Billie Eilish - i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre)



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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing i love you (Live At The Greek Theatre). © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Dogzy

      Billie is one of the few singers that sounds better live.

    2. Riri Lover


    3. roblox_music_videos_UwU

      These people were quit WOW

    4. Elena Martínez Parra

      I'm criying . It's hermoss

    5. Damian Siri

      Estoy llorando

    6. TuT Yashis

      Billie eilish make me cry happing o Love you billie

    7. Harper reacts

      As soon as the crowd sang I got chills everywhere!💖

    8. vittória costa

      nossa amo estar bela música nossa linda



    10. Robi Bolink

      Me: *Crying* Billie: *singing* 'I didn't mean to make you cry..' Me: ' It's okay bb'

    11. Osama Ahmad

      Awesome 👍

    12. Renata Pilar Quiquiza

      i have the music

    13. Leah McKee VIBES

      I didn't mean to make you cry Everyone in the audience crying

    14. Leah McKee VIBES

      I cry every time I here this song

    15. Patrick Dolan

      Imagine having thousands of people singing your lyrics back to you ..... that would stop me dead in my tracks as a performer

    16. Avakin Ece


    17. bouhnik noor

      أغنية رائعة جدا كلمات جد مؤثرة بأسلوب هادء

    18. Chantal Cernain

      I. Love. You. Billi. Eilish😍💕❤️💜💖💖💕💕💕💕

    19. Kreez Mc's Records

      الله يحميكي

    20. Yashesh Bhavsar


    21. hideto

      I love this music ♪

    22. Negru Amalia

      I love you billieeilish🤞🏻❤

    23. ذخر زايد


    24. regina pedraza

      No entiendo nada pero la canto xdxd Confirmen quien habla español

    25. Sara. OFF

      Боже, сколько голосов....которые наполнены болью(

    26. *-gacha editz-* :3

      This song makes me cry cuz of quarantine 😭

    27. Maggie Lugo

      This singer is fucking terribke

      1. Andjela Bajovic

        Then leave

    28. Mike Kalafatis

      Do not come to Greece again

    29. Maria Videos

      Billie please come in Greece again!!!

    30. msrollinondubs

      Seattle Fux Witcha All MF Day!!@Billie Eilish 2020'

    31. idil Işık

      just 5 minutes gave all kinds of emotions...

    32. amjaad 118.018

      Everyone’s thinking about There partner but I’m thinking about the one person who will never stop her love for me and that gorgeous person is my best friend and my mom 🤍🤍🤍

    33. Big Smoke

      I love Billie. Her attitude and everything she went through. It’s amazing. Her music is beyond this universe....

    34. nehir polat

      i can give my everything to be there...

    35. Brain.f.cells

      Just wow.... Speechless

    36. Aditya Mahajan

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> just woke me from my sleep

    37. gr gr

      i am crying to this song

    38. gr gr

      billie, you are my life, she is my favorite human

    39. Florence Hall

      Absolutely love your style your lyrics you have captured all of my feelings in your music...keep it you rock girlie

    40. Soleyman Malekzadeh


    41. Gerascope

      oh my god, how boring, and is this art?

    42. Murtaza Ali

      for xxxtentacion

    43. ivan kuszlak

      Hola 😁😎 esperó que estén pasando un bonito dia,les quería avisar que hice el cover en español de la canción para el que guste pasar por mi canal lo encontrará

    44. Seda Celen


    45. Klara Hovorkova


    46. Dope Cat

      Incest alert

      1. Dope Cat

        @i’m ugly someone can't be "incest", it's an act, you're dumb.

      2. i’m ugly

        Dope Cat nope bitch. jealous much that she have better live than u writing about them being an incest? i wonder why people like u even existed in the first place.

      3. Dope Cat

        @i’m ugly no, can you

      4. i’m ugly

        Can u stfu?

    47. Dope Cat

      She's so overrated

      1. i’m ugly

        Dope Cat are u talking about yourself?

      2. Dope Cat

        @i’m ugly yeah, bad taste.

      3. i’m ugly

        Dope Cat still not her fault that she’s overrated. People just have taste

      4. i’m ugly

        Dope Cat nope.

      5. Dope Cat

        @i’m ugly no, shes simply overrated

    48. dante castagne

      Humans are so pathetic....... Look at all these litle turds worship an 18y old like she's god just because she can sing a litle bit. Fucking asslicking puppets

    49. 2K suscriber challenge without posting any vids

      Imagine just seeing your children there. #ParentingGoals

    50. mv 007

      I Love you billie perfect sing

    51. Afsara Eilish

      okay but this is the most beautiful song to play live. *period*.

    52. Mirano

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> this moment is so epic and beautiful

    53. Sarah james

      Did she break her leg??

    54. Spoidy

      I never had someone special but i am feeling that thing

    55. Lilith Villareal

      Her Voice Isnt Beautiful its Hauntingly Beautiful

    56. Adnan Bajwa

      Love connects us

    57. Lindsay Marlowe

      Super AWSOME music.... me and my baby girl love listening to you guys

    58. Iina alkasm


    59. shechinah chigwende

      This song hits different I found out my friend died today

    60. Adnan Bajwa

      This is so epic

    61. francesco deminelli

      crash the fucken bed.

    62. DEV

      I wish I could witness these beautiful moments live too . 😭

    63. Asdfghjk

      Im a big guy with such a fckin weak heart that I always cried when ever I listen to this song at night close my eyes and just burshing all of my emotion out from my eyes that I couldn’t even speak a word. The fact that i am such a fake person that i genuinely kept my feeling inside and act like a strong tough dude everyday but this song really really beat me up hard shit 🥺

    64. Giannis Mparkas

      we are everywere 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

      1. Hfccf Na of of my f

        Amerikh auto kamia sxesh me ellada lok

    65. Jenny Berger

      I feel they actually love each other more then sibling.

    66. мс дурка

      где русскиеее

    67. Taher Ali

      We need love to continue

    68. Tuğba Sınacı

      Kalbim burda kaldı

    69. Gaby

      whether you like WHAT she sings or not, its impossible to deny how incredibly beautiful her voice is

    70. Жанара Бухабаева

      Кто нибудь из России есть?!

    71. Valeria Saavedra Tucanes

      This is so beautiful man

    72. Maria Vialpando

      I was so broken when i heard this song my memories haunted me because i loved him 😔

    73. aarzu r

      People are crying like hell!!!

    74. TAN Leo

      Bilile eilish do you play roblox

    75. James Lotto

      sunset smoke under the bosphorus

    76. Bliss Berry's Vlogs

      i went to her concert in october and i cried at this song..

    77. Asdfghjk

      I just had a peoblem and now i couldn’t sleep wel yaa and here i am trying my best to get rid of the problem by listening to this song in order for me to fall asleep but eventually end up crying like crazy depressed guy under the blanket 😭

      1. Anna Déinyan


    78. Arvinte Maria


      1. Arvinte Maria


    79. Mexicano de México Cabrones Azteca cruza con Maya

      Carla morrison son ermanas


      Always make me chill listening this song