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    Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last three years and tracked the almost-18-year-old’s swift rise to pop super stardom. From the Grammy-nominated debut studio album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ to her third world tour, see how Billie’s changed much more than her hair color.
    Billie Eilish’s album ‘When we all fall asleep, where do we go?’ is out now and for tour information:
    Recomposition of “bad guy" by Alfonso Velez
    Directed & Interviewed by Joe Sabia
    Edited by Doug Larsen
    Executive Produced by Traci Oshiro
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    Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair

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    1. PaperxMario

      Industry plant strikes again

    2. Solanglo for the win

      Okay 22k people who disliked this. you will meet your doom after i watch this.

    3. Emily

      20:01 she put it better than I could ever put it.

    4. Maia Kolbuck

      omfg shes so realll

    5. Nick Ritchie

      1 week till she is 18

    6. 1Direction 4ever

      @11:27 is sooooo me

    7. Denis Gankelly

      И нахуя мне это в рекомендациях?

    8. Tomás Pereyra

      Me encata que billie se sienta bien con ella misma casi por completo

    9. Tomás Pereyra

      Like si hablas español y pensabas que en el 7:26 decía SKERE xddd

    10. Tomás Pereyra

      Este video tiene casi las mismas visitas que la canción que sacó hace 6 dias billie

    11. Bobby Mendez

      Sorry to all the “depressed” seventh graders but this video made me gag💀

    12. ThunderBlastvideo

      Notice she's actually getting more unhappy.... unlike these idiots in the comments saying otherwise...

    13. Max Logan

      Let’s ask the real question here: how is her hair so healthy looking after all that dye?

    14. Martin B.

      screw yoda iwant a baby billie 😀

    15. Shahd Q

      “She put it better than i can put it” talking about herself

    16. Kayla Reed

      i hate people who tell me "eW yOu LiKe BiLlIe EiLiSh???" yea cause her music is actually good and she has an amazing personality and music style and she's not afraid to be herself. i'm sorry what's wrong with that?

    17. Marsh178

      Bro. Billies like so nice wtf

    18. purplesky

      She's nice and talented but very self centered and materialistic im sorry don't hate me there's speech freedom

    19. Camila Souto

      She's looks so happy, and I'm happy for her. I love these interviews, I really do ❤

    20. lolpapaxxd567

      no man es tan hermosa fafafaafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarte bld

    21. purplesky

      In the middle she looked like acting actually haha the last is the most sincere

    22. Faith

      I love Billies soft voice, she is an inspiration to me 💚

    23. Davi Silva

      I can't believe they did it again!

    24. Bl0ddy PalAce

      My bday was on oct 18!!!!

    25. Kay FD

      Do it next year plz

    26. alwong604

      Drake is Canadian

    27. CrazyCupcakeGirl2004

      8:34 She just hit the woah 😂

    28. Eric Laguna

      It honestly gets better every year

    29. Ana N

      She seems so much happier now but I also want to point out that seeing her with acne untouched last year was actually really validating for someone who also struggles with acne prone skin so like I appreciated that.

    30. Chera Uschenko

      Why does she talk like Justin Bieber? And this really makes me want to start swearing less.

    31. Katie Brennan

      I’m so glad we watched this play out because we could 100% see and feel her pain last year. I’m glad she’s doing better. As Dr. Mike would say “Stay happy and healthy!” 💜💙

    32. Un Michi :3

      16:31 At least now he knows what I feel with each of his compositions: 3

    33. Yosha Memo

      She deserves to be happy..i love u Billie😍😍😍

    34. Potato xXBrookexX


    35. Dylan Colón

      She's x15 funnier when she smiles.

    36. Clyde Cromey

      It's simple. As her chest do her followers. It's not rocket science people

      1. Taco Bell

        Clyde Cromey Bruh.

    37. Capucine D

      20:39 "you don't have to be shouting to be good at singing !" SOOOOOO TRUUUE

    38. KikiTube



      5:25 terrible advice

    40. Rayhunter

      that's the tip of a society in decay.