Cameron Dares Ethan And Grayson

Dolan Twins

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    We make our sister dare us. Why in the s did we make our sister dare us that really doesn't make sense I'm sure we would've much rather had our sister not dare us but instead we made her dare us.
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    1. super star frisby

      Part 2

    2. Tong Xiong

      Ethan was like "laast chirsmas I gave you my heart"

    3. Katy Sue TV

      2:29 Grayson's voice can't go high enough, so it just goes down like the titanic

    4. eva diaz

      Wow *they **_all_** look hot* (nO hOmO)

    5. eva diaz

      Posted right before yt rewind 2017 *when yt rewind wasn't as bad*

    6. Yanya Yang

      4:38 is my new ringtone

    7. Maxine Gould

      They said dare us in the description 4 x

    8. doggiepugs

      Cameron: i think most of the viewers are guys Girl viewers: *am i a joke to you?*

    9. Madison Hope

      Cam had way too much fun :)

    10. Hayley Sloggett

      8:19 Me crying to my mum that’s my Brother hit me, but it didn’t even hurt, I just wanted to get him in trouble

    11. Rose Tears

      We obviously know which twin is her favorite (Cough cough ) Grayson

    12. Jaslene Niculita

      2 0 1 9 ?

    13. Reina Shayegan

      1:28 is it bad that I have that outfit 🤣🤣

    14. brittany burney

      Y’all should change the show from the Dolan twins to the Dolan twins and sister Cameron She’s a beast in the show like a real bad ass

    15. L Snelling

      I wonder how Cameron feels having such hot brothers!!!!❤💜♥💖

    16. h ft

      2:53 gone sexual

    17. Natsuki Depressed

      I was cringing so hard when they were singing

    18. Bts’s Dog

      2:25 LAAAAAAAST Christmez

    19. Bad Bitch Who? I Only Know JIMLIET

      8:36 ThiCC

    20. Hardcore Ethan Dolan Stan

      6:59 well *bye* 💀

    21. Hardcore Ethan Dolan Stan

      2:54 so no ones gonna talk about this 💀

    22. Daisy&Brooke

      6:14 Ethan:YOUR EVIL! I mean your very nice your an angel 😂😂😂

    23. Alyssah Delgado

      Grayson looks so cute in a dress lol best outro

    24. Solongo Sophie Kappler

      Only reason why I am buying merch: Cameron designed it

    25. K Pipestem

      I love the good ole gnome hood

    26. Tanner Alijah Linviile

      in the beginning Ethan : * punches Grayson* Grayson: * gets knocked out* Ethan: get out of my seat

    27. girl staahp

      8:35 8:35 8:35

    28. Anthony powell

      Put the fcking elf costume on NOW😂

    29. Alexis Spencer

      I’m watching this in 2019 lol who else thinks they should react to their old vids again?!? 👇🏾 And when e started singing I wheezed...

    30. Edits For Kiera

      2:25 “laaAaaAst cHriStmAtst i gAve u mA hArtttTtt” i’m sorry i had to😂😂(i know how to spell heart it’s just the way he said it😂😂)

    31. Hey I'm Ayla

      Grason singing:aAhOo WoAh Ethan singing:LaTs CriSMITs I gaVe YoU mA HaRt

    32. Alex De Boer

      8:20 has me dead

    33. Maggie Hunt

      I thought Ethan said he was allergic to vegetables?

    34. Aphiwe Shandu

      Ethan is being to extra

    35. leah canela

      You should actually do mom dares Ethan , Grayson and Cameron

    36. Kool_Aid101 H

      Are they drunk

    37. Lizzie Luv Bug

      she fed them cat food

    38. Spidey2019playstation4 kid

      Ethan punch grayson in the faces

      1. Spidey2019playstation4 kid


    39. Thea Johnson


    40. Bedhead Killerclown

      Cameron should make a channel

    41. Lyliana Petrova

      The "last" dare was sooo good

    42. mylittlegrayson

      Cam clearly likes gray more

    43. Jennax Vlogs

      8:37 BEST PART Like if u agree 👇

    44. Daniel Steven

      No one: My last two brain cells: 8:28

    45. Aly Lupu

      2:25 my heart is broken...that’s the sadest singing that I ever heard

    46. Janae Mya

      Ethan being a drama queen for 8 minutes and 50 seconds

    47. chelsea мιcкαуlα

      Ethan's smile at 2:58 ALWAYS gets me

    48. Kylee Ohanafananddychesfam

      8 minutes of Ethan being a chicken

    49. Sister Tea - My Gacha/Roblox Videos!

      ethan was cramping the whole time 😂

    50. Zara Harris

      Nice underwear Grayson 12:11