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    We review the BMW F80 M3 Competition to see if this car is better or worse than the E92 M3 it replaces. The F80 generation ran from 2014 - 2020 with the M4 sticking around. With sports cars from Porsche, Lotus, Ford, Audi etc, it's hard to just look at one car in the $80,000 price range. We dive into the good, bad and ugly of this generation and BMW in general
    Thanks to Aamir Who Donated His Car!
    E92 BMW M3 Review:
    00:00 - 1:14 Intro
    1:14 - 4:05 Interior Impressions
    4:05 - 7:30 Tech Talk, Changes to Suspension, Brakes and Cooling
    7:30 - 12:55 Rear Suspension, Diff, Weight and Design Talk
    12:55 - 17:40 Engine, Trans and Durability
    17:40 - 26:03 Driving Discussion
    26:03 Final Thoughts

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    1. Aamir Mahmood

      I think you guys hit the nail on the head. Great analysis!

      1. Kevin Keelan

        Hit the nail on the head? They spend the review basically saying it’s shite, then change their mind at the end. Worst car review I have ever sat through. I only did because I’m buying a F80.

      2. Fee

        TheRemster I ask to you because sound quiet painful

      3. Fee

        TheRemster forgive poor English pleaze but why you say anal isis? What meanings is this?

      4. TheRemster

        Thanks for offering your car for review. This was a great, informative video.

      5. Fee

        Jay Mallison wire?

    2. mhussein10

      This review isn’t very good

    3. lawrence shang

      What year F80 is this

    4. vonfragyou

      just got my 2020 M4 convertible before they are gone. Love the car for being tamed but can be a beast when it wants too. I have no issues with the sound or the double clutch auto transmission. Love the hard top convertible where its like having two card in one. The extra weight in the trunk when down makes the car feel different. The new model M3/4s have to much gizmos, I prefer the simple layout of the 2019 M3/M4 interior where it feels modern but still has touch of old sports sedans. This is my second BMW and have had no issues the old one and so far none with the new one.

    5. Shadow Kat

      Great video, very much enjoyed it! I had a '16 and now have a '19 F83 competition. Top up, it's a nice tourer, soaking up the miles at speed through South Dakota. Get off the main highway, top down, either leisurely cruising through the farmlands, cruising down PCH in CA... there's a connection then. Top up, looks like any other BMW... top down, seems to turn heads a little more often.

    6. baber khan

      BMW is the kinda son of the family that does everything to make the parents happy yet the parents never really are impressed.

    7. sam cas

      My f80 comp ownership has been 3 years of love and hate in equal measure. My main gripe is the excessive nvh and weird engine sound at times. However all that nvh from the extra bracing in front end and rose jointed rear subframe I get on street pays off when you get the car on b and c back road. I’ve had to do a fair bit of work to get the car sorted - m performance exhaust, eventuri intake, oe gts hood, ceramic brakes, cs coding for trans and chassis, mp4s, tractive coilovers. I think that combo of parts and coding is about as good as the f80 platform is going to get

    8. lavaman233

      Do you ever not grumble about car? You really are the worse car reviewer ever. You make Jeremy Clarkson look like a go happy saint in comparison.

    9. MrHank475

      I like this channel. You guys have good chemistry . You’ve earned a subscriber😎

    10. HansHerman1

      $80k ? That car is double that price in holland. $80k that is what i paid for my f30 320d

    11. Sam Toure

      MPOWER!!! Not for pretenders! I can't wait for the new M4 to complement my S85( 2010 M6!)

    12. NurbekProductions

      Nice video but some comments: -2018 was the last year, not 2019 for F80 M3. -In a way, you contradict yourself, by saying you want more excitement but at the same time fault it being so tail happy. -this is not a car you fall in love right away like the E92/E90 M3. It it a kind of car that grows on you as you learn its quirks and features

    13. Powerlove

      4x4 500-600 hp instant response, bi-turbo or supercharged, good traction all year around. what else do you need? yes it would be fun to have 2nd 3rd and 5th car to drive it once a month for half an hour, but from practical standpoint most people drive one car all or most of the time. so I very much like where this type of modern cars is going

    14. Tony Ramirez


    15. Roberto Williams

      Great review !

    16. Phillip Stone

      Would it be a bad idea to pick up an 2016 f80 m3 with 60k miles on the clock knowing this information ?

    17. Robert Brid

      I drove this car last week. I came in with high expectation but you have to drive it HARD and i just didnt like it. Passed no wonder it sat on the dealer lot for 6mo.

    18. J LouiEE

      Can’t wait for the unnecessary hate on the next generation bimmers 😴

    19. Avdart

      I like this type of car review. It's like two buddies talking about the car with in-depth analysis, overviews, driving, and history.

    20. Vision33r

      Tesla M3P are killing sales of 3 series including this M3 because the reliability in Teslas are much higher, they are easier to fix. And you can't match the M3P performance with even this M3. Tesla just released an update and their car easily goes to 60 in under 3 secs. The point is that BMW is running out of time with their reliability issues, dealer problems, prices, and performance. Many folks are tired of their $70k+ toys becoming a money pit after 1-2 years and the cost to run them is getting out of control. Teslas cost just a bit over $60k and you get amazing performance and its the future of cars.

    21. Ed smith

      They had to reclaim the crown from the Alfa Romeo giulia quadrafoglio

    22. Hooman Hassanpour

      If they have the ability to program the EPS, why not have a Sport ++ setting that allows the feel to come through? Sport + just makes it heavy, but still numb. Everyone can win. Isn't that the whole point of an EPS?

    23. Noel Carvajal

      its a POS never buy a BMW, lease them. MIATA фор лифе for life

    24. Bo McGillacutty

      No valet punk ever drives my cars.

    25. Bo McGillacutty

      Folks still FAX! :D

    26. Mark Strong

      Need a review of Camaro SS 1LE which beats this on track for much less

    27. Marcelo Oofen Wonken

      Try the M2 Competition or even better the M2CS

    28. mr hansen

      This car costs 165k in australia because of the taxes.

      1. mr hansen

        @Marcelo Oofen Wonken yeah mate

      2. Marcelo Oofen Wonken

        Try this mate: M2CS Luxury car tax of $24K GST $17K Stamp duty $ 5K Registration $ 1Ķ That's without options BTW Add to that the import duty and excise tax that BMW Motor pays and you're looking at nearly $65K in taxes and yet we drive on roads that look like they've been carpet-bombed Local dealers are charginga further $7K - $10K in dealer delivery fees as well Today, i felt like I was being raped by our government as well as BMW

    29. Weasel

      I fell in love with M cars when I got my E46 M3. After getting rid of that car, I hated the look of the E90/92. It just lacked something. But when the F chassis came out, I fell in love again. My F80 M3 is the definition of a love affair. It's simply an amazing thing. I never get tired or bored of it, but moreso, I am excited to drive it. Even just walking up to it, I still get butterflies knowing how fun it's going to be, just to drive to work in. I'll never get rid of it.

    30. Weasel

      Perfect intro!

    31. Troy Wagnon

      I hate European cars especially bmw.

      1. Marcelo Oofen Wonken


    32. Langolier

      Wow! I thought Acura NSX was full of electronic gimmicks. I am sensing a double standard from car reviewers against Acura NSX.1/8 reliability of a Toyota 8 times more expensive than a Toyota.

    33. Langolier

      Did they glue that vent on the left side of the driver?

    34. Joachim Pearson

      anyone think that jack is looking a little bit huge rn? like, damn, nice

    35. `

      3:03 couldn't spend $10 to get a carwash before shooting footage? are you really that cheap to show a dirty vehicle on a major channel? pathetic

      1. Jack H

        You come and hand wash the car in 10 degree weather. Because we don’t run viewer cars through the meat grinder

    36. Mark Spence

      I think younger people don't realize that British and Italian cars, plus all American cars, were extremely unreliable from 1950-1990. Nowadays, most cars have the same reliability. So, there is a sea-change movement of where cars are going..... and soon everything will be electric.

    37. Mark Spence

      Do you want a car that was designed based on market research, or a car designed by one person's vision?

    38. S2kTi

      Sounds a bit contradicting at times. it's too dramatic at the limit but you dont like how it isnt dramatic..? Overall great review as always. I think for a daily driver this would be a lot fun

    39. MLG Skippy

      Amazing edit and directing on this video really makes it different then every other review channel

    40. Devonte Murray

      It might be about 200 lbs lighter than the e92, but I still say that the e92 was the last good M3 IMHO!!!!!

    41. Roger Skagerström

      Making a car that's more reliable than a E9x BMW is a pretty low goal ;-) It's a cool car though. But I would never buy this POS out of warranty :P As in.. nope :P

    42. mishmohd

      are the turbos sitting in the middle of the engine?

    43. Volnik

      That M3 is an incredible car. I don't understand how they say that it is not special enough and not fun enough.

    44. Dennis Robinson

      The way you talk about BMW and how you want a fun weekend car, you should consider an exotic for that special organism.

    45. twinzoski

      G70 or this?

    46. Auto blipper

      How about C63s?

    47. Ben S

      Don't understand Savage Geese. You bought a BMW? After preaching how all car channels review pricy cars no one can afford. Have you changed your life philosophy or is this just an early midlife crisis? The Torah says it's not wise to live in luxury when a neighbor is in poverty so I've never been a fan of luxury cars. And for people who buy salvage or used luxury cars it still gives the wrong impression. I loved my Grandfather, who was a multimillionaire but like Sam Walton of Walmart drove a cheap car, a Chrysler Town car wagon with wood panels. When he said he just needed something to get from Point A to Point B he meant it, unlike today's elderly who say it while driving a Jaguar. It also bothers me when fellow Jewish people buy German cars. Didn't they gas 6 million? Forgiving is one thing. Forgetting is not.

      1. savagegeese

        I bought a BMW a long time ago that I sold.

    48. udonwadon

    49. Leo K

      Did they do a sound analysis on this? Watched it twice and don't see it 😩

      1. Jack H

        Leonid Korol we simply forgot to put it in the video. The m3 tested very well. Feel free to reach out via email and we can send you a pdf of the tests

    50. Maor Roffe

      Well done. Agree modern cars lack emotion. However that’s where the m2 corrects many of these sins. It’s powerful, pissed off, loves to get sideways yet precise in a way no mustang can match, and with an exhaust, sounds pretty great and injects some personality back in. It’s a charming, angry little bulldog of a sports car. However, to your point, i haven’t driven much in years with any real character anymore. Then again, i love the luxury and ability to use these modern sports cars daily so i just might be part of the problem. Lol Not that it’s a great daily, but would the Alfa 4C be one of the few rather raw and authentic flawed sports cars? What others would you say?

    51. Haeuk Chung

      "Scream it up" is that a suitable expression for F80 M3's farting

      1. Auto blipper

        Haeuk Chung o don’t like pops n crackles as well. People who appreciate it they have no sense of decency

      2. Haeuk Chung

        @Auto blipper I don't complain about M3s farting. I diss people who appreciate the fart. Think JDM

      3. Auto blipper

        Haeuk Chung if you want sound go AMG

    52. Roberto Cheerio

      4:00.... I hear geese!

    53. C_DOES

      The hanging wire from the Diff is Really triggering my OCD! Great video as usual.

    54. Marc S

      Love my M3. Every day driving is less dull 🤷‍♂️

    55. Daniel

      why can't we get f*** m-cars as a manual in germany, amk aller

    56. Daniel

      in germany, if a car is not effecient it's not gonna sell, politically. so they have to make the ebst out of this

    57. Soravia

      They could have put in hydraulic unit pumped by an electric pump mounted to the rack or sub frame.

    58. rjs15570

      So given your summation on this episode and valued opinion, what is a fun used car under $20k?

    59. Tank Man

      Wait... did I just see a boob jiggle on Savage Geese?

    60. lemoose

      damn so this actually weighs less than the M2 you tested