Blazin' 5: Colin's picks for 2019-20 NFL Week 9 | NFL | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    Week 9 of the NFL season is underway and Colin Cowherd reveals this week's edition of the Blazin' 5. Hear which 5 games Colin feels strongest about this weekend.
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    The Herd with Colin Cowherd is a three-hour sports television and radio show on FS1 and iHeartRadio. Every day, Colin will give you his authentic, unfiltered opinion on the day’s biggest sports topics.
    Blazin' 5: Colin's picks for 2019-20 NFL Week 9 | NFL | THE HERD
    The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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    1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd

      Who are your top picks for Week 9?

      1. Aaron Robb

        1 out of 5 on your picks this week.. the raiders was the only good one.

      2. Ben Hottel

        Oh Colin, you said what about the Chargers?

      3. Caleb Landry

        Dang Colin was spot on with the Raiders Win and Score

      4. Ian Lev

        T G This was bad. Colin should stick to his day job

      5. T G

        This didnt age well

    2. ddawgg23

      I’ll give him credit for getting the exact score of Lions-Raiders correct. Other than that, he did an awful job.

    3. Lus S

      Guess like another pathetic week for Colin 1-5 isn't even close. Get off tv. What ever he says goes the other way.

    4. oldnew newold

      Well at least he don’t gamble a lot because he would lose A LOT!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️


      Colin went 1 and 4...Getting rough for him hopefully he can bounce back from that this weekend

    6. Robert G Weaver Jr

      I like how he says the only good team Ravens played was Seahawks, well did you know the only good team the pats played was the Ravens and guess what they lost.

    7. Kosuto Darakusa

      It was a bad week in general so i understand why these picks went 1-4 but it is still satisfying watching how he sold the browns game

    8. Anthony Nicholls

      A rough week last week was the opening sentance , surely the opening sentance next week is BEND OVER ITS PINEAPPLE TIME

    9. Cory Gunther

      Last two weeks been brutally wrong.

    10. Acsnaara

      he took the packers XD

    11. Jesmine Mitchell

      1-4 again 2-8 over the past two weeks....Bets seem to be getting harder I wonder why

      1. DM R

        the dogs are coming up big. hard to pick against packers, colts and browns

    12. Todd Chinh

      Big mouth wrong again 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    13. Shaun

      Damn he lost all of these even straight up lmao

    14. C. M.

      LOL i just realized he missed every pick, who would listen to him for sports bets lol

    15. Anthony

      Damn it isn't looking so hot this week😫

    16. Backdrop Kid

      1-4 oof. That's pretty bad boy

    17. Sean towers

      Wow, your picks went STRAIGHT to Suckville

    18. Kushaal Vennamaneni

      colin predicted oakland detroit right 😳

    19. Gary Dino

      1 of 5.... not bad.Gotta love Colin

    20. BS

      Another 1-4 r record. Jeez, maybe I should get a show.

    21. Owen Kromer

      New England’s controls the refs

    22. More AGWS

      1-4. Wow

    23. Clayton Kuehn

      Lmao wrong on all accounts!

    24. Darth Soldier

      1 for 5... This didn't age well

    25. kc 3182x

      0-5 lol sad!!!

      1. Johnathan Patrick

        No, 1-4. Raiders were the only right pick.

    26. geo122297


    27. Troy Mathis

      “Don’t outthink the room here” lmaooo yeah that’s what you were doing, pal

    28. CrysisOwnsHalo

      Well, Colin predicted the Lions-Raiders game perfectly, but got everything else dead wrong. Sums up his analyzing perfectly.

    29. Kaau Fergerstrom

      You are 2 outta 10 the last two weeks and your game of the year was garbage!! LOL get outta here with these garbage picks!

    30. Jack Chi

      Thanks Colin I got my Christmas shopping money cover

    31. Alita Battle Chicken

      Terrible again this week. Haha Btw, it’s lopsided, not lobsided

    32. Trippy Grey

      He might’ve whiffed on those others picks but that Raiders one was flawless.

    33. Blade Runner

      1-4 Cowherd.

    34. Billy 2Guns

      Lol Colin couldn't have been more wrong on this one lol!

    35. christopher damjanoski

      Your picks are trash

    36. MrTargetU

      They should probably delete this vid :-/

    37. OSKY Gaming

      I'm happy you went against Baltimore, keep doubting!


      I am anxious to hear your show today (11/4) after this past weekend. I like your direct and not backing down stand. You see it as it is. Sometimes that blind squirrel though... finds that nut. :)

    39. Steve Craig

      Not so blazin

    40. NebTheWeb

      Well, he "guessed" right on the Detroit game. The rest... Ooops!

    41. Henderson Thomas

      Wow!! 1 out of 5! I really like Colin he is fun to listen to

    42. Christian Rivas

      raiders pick 🔥

    43. The Nikkerman

      another losing week and yet he somehow 100% gets everything right about the raiders game

    44. Ron Silvia

      Patriots got stomped stop your crying lmfao

    45. Ron Silvia

      Chargers did everything you said they couldn't do lmfao

    46. Kevin Clark

      How about them Ravens !!!! Pats are not that good!!!

    47. Eric Smith

      5:36 “This is an easy 3 to swallow.” Swallow it all then, Colin! 😈😈

    48. Jose Eduardo Tinoco

      watching this 3 days later and looking at how the picks were so bad.

    49. robert mccarthy


    50. Jacob Santeria

      Colin you are 1/4 this week! Once again you are betting on politics of the game. Your blazing anything is an abortion of a prediction 😂. Stick to sports politics and stop picking NFL games lol.

    51. Jack Cheney

      Colin got 1 pick out of 5 right. Really BAD for week 9.

    52. swerl.

      Jesus u were wrong

    53. Connor Martin


    54. jdl619

      He always picks the favs

    55. jdl619

      Shows ehat he knows

    56. Andrew Mann

      Baltimore is a special team. Hopefully colin figured that out now

      1. kyjuan garner

        Andrew Mann he knew we were a special team but he’s letting that super bowl the pats won last year get in the way of the fact that they haven’t played a super bowl contender until they played us🤷🏽‍♀️

    57. Andrew Mann

      Early in the week he was right but he flipped and picked new england. New england, Green bay, and new england were horrible picks. Colin got 1 right, Oakland, here. Embarrassing

    58. Sammyd

      Hey buddy..last 2 weeks you are 2 and 8. Maybe skip this part of the show!

    59. BB-13

      He’s officially ice cold..

    60. Dane

      1/5 for picks ....