BIRDS OF PREY - Official Trailer 1

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    BIRDS OF PREY only in theaters February 7, 2020

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    1. Thomas Fullard

      Cause I’m Harley FUCKING QUEEF

    2. beets green

      Obi-Wan... this is not the jedi way..

    3. P - Mac


    4. Alekos Dafiniz

      Is this good for peoples brains to watch A slut with tats all over her face

    5. Cynthia Duenas

      This movie comes out the day before my birthday. Those days are gonna be the best two days of my life

    6. Grace Allen

      This is petty but I don’t like her new outfits, I know it’s to symbolize her breaking off from the joker but still

    7. The Joker

      joker looked so trash in suicide squad of course she broke up with him

    8. jimmyjohntheEdgyone

      Man who knew daddy's little snowflake was so whiny 🤔

    9. DesertFernweh

      This trigger Jared Leto 22k times.

    10. That CarGuy

      Errrgh the NPCs go crazy... Ergh

    11. Bananz06

      That doesn’t look very scary, more like a six foot turkey

    12. Octavio Enriquez

      Harley " toss that out for me will yah?" Car" I'm alive" Bomb "I'm bout to end this whole man's career"

    13. Melissa Moonchild

      why can't she get the voice right

    14. Issei

      I don’t feel this one

    15. Issei

      Harley Quinn actor = good Joker actor = horrible

    16. Boldizsár Fekete

      If black mask( Ewan McGregor) wants to win, he just has to climb up to the top of a skyscraper.

    17. diana becker

      Boom!!! One of my favorite scene in this trailer.

    18. Richard Palmer


    19. Fuzion Knight

      I loved the look of this movie at first then I heard it’s gonna be pushing a feminist agenda and I lost all interest

    20. Jiajian Hou

      what's the french song?

    21. Gime Na Ü

      Red velvet psycho???

    22. James Matthews

      This looks terrible. The only cool looking girl is Harley Quinn. The rest look like they just came out of a feminist studies class.

    23. lemonade

      I wish I could see Helena Bonham Carter as Harley, mostly because of her role as Marla Singer (Fight Club)...even better, along side Joaquin Phoenix's Joker.

    24. Jon P

      The newest Fortnite trailer also get it girl

    25. michael jordan

      say what you want about this trailer, I still believe they couldn't have chosen a better person to play Harley Quinn than Robbie

    26. michael jordan

      "le ciel bleuuu..."

    27. xdarkknightx09

      If only only a talented director made a psychological thriller using this character. Instead we get Michael bay with bad jokes the movie. Dc is trying to take fox's place in the super hero movie market.

    28. Ibrahim

      Its a french song its edith piaf hymne à l’amour 🇫🇷

    29. yourunetube

      Looks terrible. Yay to another year of every girl dressing up on Halloween after a shitty movie.

    30. -Romaric-

      Edith Piaf ❤️

    31. Ama Nel

      Whats the name of that song.

    32. Tsuginiya Sengen

      a bit surprise there is no Ivy here

    33. Prajwal Lamichhane

      Who is here after watching morbious trailer?

    34. Luanne Dice

      Such an epic trailer

    35. Luanne Dice

      Ah, yes, the crazy ex-girlfriend rage movie 🍿

    36. KaneDeathBreaker

      Man they really made the cast different from the comics,looks like a bunch of disgruntled really smelly,ugly biker chicks. I’m sure the fake fans will love it,looks terrible though.

    37. unholyiiamas

      Can't wait for this to be disappointing!

    38. XxxLapis boyxxX

      Where Poison Ivy

    39. TheNerd Abides

      Man I can’t wait to watch this

    40. Soarin Skies

      Harley: I’m the one they should be afraid of not Mr.J, ME! Ewan Mcgregor: *so uncivilized*

    41. Pedro Guerra

      Amazing trailer!

    42. 藤崎燐

      Edith Piaf - L’hymne à l’amour

    43. Kristine Smart

      Thank God for younger generation; finally chicks are getting there own tough characters.

    44. Kabali Ratxa

      broke up? nop.... mcu hired him

    45. Garda

      I see woman version of deadpool :v

    46. MEGA OKTAV

      Pengen nonton :(

    47. Murrytmds

      on one hand, no more leto joker. On the other hand.. That was the one Joker that actually seemed like he gave a real shit about Quinn? So going the "I don't need you anymore" and them breaking up is kinda.. lame. I woulda like to have seen a joker/quinn relationship that wasn't one sided... just with you know.. a better joker.

    48. Roxanne Kress

      Should’ve used fairuza balk instead

    49. Sandeep S

      Please release in Hindi in India

    50. Sandeep S

      Please release in Hindi

    51. Sandeep S

      Please release in Hindi

    52. Abdul Qawez

      Joker is now Morbius

    53. Suvannah Griffin

      I liked Jared Leto's joker better than any other just sayin

      1. CloudCubic

        you're uncultured

    54. Fuct Airlines


    55. Lusdaily Monte

      Harley : the joker and i broke up Me : i am shokiht but why 😭😭😢

    56. Rob V

      You Kno how they could make this a decent movie... Show Harley's getting railed! That movie I'll go see!

    57. Avis LYON

      The song sounds let there be day harley ouinzel sings

    58. NKDs

      what song

    59. Jake Sergeant

      Anyone know what this song is?

    60. P Burrows

      I really hope this is good, cause the trailer looks great!