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    Andre Black Nerd Reaction to Black Widow Teaser Trailer.
    Official Teaser Trailer:
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    Marvel Studios Black Widow - Official Teaser Trailer Reaction. Black Widow is in theaters May 1, 2020. Starring Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, and David Harbour as Red Guardian. Also featuring the villain Taskmaster.
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    1. Matt B

      Are they going to explain how she is Russian but doesn't have an accent?

    2. Chris Buttonshaw

      LOVE the trailer music... LOVE

    3. Austin Thompson

      I wish black widow hair was back to curly when she first showed up on Ironman.

    4. Austin Thompson

      Power ranger SPD 🤣

    5. BroncoBillieBeastie

      This movie can make the Captain Marvel movie, look even worse.

    6. Alex Ziemba

      Disney's plan is to create human clones of everyone

    7. Jose B Prime

      @Andre 6:00 Ike Perlmutter.....

    8. Vivian Muliira

      I think black widow trailer is better than ww84 and am a DC fan

    9. Vivian Muliira

      Why does black widow do Bailey training what's the importance of that

    10. Rup Dewan

      Ur laugh sounds like a goat

    11. CMG30

      They could be storm troopers... Disney owns them!

    12. Afro X

      No more chain chomp?!!!

    13. Afro X


    14. Afro X

      You go to bed earlier than midnight?!!!

    15. UndeniedReal aka The Lite Skin Gawd

      Do a reaction to the Free Guy trailer

    16. Daydream Forever

      Question: Is your channel subscription free? Sorry, this is probably a stupid question. I've made a few mistakes when it came to subscribing to channels that didn't mention whether they were free or paid, so that's why I'm asking. It's nothing personal against you, but I just wanted to make sure. I actually really love watching your videos.

    17. Prince Dtoine

      How does she know her father though? She told Clint on Vormir that she didn't know her father's name. I feel like everyone has forgotten that part except me.

    18. milo14564

      That power ranger was Taskmaster? Where is his hood and skull mask? Not liking that change, but the rest looks fun. Why was I not watching this trailer in 2012?

    19. Retire Satisfied

      Always 1st Andre✊🏿

    20. Torace Dunlap

      May 2020 I thought it was coming out now

    21. unrully greezy

      Black window sister is going be new black window and the tunderblots

    22. Agent Romanoff

      Love you're reaction.dont miss my movie guys ,, this is gonna be a great start for phase 4 I promise.

    23. 1c3 sLy1

      You can change direction when sky diving lol

    24. 1c3 sLy1

      Video starts with his description at 0:21 🤪🤣

    25. Nia Jones

      Watched the trailer and tbh it felt flat🤷🏾‍♀️

    26. ourabouras

      We should’ve had this movie 5 years ago, but racist, misogynistic, dick weasel Ike Perlmutter said no one would go to see a female lead superhero movie *Captain Marvel * or one focused on black people **Black Panther **, so now we’re here. Unfortunately the movie looks like an Atomic Blonde or Red Sparrow knockoff, like there’s nothing special about it outside of David Harbor’s performance of course (that man lives to eat scenery). As is, it just doesn’t grab me the way Wonder Woman did😕

    27. youknight12

      totally agree. I think they might've been worried that Crossbones and Taskmaster masks would look too similar so they tweaked the Taskmaster mask.....but it's very goggles-focused and Power-Ranger-y. I'm assuming Taskmaster and/or Red Guardian will come into play in Phase 4. Cuz I don't think it's supposed to happen too far in the past of the MCU timeline, and they're not just doing this movie to have a cash-grab female-led movie (because they already have plenty of female characters to lead in their own movies who are still alive in the MCU in the next few phases.)

    28. Daffiny Davis

      Is that y they killed him off in strangers things? So he can be in THIS MOVIE!

    29. superman78ify

      Dude. I love your energy and was watching the toys that made us and I was like “wait. Is that? IT IS!!!!”

    30. 16csterling1

      They have to make Task Master weaker. Widow can't survive him.

    31. JJop123

      Says task master is a power ranger Everyone from the Crisis games *am I a joke to you?*

    32. Delbane Ren

      Last but BEST... 😎

    33. The Two Two Late Show

      See black widow is going to be bland... now if this was a conspiracy spy movie that changed things maybe I would shell out money.. for example use black widow to recon the gamma bomb in to the hulk.. movie hulk dates a russian spy?? Go read incredible hulk 1. Movie hulk is like anti hulk

    34. UltimaKeyMaster

      Yeah you know what, I'm liking her looking like The Boss from MGS3.

    35. TheHardMode

      Do a reaction video of the new Mulan trailer please.

    36. Chris Li Loia

      6:05 - did he say turtles?

    37. Michael Newman II

      Its funny, how the whole family still has their Russian accents except Natasha, she lost that half way through Iron Man 2, LoL


      that fight with the sister 😍

    39. Jingkiftic Films

      I'm hoping it's more of like an action spy thriller or something, and that the CG scene at the end of the trailer is just one scene and they wanted to get The Trailer Shot. It'll be great if it's more like Winter Soldier.

    40. Nicholas Ellis

      Dr strange shows up like "nice to see you again" and she's like "again? " And he reveals an undamaged time Stone and says "I guess I'm here to talk to you about the avengers initiative"

    41. Da Supreme BMan

      Homie I think the cg will be just fine. They'll fix it up but let's be real you got to have those crazy "no freaking way that works" in movies. Especially in a comic book movie like that standard.

    42. Kyle Catchings

      She just pushed off the rail to move...

    43. Alex Targaryen

      Rachael Weitz STILL HOT

    44. JoshieMike

      Red Guardian is literally russian Captain America

    45. JoshieMike

      This takes place inbetween Civil War and Infinity War with some flashbacks thrown in

    46. Kenneth Faulk

      I like your chubby cheeks coming in man. Looking harmless and cute. Always looking Sharp my man

    47. Catspaw Gardner

      They are really milking the shit out of the deaging technology aren't they?

    48. Bllurr1

      Andre, she didn't turn in midair, she grabbed the railing on the way by to fling herself sideways. You can see her arm come forward to grab it.

    49. Tyler Zimmerman

      You've been killing it with the uploads lately.

    50. Nick Dorenkamp

      5:19 he looks like lord zed

    51. Danielle Markham

      I'm wondering if the reason for this is to introduce a new "Black Widow" for the next phase with Yelena.

    52. John C. Abb

      At the moment, I’m looking forward to Black Widow, along with Thor 4, Guardians 3, Black Panther 2, Spider-Man 3. As far as the really new stuff, I guess I’m most excited for Blade (even though I’ve never seen the older films) and Shang-Chi.

    53. Fanaticalplel Oof

      The music is just litttt

    54. Invicta Films

      Hell, I don’t know shit about the physics of falling, but it looked to me like she pushed off that bit of debri.

    55. Manny Plays

      White suit of black widow looks like a stormtrooper suit

    56. DaShonuff

      That power ranger is Taskmaster.

    57. soundwave803

      Taskmaster looks like the Phantom Ranger.

    58. Emerson Gonzalez

      The black widow movie is set before infinity war

    59. From Stun To Kill

      Man, I wish they cast someone else instead of David Harbour. I really wanted him to play Beast in X-Men :(

    60. Daniel Hatchman

      ‘Spoiler Alert’ hahahaha