Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Official Music Video)

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish

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    Directed and Edited by Megan Thompson
    Director of Photography by Jon-Michael Mooney

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    1. Narineh Mkhitarian

      Billie at 13: making beautiful music Me at 13: struggling to do school work

    2. Sell GTSF


    3. Patricia the Donut Lover

      Is it just me or in this song it looks like Billie has ocean eyes/pretty eyes??

    4. Kyla Green

      Billie's brother: helps her get to where she is today Me: No fair haha

    5. MimiVlogs 1

      Listen to this song for the George Floyd case. I'm black and I'm angry and sad!

    6. Nana Githinji

      😊Ocean eyes

    7. Levi Sakamoto

      is anyone still listening to this?

    8. Meshawnya

      My song

    9. Eve Barch

      My brother just threw a beanbag at my throat

    10. Gail Baker

      Billie Ellish, you also have those gorgeous ocean eyes 💙💧🌊💦

    11. Fatima Kamal

      263,265,034 view-omg

    12. Ogboru zadhekoghene

      Shes so cute and awesome😇😇

    13. Clara Merin

      Phinneas: here you got a song; FAMOUS my sister: here you go a bunch of crap. me: jeje ...

    14. AssemHelp

      Billie was in highschool , now I am in highschool too sadKEK

    15. Blxeberry _

      Who’s watching this at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="420">7:00</a>am trying to sleep 👇🏾

      1. Aaralyn’s Hotdogs water

        MORE like watching this at 3 am when your bestfriend of 8 years ended the friendship..

    16. Maryam Ok

      This is for you.If you ever see it and remember my name from somewhere....It was playing in my head when I saw you for the 1st time...

    17. EinfxchSteffi

      Wtf Thats 4 years ago and it doesn’t feel old it feels like last year

    18. Aldo Meyer

      I can sing so good I really like your voice I know all the words!❤👌

    19. Аня Киска алиска


    20. Derrick Muchoki

      Have you ever drowned into eyes that are not into you.Notice that not for long that you'll start choking

    21. Andrada _Andrăduța


    22. asya yıldırım

      Igrenc muzik

    23. Hannah the Hyena

      To the random person scrolling through the comments, stay safe, stay at home. Enjoy life the best you can. This will be over soon. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Copy this comment to other videos. Spread some light in this dark time.

      1. Sad girl Tears

        Hannah the Hyena thanks 🥺

      2. Hannah the Hyena

        Sad girl Tears Take a deep breath and think about all of the happy things you've experienced and of all the people that love you. Don't give up. 🙏🙏

      3. Sad girl Tears

        Hannah the Hyena I feel like I can’t :/ I don’t want to give up but at the same time it’s difficult

    24. All Good TV


      1. Sad girl Tears

        All Good TV hey

    25. MchlJhn Dze


    26. MintyJoonie Parapio

      Billie at 14: Me, a 14 year old: what the fuck am I doing with my life?

    27. Niki

      Where's the avocadoes?

    28. LEVIA THAN

      Billie 💓😍😘

    29. Ajdin Arnaut

      Love you so much you are my Cush

    30. Eddy Hoover

      I have been listening to this for a while but only now do I realise Billie is 13 in this 😄

    31. Carla Sandoval


    32. REAL BEAL

      Wer kommt von dyma


      Lets not compare us and Billie🦄

    34. PrincessAva Ava

      No offence on the people who don't like Billie but why do you have to be a hater if you don't like her then don't listen to her music

    35. Reem Aldorie


    36. Angeles Miranda

      Que linda 🥺💚💚💚💚💚

    37. Jay Mo

      i cant belive she was only 14 years old! she is so talented. not only to be able to sing like this but also to write the songs. its incredible.

    38. Caroline :0

      She looks so different now...a good different.

    39. Nicholas Robin Fant


    40. Chad Lovell

      Ocean eyes......definitely!!! Watch the tears flow.......

    41. Carson Jacob

      my day consists of a nice shot of heroine and dozing off to some Billie. Not glorifying but more venting on my daily struggles and coping methods. 1 Love Baby.

    42. Kristopher Lim

      Omg can't stop listening this song, it makes me feel relaxed

    43. Tabitha Mote

      I get lost in this girls eyes i have a crush on everytime i see her i care about her more. Her eyes are such a crystal blue that they take me to paradise. Wish i had the guts to tellher

    44. Aboy Chap

      I'm sorry

    45. Isabelle Oliveira

      This girl always surprises me. Let's give this song more love !! ♡♡

    46. Isabel Frias

      I love you billie eilish i love

    47. 3xtra Terrestrial

      Wow sorry,... Got mesmerized in her Ocean Eyes. For like 2 minutes

    48. perlaariel602

      Awww im so sorry about that



    50. blue berry

      오랫만에 들으니 너무 좋다

    51. Starr McKinney

      The ocean eyes I drowned into and froze when I stared into them were a caramel brown. Does that count?

    52. Glyndun Sangster

      Billi I Love your song it make me happy

    53. Jahmar Acosta

      im it corona time wathing songs from 2016

    54. Angelica Susana Camano Garrido


      1. Angelica Susana Camano Garrido

        the best i heard, i not from USA, i m from CHILE ,but it does not matter , what pretty eyes by the, way they sing beautiful,i wish you all the best possible it was a pleasure bye

    55. Ясмина Ульбашева

      I love you

    56. Keila McCutcheon

      Anyone else think she looks like Cara Delevingne in this?

    57. Tatiana_ Gomes_93

      Weat a minute wtf dis video is recorded 1 day after my birthday 😂😂😂😂😂 dats crazy haha

    58. Shanawaz Rahman Niaz

      I cant believe is this Billie 🙄

    59. Antonina Rutecka

      2020? Quarantinne...

    60. Nur kader Görgün


    61. Desiré López

      My queen´s firts song

    62. FV201011

      I love how she's sort of fading in the background. Her voice is like a lullaby.

    63. Francisco Santibañez

      i love billie and you??

    64. Sarah ZHelper

      Light blue eyes: lake eyes Dark blue eyes: ocean eyes Light green eyes: river eyes Dark green eyes: pond eyes Light brown eyes: polluted ocean eyes Dark brown eyes: very polluted ocean eyes

      1. shaquille oatmeal

        i think ocean eyes are any pair of eyes that you can stare at forever and "drown" in

    65. zahraa queen

      please supsicrip at my chainnle

    66. Natalia fraire

      (。♡‿♡。)(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤( ˘ ³˘)♥💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

    67. zahraa queen

      Ilive you Billie

    68. Corey Hendrickson

      my brorther said your songs are trash i slap the hell out of him

    69. Cookie Star


    70. Florence Frate

      Those ocean eyesssssss :)

    71. fathima zaina

      Goshhh billie elish makes me cry those ocean eyes of her...... love her songs and every song of her angel voice I'm a kid and she made me cry her song is a..... unbelievable

    72. kornelija Masiulevičiūtė

      Love your songs 😻

    73. Katherine Lopezmendez

      oh my god O_O is it just me that thinks this sounds so different from her songs now O_o

    74. Trey Wilson

      So adorable and cute

    75. Michelle Yu

      love you

    76. MaverickStudio 《

      I love this one , i can feel it myself 🥺

    77. Hanah rose

      I refuse to believe she was 14 when she sang this

    78. antah berantah

      love this song

    79. #Sanjaysingh Gound.


    80. Louis Rosales

      Now she’s famous than the other celebrity/singer👏🏻❤️