Blues need a striker! | Arsenal-Chelsea Tactical Highlights

Piotr Foot

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    Hi everyone! In today's video we see how Arsenal defeated Chelsea in the league.
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    1. Piotr Foot

      Hi guys! Unfortunately, due to copyrights issues this analysis contains no clips (but there are graphic animations). Let's dive into the Arsenal-Chelsea game where Emery showed his tactical talent. Chelsea have trouble to score, Higuain coming to fix that? You can support me on PATREON: (fair way to support content creators) TWITTER:

      1. Azamat Bekzhanov

        I guess you can try an alternative, like giff. As far as I know, giffs are okay for copyright issues. Another problem how to adapt them Thanks for analysis

    2. Jordyn Nexus

      “No joke, Alonso loves crossing to no one” 😂

    3. Juha Nieminen

      Could you do Inter Milan tactical analysis please?

    4. ぷにすけぱちぇこ

      Please make a video why Monaco is so bad.

    5. 500alexGT

      And 3 days later Chelsea buys Higuain... coincidence?🤔

    6. Rob Zamora

      Chelsea also need some defenders

    7. Tobbymano

      Nice video I still think they should have played with Giroud....

    8. Kojum

      Chelsea and real Madrid both have the striker problem first choice striker are either gone flop or old

    9. Andrea Syahdewa

      No joke, alonso loves crossing to no one BIG AGREE!!! actually he can't cross for sure, slow, and often my bad ALWAYS out of his position, making luiz and rudiger get fucked by the attacker

    10. pes hemak7

      Hazard played as a 9 😐

    11. Gustavo Bahia

      Is Morata THAT bad?

    12. Mauricio Osorio

      Hi, thanks for the analysis, could you do a video of manchester city win over liverpool please, it would be awesome, thanks for all the videos, i see them all !

    13. Guillaume Tuss


      1. Joel Henry

        Well said he was playing well and can be very Good in the air think one of the best Cf in the air

      2. Piotr Foot

        I actually think he should start more games

    14. MrHirriq

      Any striker would do really..

    15. Mash Work

      Bigges issue for us our fullbacks. Offer next to nothing. Obviously we need a focal point and hazard should always play lw. But still the striker won’t score anything without the fullbacks taking advantage of the space on the outside

      1. Dauphinet

        Problem is you probably wont be able to keep hazard

    16. Swetabh 333

      Please do a video on axel witsel

      1. Swetabh 333

        @Piotr Foot thnx,I'll look forward too it

      2. Piotr Foot

        I should, he's quality

    17. RasenRendan

      Gonzalo should be coming this week. Should be confirmed tomorrow. Ppl bitch about Jorigi but he simply gets marked out. Other managers literally sic players on him so he cant be as effective as he is. Our biggest issue is a striker. Fuck False 9.

    18. abhi sharma

      U don't have clipping of this match??

    19. abhi sharma

      100k coming soon.

    20. TRSega

      Piotrfoot if I had to give you one feedback it would be a conclusion. The information you provide is amazing but a conclusion in your videos is lacking. Please keep up the good work 🙏

      1. JC


    21. Lucas Jordan

      What software do you use?

    22. Benalla Alex

      Dommage qu’il y ait ces copyright

    23. Eppa Capra

      Oh yeah yeah

    24. Leirs Deirs

      Is Higuain really going to be the answer? He was average at Milan, in serie a, not as intensive as the prem


        Leirs Deirs he scored 36 goals and assisted twice in 35 games under Sarri in serie a. Imagine when he has Hazard to set up goals for him

    25. Eric Stark

      Can you please explain why the system doesn't work with hazard as a striker but it worked well with mertens in Napoli last season?

      1. Damola Ade

        The frustrating part is Hazard is more than capable of playing the role, he’s arguably better than Mertens, he simply doesn’t want to.

      2. Eric Stark

        @Piotr Foot Wouldn't it have been more effective if Pedro played as the striker or false nine?

      3. Piotr Foot

        Because Mertens is a better goalscorer than Hazard, and Napoli was collectively 10 times better than this Chelsea

      4. Andre onaxi

        Simple... Mertens is a player who make clever runs and openings towards goal and presses aggressively. Sacrifices his game for others. Unlike hazard who's a play maker that always want the ball on his feet. Sarri false 9 involve alot of dropping deep and opening defences with without ball runs.... It's requires a patient and sacrificial player..hazard isn't

    26. Aghi Faya

      Where is Man City vs Liverpool? That's the most interesting one for us as both clubs benefit from two of the greatest tactical mamagers...😕

    27. Eleven Ocean

      Somehow I hope you one day have the pleasure of watching games from the roof of the stadium. Great vid🙏🏾

    28. Zuhair Yassin

      arsenal w fought for the points tactically and physically

    29. 24

      Higuain is coming 48 hours. Morata went to Atlético on loan

      1. Piotr Foot

        Probably yeah

    30. I'm Kev

      Hey Piotr, do you think jorginho is being used as scape goat for our bad games I actually think most players don't fit this system like our fullbacks and we have no striker. Nice analysis as always

    31. Vojin Miljanović

      I hate copyrights

      1. Vojin Miljanović


      2. Piotr Foot

        More classic videos to come soon don't worry

    32. demas moha

      Kyle Walker had one poor game against Crystal Palace and the next game Danilo (a worse defender) replaces him. Players need to know that they can be dropped and others need to know that if they work hard they can get into the starting eleven.Otamendi the 4th choice centre-back at City has played more minutes in the EPL than our best (purest) defender - Christensen. Our second best winger is on the bench while Willian is walking around the pitch without any sort of intensity off the ball.What incentive does the guys on the bench have, to work harder knowing fully well that they would never get game time except in the case of injuries?

      1. Aghi Faya

        @nyjahyelnats donno...but his latest games since the Liverpool match show something actually shows that he has got potential to be on City's level.

      2. nyjahyelnats

        Sorry but Danilo‘s just not on Citys level. Walker had a bad time in december but he is coming back. Only thing danilo is good at is shooting

      3. HenSt1985

        I think Danilo have something to prove there, its like he's sending a message to Pep that he can be his first choice.

      4. Aghi Faya

        That 'worse defender' made his game of his life against probably the most dangerous offensive playing team Liverpool including City and Paris. He was one of the best players on the pitch that day.

    33. Nonato JR

      We need Kante Cdm Hazard playing LW or Cam Not CF and a STRIKER!!Jorginho cannot do the job there theres no tackles or challenges all he does is pass kante does it all why play him out of position plus emerson needs to start

      1. Nazrin Jailani

        Its because Sarri wants a Regista in his team and that is jorginho. Kante has to make forward runs and become jorginho's legs in midfield. It diminishes Kante's effectiveness in games. Also chelsea passing and pressing system is not yet compatible to what Sarri wanted in his Sarriball philosopy. Jorginho was giving instructions to his teammates all the time on the pitch where to pass the ball. Imagine you as player having someone else instructing you the whole game its fucking frustrating. No instinctive move, take too long on the ball. What I see as outsider the players are confused with Sarri tactics when they got found out in games in example vs bournemouth. Jorginho needs to learn how to shake off his marker, he is a slowpoke, zero defensive qualities, cant defend shit.

    34. Loukey 10


      1. Banana Joe

        Loukey 10 PP6 - MUFC What is your profile pic? And why does everybody have it?

    35. Ozan Kabak

      nice video. Pls use more lofi chill music. Use match clips bro don't worry. I'll take care of copyright problems.

      1. Piotr Foot

        It should be just fine@Thuglife

      2. Thuglife

        How exactly will that work?

    36. Stefan Löfven

      OH yeah yeah

      1. Luca Noterman

        @Banana Joe search maximilianmus and subcribe oh yeah yeah

      2. Banana Joe

        PP6 - MUFC What is your profile pic? And why does everybody have it?

    37. lyan Khaute

      At this point ,I doubt even Higuain only might not be able to solve this striker issue. Top rated striker aka Icardi neede

      1. Jason O. Belle

        I beg your pardon sir. Higuain no, Icardi yes?? Ok then... In any case, Chelski's problems are bigger than no striker.

    38. João Serra

      Read my mind. I think people only complain about Jorginho because they are mad at Sarri and he came alongside him. Jorginho has been doing pretty good his position. What chelsea is really lacking is a striker

      1. João Serra

        @Leo X thank you

      2. Leo X

        James Wagstaff the passing is on purpose. It’s called “passing to diffuse pressure”. How can an opponents pressing be effective if the ball is always moving and at high speed? Doesn’t matter if it’s moving sideways or backwards the goal is to draw the opposition into pressing you, drag them out of position, open up passing channels to create goals. Chelsea are just sucking at it because they haven’t mastered it yet because it’s new to them.

      3. Liam D

        one of our biggest problem is our full backs are shocking going forward they cant beat a man or cross, we really need a kyle walker type of fullback

      4. João Serra

        @ManaWearBlack if you say. But he is pretty fast. I think you are used to watch him at center back therefore you do not associate him with speed but he his pretty fast

      5. ManaWearBlack

        @João Serra Azpi isn't fast 😂😂 just because he's short for a centre back doesn't automatically make him fast

    39. KeRemidnica City

      Nice as always! Keep it up

      1. Piotr Foot

        Thanks a lot!

    40. CandyClash

      Can you make a video About psg 9 0 guimgamp