Bloopers 2017 !

Dolan Twins

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    THANK YOU GUYS FOR ANOTHER FUN ASS F YEAR! Enjoy or whatever these bloopers :)
    Last Year's Bloopers -
    Ethan’s Stuff
    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan
    Grayson’s Things
    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan

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    1. Poogie Green

      8:28 Ethan what are u doing?😂😂

    2. Alix H

      what video is 5:33😭

    3. Tvlogz

      5:15 when she drop tho that had me gone

    4. Anna Wiebe

      Grayson’s laugh is the cutest!! 2:34

    5. Quenn Jay

      you're in your room laughing then your mom walks in mom: hey you ok wtf is you watchin me: oh it's just the Dolan twins nothing weird

    6. Tabitha S

      1:20 i died

    7. hi there

      1:47 i literally turned around to see if my phone rang (watchng this with headphones and on a computer)

    8. Rainee Hewett

      GRAYSON hey look up...

    9. Trent_Is_Real

      So we just not finna talk about that random ass moan at 6:38

    10. Gracy Garcia

      Grayson is so cute and funny btw 2019?

    11. Gracy Garcia

      Love you guys

    12. GreysAnatomy4LIFE

      I think the biggest appeals about them are their laugh and closeness

    13. ariel woodard

      6:38 grayson just made a big fat nut

    14. Tk Taysha

      6:37 graysons moan omg

    15. Rachel

      Pause at 1:26/1:27 WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE TWO GRAYSONS

    16. Brooklyn Keeth

      At 2:38 Grayson sounds like a balloon letting out air no offense. :)

    17. Sparshita Sahu

      2:39 ....and that's how kids,ur dad scared the fuck out of me

    18. potato chip

      8:30 we present Ethan's kink 😂

    19. NiCiiya Dickens

      When their outro use to be like this 😕

    20. Grace Davis

      2:38 sounding like a whole tea kettle there gray

    21. Olivia Zofia

      4:27 1:20

    22. 3shadesof Lay


    23. Emma Nicole

      2:38 the sound you hear right before iron man blasts you

    24. Christopher Dueñas

      2:38-2:39 why did Grayson sound like a air horn

    25. Samantha G.

      I’m going to miss having yearly bloopers. 😔❤️ I can’t become a member to see weekly bloopers either cause I’m broke.

    26. Karlee Cornell

      I dont know why i miss this year because of them.

    27. Lexi Axelrod

      Just watch this 2:37 the Squeal is so funny

    28. Katie Whittingham


    29. Elaina Grace

      Grayson’s little wheeze!😂😂

    30. re_asmrlife

      8:11 James Charles wiping his fake tears in his apology video

    31. Lanadelrey :3

      Look up gray look up look at the camera

    32. Sparshita Sahu

      0:10 And then Grayson was signed to play Christian grays's son 😎

    33. Diva Alfiah Hakim

      2:36 - 2:39 the cutest moment of Gray😣💖 and also, see him wheeze like a dolphin😂

    34. Leah Abernathy

      Oh my gosh I miss 2017 so much 😭😭

    35. Hailey Samantha

      2:38 to 2:43 that wheeze though

    36. Maddie Taylor

      “Turn the lights out” *lights turn off* “where am I”

    37. Marcy

      Ethan: "YAAEAH!!" lol

    38. Keelie Hopkins

      Lol every time Grayson looked up made me so happy because he just looked so good

    39. miriah_prend _

      What video was 2:41 from¿

    40. Mrs. Styles94

      8:22-8:38 HAD ME WHEEZING😂😂😂😂😏😏😏😊🤗🤗

    41. Lit Potatoes

      2019 anyone? i love graysons laugh

    42. Lit Potatoes

      i love his laugh 2:38

    43. Faelan Van Deusen

      1:40 What video is this

    44. I love Marcel Ruiz and the Dolan Twins

      @2:38 he sounds like an airhorn

    45. Lily UwU

      1:21 was that nolan?

    46. Jolee Mclain

      7:29 Ethan: that’s like my forehead why do I got hairs up there James: you tell me

    47. ruth sailo

      0:44 Grayson : dont hump 😂😂😂😂

    48. Emma McFarland

      8:30 if my brother woke up and heard this...

    49. paul contreraz

      Ethan is gay

    50. diana

      “ethan, what are you doing back there? “ “IM BUTT NAKED” *scampers away*