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    The difference between men and women
    Hey girls, in this video, we are doing something hilarious if you will. I am sharing with you some relatable situation we’ve all been in with both buys and girls that you will absolutely fall in love with and probably burst out laughing. So, brace yourselves.
    - When men only spend a few bucks to get a haircut, and women spend almost hundreds to cut their split ends.
    - Or when you live with your boyfriend and he finds your hair everywhere, and you find his socks everywhere as well.
    - When we girls have a different outfit for different occasions and men have just one outfit for all their occasions.
    - When guys pack for a trip most of the time, they only need their backpack. When girls pack for a trip, they take their whole house with them.
    - Or when men need a few minutes to get up and go to work, while girls take an hour or even more.
    0:07 - Boys vs Girls
    2:32 - What packing for a trip looks like
    4:15 - Their morning routine
    5:16 - Bloopers
    5:51 - Only pregnant women can relate
    7:22 - Facing our worst fears
    9:31 - When you have a fear of spiders
    10:41 - Instagram vs reality
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