Bye For Now

Dolan Twins

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    Need to take time to figure some thing out. Love you guys.

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    1. Olivia Wainwright

      This was posted on my bday😭💕

      1. Sarah Hensley

        Happy birthday

    2. Keara Regan

      I love you

    3. Caitlynn Boze

      It’s ok babies we support ♡

    4. Cheaslie Nkwonia

      i was listening to changes by xxx during the video.... Made the whole thing much worst 😣

    5. The Galaxy Cats 2000

      At least u have each other... I’m happy ur back 2019

    6. Paul Conway

      They look do different there omg and grayson sounds so different

    7. muffingirl 1320

      nO OnE GIveS A SHit AbOuT wHat yEAr YoU'rE WaTChiNg tHiS iN!!!!!

    8. Stacey Douglas

      2019? I’m on a Dolan Twins marathon and have been watching all of there videos anyone else? 💕✌🏻

    9. Persia Tanner

      I love WERE BACK because we are back u get it the people who watches them 😂😂😂🙏

    10. jennifer c

      omfg that’s why I stopped watching them they stopped posting!! 🥺

    11. Cutieplier Lopez

      you know how couples break up over GEsels right? is this there video!?

    12. ana hernandez

      my baby’s ):

    13. heyitsmemelody

      anyone?? june of 2019??

    14. Xyla May

      It sounds weird w no music

    15. Nina Thurnell

      the 3.2 dislikes have no heart

    16. Miss Love

      Why does Ethan look so fucking good in that shade of blue wtf

    17. simply shazza

      Bro don’t know why I am here but hi :D

    18. Call me bitchacho¡

      I think I prefer Ethan's hair like that.

    19. Nova Rose

      Darn this was my birthday rip

    20. Broooclinn Trash

      Take a break but really this had to be posted on my birthday...

    21. Grace Harber

      Ethan: were going to have to go away for a little while. Me: NOOOOOOOOOO! What The F**ck!!!!?????

    22. Maioro Iti

      who is watching in 2019??

    23. brooklynns summer vlogs

      am i the only one who realized how big their eye bags were? they were so tired i’m glad they took a break❤️

    24. penelope godbout

      Grayson WERE'S YOU'RE ERING?!

    25. Hi Y

      It's okay. I have noticed you have changed and have become less interested and motivated in making videos on yt for the past year and were way more into making them years ago. You guys can take as many breaks as you want. This sounds very sad to say but you can even stop making videos all in all if YOU really don't want to anymore. We are not forcing you to do anything you don't want and don't want to make making videos feel like a chore to you. You have the choice to do what you want whether it's continue making videos for us because you love it or not. Do whatever you want and what you are interested in. We will love and support you no matter which of these paths you choose.

    26. Emily E

      I understand. You guys don't even have to continue making videos every single tuesday or every single week by force without skipping a week or two. You can make videos whenever you feel like it or want to. You deserve to make content primarily that you enjoy and are proud of making. Most importantly, you don't have to continue making videos for us just to make us happy, as a chore, or to feel like you are forced to or feel like you owe us anything because you don't. We undertand if you guys need another break. Your happiness is all that matters to us and we will love you no matter what. What's most important is that you guys continue making content only if you want to and if you enjoy doing it.

    27. Sera Ramirez

      i remember when they posted this...

    28. Comment Opinions

      They left for like 4 days

    29. mihrankarina

      May 2019 anyone

    30. Mona Lisa

      A year has passed..and they are as happy as ever. I love my boys and nobody is changing that. 2019 is gonna be a good year. I can feel it. 💕

    31. Itsyagirlantonia Boi

      Guys it’s ok I get ur guys feeling ❤️❤️❤️✌🏻🤘🏻

    32. Sterre Brongers

      Why does this lowkey look like a couple break up video?

    33. The Viewer

      Why is the side of grays head like his right temple (our left side) look swollen or distorted

    34. Spill_the_tea SIS

      I'm here at 2019. I feel like if I knew about them at this time, I would comment something like "Its ok. We support you no matter what happens" but I would cry myself to sleep that night

      1. Emily E

        Me too. I will cry *if* ~or~ when the Dt channel ends. Realistically, I don't think they will still want and continue to make videos anymore within the next few years. People can change, mature, and lose interest in things that they used to enjoy and I think the Dolan twins might be heading that way.

    35. Sherk Potato tea

      I just realise why i was crying in one of my bday pics last year This was made the day of my bday

    36. Amanda Newman

      This look Ethan!!!!

    37. Lauren

      To anyone that is reading this I hope you have a good day

    38. Isabella Kahn

      You guys deserve a break. We are not putting any pressure on you

    39. ava stabile


    40. M I A XO

      this is so weird so i remember the day they posted this i was in class and i was feeling a little off like if something was wrong... then i came back from school and get a notification for this video.. it’s so weird how i felt like something was wrong and it was.. it’s so weird

    41. Haiqah Khaliq


    42. Foyin Aba

      That was the most depressing were back I've heard

    43. Night Arts


    44. Nadya Kinasih

      0:33 ethan's laugh :(

    45. abby h

      Awww im so sorry take your time !!

    46. Shazzay Mascoll Mason

      I miss the old Dolan twins. Like the 2016- early 2018 twins. I have nothing wrong with them now, but they're just not the same. I really do feel happy that they're happy, but idk, it's just a bit sad that I don't feel like watching their vids anymore 😓😭😢

      1. Emily E

        @Evie I know. I was in love with with them and their personalities in 2015 and 2016. They were always so hyped about making videos and they were just so different back then. I'm sad that we can't get them like that again.

      2. Evie

        Shazzay Mascoll Mason I totally agree - we’ll never see the 2016 Ethan and Grayson again

    47. Melissa Ashley

      We love you guys ❤️ take your time and I'll be there for you

    48. Jana Jaj

      Awhhh i remember being so sad over this, and when they said peace my heart SHATTEREDDDDD

    49. littlemonkays

      you always come first. don’t ever feel bad for needing a personal holiday when you already go so far and beyond for the viewers. we’re more understanding than you think, don’t be shy if you need a break. we love when you’re happy and healthy. 💕💕 you matter. put yourself first once in a while.

    50. Cody Allen

      Luv u guys. I'm srry.