Billie Eilish Gets Interviewed By a Robot | Vogue



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    18-year-old pop superstar Billie Eilish swept the 2020 Grammy Awards, and now, she celebrates her Vogue cover by sitting down with the toughest interviewer of all; an AI bot.

    Director: Brook Linder
    Producer: Taeko Masuyama and Lisa Romagnoli
    AI Programmer: Nicole He
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    Billie Eilish Gets Interviewed By a Robot | Vogue


    1. Dark wolf Gamer 1235

      its official Billies next concert we will all be up high so she can look up

    2. Ortal Kaufman

      Is it just me or is Billie wearing more makeup then usual, she is beautiful with and without all that makeup and she doesnt need it all. I just want her to know that she is beautiful and I will support her no matter how she looks

    3. Izzy's Life

      I know what your missing out on your missing out on not meeting the fans that don’t get to meet😫😫😫

    4. Haven and Nomi

      That robot has a personality lol 🤣

    5. PuffyDumplingAnimations

      Billie EyeLash😂😂

    6. billie eilish edits

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="122">2:02</a> <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="127">2:07</a>

    7. R. DJ

      I like how with every question the robot asks...she's just amazed😂

    8. SubThai Micen

      2020 : a space odyssey

    9. varun biju

      A robot gets to meet Billie *A robot is more lucky than i am*

    10. たけしにせい

      I've been studying English for a year and then i wanna say one thing to AI : Thanks to u i can finally make my mind that i am giving my English up.

    11. Gabrielle Nightingale

      Billie Elish is just such an amazing person!!

    12. Betch ValtoZ

      *Billie eyelash*

    13. Raw D

      Please check out my music

    14. karina Navarro

      Now I need Billie Eilish's skin care routine and makeup routine pleaseeee

    15. Jorah Gan

      Vogue got afraid of us,Billie Stans getting angry at interviewers asking wierd questions and being annoying so they got a robot to do it instead.😂 SEE PPL.BILLIE STANS ARE POWERFUL SO BEWARE

    16. Kaylee Moore

      Robot: How much of the world is out of date? Billie: hUaHhhHhhh?!?!?! Out of date?!?! Me: My grandparents 😂

    17. Xochilt Valencia Prestegui

      All this old mathafawkas trying to make choices for us 🤪😂

    18. Hagen Re

      this such a good prada ad

    19. XXXUZIWRLD999

      I think this robot is the greatest interviewer of all time

    20. Ken Jie


      1. Hagen Re

        prada best brand

    21. ANAH1DE

      the song the computer made has a vibe of the joker and the thief

    22. Mikey

      Vogoo Billie eyelash

    23. swag betch.

      *This is corona virus before it’s time*

    24. Banana the kitten

      She finally seems calm in an interview i-

    25. Kimberly Nicholls

      "i wanna look up now down" **the next question** *she looks down*

    26. Marcus Felix

      14 year olds be like: she so deep 😭😭😭

      1. Dude Anything2

        Marcus Felix 14 year old girls*

    27. sinatraandchill

      I like her a lot.

    28. Marina Zajac

      is she wearing makeup on her eyes...weird i though she hated makeup

    29. Kenan De Guzman

      what are you like HAHA

    30. Kellsey O'Brien

      I loved these questions tho

    31. Kellsey O'Brien

      “I mean that was a stupid question” lmfaoo i love her😂

    32. Jadting

      She's so hot

    33. karis

      the song at the end sound like if was made by google translate

    34. Rachel B

      She's so wise for her age wow

    35. Afia Begum

      Who else felt bad for the robot ?

    36. bears

      this feels so weird to watch but cool at the same time

    37. Trà Nguyễn Thu


    38. Bearyx x

      People are mean to me if I’m myself... but if I’m not myself then I’m fake... so what should I be?

    39. Dat boi321

      This would be a good interview for when corona started lol

    40. moonchild

      i love her so much AGH

    41. Elijah Vibey

      I love this I love her

    42. My name is Ana

      Lol when the robot gave attitude back 🤣.

    43. Ayla B

      Says she isnt afraid of robot really means not afraid of government

    44. Ayla B


      1. Ayla B

        @High Flying Birds yea ik but some people don't know about it

      2. High Flying Birds

        Ayla B people already know who they are. A lot of artists who passed away because of them revealed who they are before they passed away.

      3. Ayla B

        @High Flying Birds ?? Wat?? Idu wat ur trying to say here

      4. High Flying Birds

        Ayla B Illuminati has been already realised who they are though.

      5. Ayla B

        @High Flying Birds i think she is; all celebrities are basically

    45. 15K Subs In 2020 Challenge

      Billie at 18: *sings songs about depression, sadness, anxiety, global warming. Wins 5 Grammys and global star Me at 18: *cries because my Minecraft dog fell in Lava

      1. Aurea Appelmans


    46. Beata Witkowska

      i love the retro look in this video

    47. Ethan Harris

      Billie eilish is a Robot

      1. Lisa


    48. Amelie Karesova

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="192">3:12</a> "hAh?" 😅 I love Billie sm

    49. pooty and the jones

      Billie eilish is such a euphoric being

    50. Saroj Singh

      This robot is asking the real questions y'all

    51. DragonNomak

      when a robot is a better interviewer than Jimmy Kimmel that says alot

    52. Milo Simmons

      She had a thing for that robot 😏

    53. Med Side

      Tech keeps isolating and isolating people...

    54. Just some Crappy youtube account

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="425">7:05</a> IS SO FUNNY TO ME LMAO

    55. Sani Mustapha

      I'm binge watching Billie Eilish. Help! Someone! Help!

    56. jack of diamonds


    57. R F


    58. Haya Mareer

      Billiie is a queen

    59. Esther Eliassen

      i loooove billie more than anything!!!!!

    60. Zippydodah Quirk

      Why does she talk with that goofy accent.

      1. Dude Anything2

        Zippydodah Quirk because she can and it's hot, if you want what you're looking for then go watch some Taylor Swift videos

      2. Dude Anything2

        Zippydodah Quirk it's hot

    61. The tAif

      Billie: What are you like? Robot: Robot: Ha-ha, question two IF THAT ISNT THE HARDEST CURVEBALL IVE EVER SEEN

    62. Elena Fettuccine

      why there is no video about jennifer aniston? 73 questions, what's in the bag, etc.

    63. Ame Ra

      For a second I thought she was wearing a skirt and I was like daaayumn, someone’s hawt

    64. Kennith Sears


    65. Aurélie

      love this and her 💗💗💗

    66. Helen's Life Я переехала в Германию🇩🇪😱💔

    67. Green Gal

      I like the questions the robot asked.

    68. Major Robinson

      Omg billie mentioned lake George I've been there before

    69. anti saitine

      If the robot says it’s Billie eyelash ITS Billie EYELESH

    70. Adrianna Rees

      She’s so “ghetto” 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. Dude Anything2


    71. Haileigh Herbert

      That shot is crazy

    72. Rudy Love Sex

      google translate.

    73. I found Jimin’s Long lost jams

      I ship em

    74. Jan Jan

      This is so creepy. Black mirror vibes 😬


      -Robot: What are you like? -Billie: I don’t know, what are you like? -Robot: HA HA

    76. Lucas Henrique Henrique

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="379">6:19</a>

    77. spy girls

      no one has ever felt closer to billie than me

    78. Safiya Dantzler

      Billie says "if I name him then I'm toast" who's him dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    79. Kim Camps

      Dear Billy, I have loved you and followed you ever since the start, I look up to you and I think you are perfect in every way. I think you're the best and I absolutely love you. I love your music and I sing and dance to them every time. I wish you lots of good things in the future. I know this sounds cheesy.

    80. mariadzierzon

      <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="609">10:09</a>