kevin abstract's little bitch

      when did selena became a karen