Billie Eilish - call me back

infamous pancake

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    1. infamous pancake

      i realized that this was the cover so i changed the title lmao

      1. ariana mia

        lol sorry i have synesthesia and i had to say it but you got the colors wrong it’s a blueish pink song

      2. Hotel Zeta

        @infamous pancake Yes, she sings very good in spanish but has the american pronounciation or accent or whatever.

      3. infamous pancake

        @Hotel Zeta yea eres tu (spanish cover) was lit

      4. Hotel Zeta

        @infamous pancake I never get to hear her covers, I didn't even know she had covers. I just saw like one cover of a spanish song and I loved it. But she was livestreaming I think, so the quality was bad.

      5. infamous pancake

        @Hotel Zeta i just found it on reddit and believed that this was the official audio. after a while, i thought this sounded like that one cover she did

    2. Benedek Nagy


    3. baby Katy lunarmoon

      She still sounds great how's wtf ;-;

    4. la famille des fous

      Sais traie bon

    5. Jen Kovacs

      Sorry but Nice

    6. Janna

      why the fuck can't i find the REAL song anywhere...

    7. Taja

      wait what!?is this real?

    8. SSniperPugYT

      is this a prnk? or something?

    9. marya clara

      Love te amo billle

    10. marya clara

      10 a comenta nao acredito te amo billle Gente se escreve no meu canal por favor

    11. Sheyla Hernández


    12. Leidy Ronero

      Tan linda 😍😙

    13. Edward Crock

      Amooh a Billie

    14. Clarisse Simplício


    15. Nicole Wallace


    16. elija


    17. Psychø - San

      LIT 🔥

    18. Martim Pires