Billie Eilish - Ocean Eyes (Dance Performance Video)



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    Listen to "ocean eyes" from “dont smile at me":
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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Ocean Eyes. (C) 2016 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Juan Carlos Macias

      Boton quien ame a billie

    2. TW - 02SJ - Ross Drive PS (1419)


    3. Earthworm Sally

      Me at 13 years old: Sitting on my bed watching nonsense on yt with my best friend: Billie At 13: be sounding better then I'll ever be at 13

      1. I break togethaa

        She was 15 there... 🤦‍♂️

    4. Jaydan Hanson-Beech

      Anyone watching this in 2020? 😂

    5. Kaile Pannell

      I love Billie Ellish 💕Her voice is perfect 👌

    6. Guadalupe Lopez Moratin

      omg billie i love like loveeee you hit song ocean eyes i LOVE it kep up the hard work

    7. Victor Postillo

      Que adorable .💓🙆🎶🎶 Cumpliendo sus metas .💓

    8. SergiuCM 10

      Billy i is so cool Ei Love 💖 jo

    9. Mehmet Demirbaş

      She is a genius

    10. Sakeena Ali

      Your awesome 👏

    11. Licked Lollypop

      who is listening while the riots are going on? #blacklivesmatter

    12. Gecha Melody


    13. Joscelyne Nabb

      See this ↓ you have to do this For bille

    14. Joscelyne Nabb

      I love bille

    15. dmrc43

      Wow alot of people love looking at the how green grass is.🙄

    16. T F

      love both the dance and the music. beautiful.

    17. Wolf Family

      I love her hair like this!!

    18. Alex Avakin

      Ha I wish I could dance;-;

    19. mayte gudiño

      youre great

    20. Mary Myers

      Who else is watching this in Quiritine Me😂

    21. Audrey Rose

      when il billie.

    22. Francisco Santibañez

      i love billie and you??

    23. Camila Cruz Hernandez


    24. Rita Fernandes

      I love Billie Eilish. She is great

    25. Alaina Jackson

      Billie Eilish is beautiful no matter what people think.

    26. Louis Rosales

      Now she’s famous than the other👁👄👁

    27. Louis Rosales

      I love old Billie ❤️ but i love also billie now

    28. Elizabeth Markosian


    29. matan justme

      to think that 1 million people actually pressed the like button out of 50 million that viewed, from their free will.

    30. Арсений Орлов

      Straight song

    31. Robyn Smith

      And it helps lots

    32. Robyn Smith

      Well when I get sad about myself I sing this because I have eyes that look like the ocean

    33. Karan Rajput

      I dunno y but being honest I'm jealous of that guy🥺🥺 dude he's so lucky

    34. Dasha Noble

      Oh wow is this really Billie doing contemporary dancing???

    35. Jody May

      May I ask why this ended?

      1. Jody May

        @Катюша Крох it was a joke, thanks for your reply though, I meant the video ending. Your English is better than people I know who actually live in England, my mums friend is a teacher and would be quite upset to see that someone from Russia can write better than her English class

      2. Катюша Крох

        Sorry of mistakes I am from Russia😅

      3. Катюша Крох

        She received a serious leg injury. And stopped doing it then she couldn't reconcile for a long time. And after a while she began to study music intensely.🙂

    36. Gustavo Gonzales

      im gomma didd

    37. Mary St. John

      When my friend told me about Billie eilish I'm like "who is Billie Irish? He sounds like someone my dad would listen to." my friend: 😑

    38. Akangsha The Dance

      My girl is dancing lit My fav song...

    39. Jungkooks banana Milk

      Billie eilish needs to collaborate with BTS it will be good

      1. Gabrielė

        idk if it will...

    40. Happiest Sun -

      She flexible and hot-

    41. Русский

      It catches on some invisible level.

    42. Русский

      Unique singer. Well done!

    43. Angelica Beltran Machado

      Im. Calm dow when I hear this song

    44. Chris D

      How did this track never get major radio play?? Such a Beautiful song. Wow

    45. asma ounough

      يخي حالة يخي اللي عربي يدوس لايك

    46. Erick Nino Vizcarra

      i love your songs they make me not feel sad

    47. Aklima huq Lucky

      how can someone be tish much talented, beautiful, well behaved, good hearted, confident at the same time????!!!! Billie you're out multi talented queen

    48. Eliza Catley

      Thats the name of the channel that have the story

    49. Eliza Catley

      Bartinkamz !!!

    50. Eliza Catley

      Have you seen the story about you

    51. Yolande Steyn

      I just totally heart this song....💖💖💖

    52. Cornélie

      God! I needed sometime to breath after this 'cause the first sound made my hearth stop beatting.

    53. Lorin Balli

      What dance style is that? I have never danced in my life so i don't know.

      1. Mishael Agyei-Boamah

        Contemporary Dancing

    54. Melisa Örgel

      bu dans biçiminin ismini bilen var mı? Does anyone know the name of this dance style?

    55. Nezire Ağazade

      Bu ilk şarkısı mı??

    56. Shivanshu Mishra

      The only song of her which is worth of getting this much fame

    57. Ajna Ždralović


    58. Nadja Dubovac


    59. bor 2023

      you are so lucky. God gave you a very good voice

    60. Галым Ботанбеков


    61. Atreyos Gaming

      Ok so no one gonna talk about how lucky the back up dancers are. bruh like you're frickin dancing with Billie Eilish 💚

      1. Abby McDermott

        They're probably from her old dance studio

      2. XxKookie_GachaxX


    62. AddiluvB2

      my god shes so gorgeous..


      Ocean eyes


      Billie is the best, love u , babe you are beautiful

    65. Diana Herbas

      Que hermoso tu video 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


      I love you

    67. The American

      When she still looked normal.

    68. JhonPlays

      She was 15 😳

    69. jazmin rose

      How The Hell Does She Do That????

    70. Evgeny Nikitov

      Ничего так music, very good

    71. Avery Call

      I love you Billie

    72. Rose Sky

      ID always think that Boy she was dancing with is her ex boyfriend Henry 👀

    73. Aesthentic Max

      best dance video EVER!!!!!!!!

    74. Ugnė Kazbaravičiūtė

      I wish I was that dude, so I could touch Billie 😒🙁

    75. Furkan Yıldırım

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a>

    76. Furkan Yıldırım

      this girl satisfies me

    77. John Lobov

      beautiful me

    78. Foody Therapy with Madam Rose

      beautiful singer and music lyrics

    79. Rita Marley

      Billie vc ta amo gata💓 linda

    80. Rita Marley

      Linda amo vc meu amor 💓