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Demi Rawling

Demi Rawling

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    .First Kiss Exclusive -

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    1. clash ott

      If it’s affordable it’s not luxury

    2. The Fragrance Decant Boutique

      Excellent choices!

    3. TrueNemesisPrime

      Hey Demi, loving the channel but it would really help if you put if the fragrances are for men or women or both in the title all the time? It's confusing, thanks! :)

    4. A J

      What is the projection and lasting qualities? I worry about that with the less expensive fragrances.

    5. Duke Von Draw

      7:17 i like the little dance you do when you smell the fragrance.

    6. Emma Gatlyn

      I want to marry you. Seriously. Your voice is so incredibly soothing that your videos even run all night long. I really thank you. Greetings from Frankfurt am Main.

    7. Katie Barr

      Just wanted to say hi and let you know u love your videos. I just ordered a sample of Delina and I now own hypnotic poison and good girl. So far so good 😁. Great videos and you break them all down beautifully.

    8. Miri Miri

      I click 👍 just before it starts 😁 thank you, Demi!

    9. pragyaagrawal117

      Does belayered ship to India!?

    10. itztrinzlife

      I got the first kiss one I really want to love it but it's not for me. I always hated lychee in a perfume

    11. mememeome

      You should review Tana’s new perfume she states she curated! I know it’s likely not the type of perfume you’re interested in, but seeing a review from someone who’s channel revolves around perfume reviewing would be an interesting video to watch. Especially since Tana is GEsels “famous”, and hasn’t made perfumes ever before

    12. BR5491Z1Z

      What did u do to yr thumb. Great vid .. peace out

    13. Annqt19

      I wish they had a phone number I could order from I'd buy more

    14. lou skates

      Who's the bf

    15. Annqt19

      Dulledup I guess you mean Doll Up

    16. Annqt19

      I love this brand I bought several hundred dollars worth I got the dupe of Delina I love it. I love Vanilla Dreams and the Peachy one I ordered the chocolate. I wish they would dupe the House of De Marly. You are adorable I would love if you held them up so I could read them better. As well as print the name on your screen or underneath

    17. umair shabbir

      I love you, One day ,I smell u, U now ,where On my dream s, Yes , I Love ouds, and u to All the times favorite ❤️,

    18. Pete Romano

      Demi, thank you for the content! I am new to the channel and exploring mens colognes. I currently wear Aqua de Parma Colonia Club but have recently checked out Molton Brown's new lineup of mens eau de Parfum lineup and think they are great, but have not seen any YT reviews on them, would love to hear your opinion on them! I live in NYC and Molton Brown have a few stores here.

    19. Valentina Gomez

      Can you please add time stamps next to the perfumes in the caption?

    20. Scott Kamp

      Which do you like better, Jean Paul gaultier le male or Paco rabanne 1 million?

    21. Roberto Musitano

      Hey Demi , any men's fragrances for layered?

      1. Roberto Musitano

        @Jackie Landrau thank you

      2. Jackie Landrau

        Roberto Musitano they do have men’s fragrances. I think it’s just one or two. However, their sister brand Alexandria fragrances has more men fragrances.

    22. kazushi

      Can you review perfume parlours perfumes???

    23. AlmasAli18

      Hey Demi, how is the silage and lasting power of these fragrances? ❤️

    24. Ellen Dobbs

      What color and brand lipstick and liner do you have on in this video please? Thanks Demi!

    25. Adam Musa

      I really love that perfume i love you guys

    26. steph soppanish

      I might pick up Dolled Up. I’m not a fragrance snob and always looking for something that smells great at a great price. Thanks for a video like his because there’s no way I can spend the kind of money a lot of the fragrances on your channel cost and sometimes you wanna try something outside of the usual suspects at Sephora and Ulta. Please do more of these affordable yet still quality videos!

      1. Jackie Landrau

        steph soppanish dolled up is beautiful it’s one of my favorites.

    27. carlos002nz

      They do not ship to SPAIN. Some bad experiences with customers order's, it seems. Something very strange. Not in relation with the importance of perfumes in my country, SPAIN, and in the EU. They do not ship to Spain, Egypt and some other country. A policy to be reconsidered. They already know my opinion, Demi. I really appreciate your added value.

    28. Sara c

      Yesss I went to get a sample of Armani prive and I have all dolled up they are dupes I was going to msj you they are dupes

    29. Irregular Tangent

      Demi, When is your men's perfume coming out. I know that will be killer. Your scents profile review have been just awesome to listen to

    30. I'm a life form known as Manuel

      I'm starting to hate clones, It's hard enough finding a perfume to give as a gift, but when you finally find one, there's cheap clones that smell the same or perfumes like lalique that smells like Meliora by PDM. and I don't want to gift a 20$ perfume

    31. Chana Plastovets

      "Dolled up- Inspired by YSL Supreme Bouquet" (from their website)

      1. Chana Plastovets

        @aquababy5 who said it's wrong. I just pointed out what was written on the website 🙂

      2. aquababy5

        Chana Plastovets on Fragrantica that fragrance and Rouge Malachite come up as very similar, so her connection isn’t wrong

    32. Nicole Petro

      Those actually sound really good! I did not expect that with the title… But I want to try a few of them mostly of all though, the gelato! Can we get a sample set? Otherwise I'm gonna buy gelato right now!🥰

    33. A Ramos

      Is Dark Temptation closer to the original or updated Oud Bouquet? I’m a bigger fan of the newer, have the older but would rather not shell out $200+ if the dupe is really close.

      1. Stephanie Tamayo

        A Ramos I think she may be comparing it to the original formulation because if I remember correctly it’s the one she has

    34. rvdlaar

      Video title didn’t imply this one isn’t for men

    35. JCCalvente fotografo

      For luxury affordable I think the best for me is Essence, they have a lot of dups but all with TWENTY per cent of oils, so amazing quality

    36. Ale

      Demi!!! Be Layered is coming out with a Amouage Sunshine Women dupe soon and I’ve been DYING to try amouage sunshine since I found your channel and you made it seem so yummy and irresistible! Can you please do a comparison video when it comes out??! 🙏🏼 I know Alexandria fragrances also has a dupe for the Delina perfumes. Can you do a comparison of Be Layered versus Alexandria for their similar fragrances like the Delina or Killian ones please? Not sure which website to buy from LOL I really hope you see this post, Love your videos girl! ❤️

      1. tblu B.

        Lady Diana smells exactly like PDM Delina. I had a sample of PDM and Lady Diana from Alexandria Fragrances and it smells so so good.

      2. Valzalel

        Sunshine woman's great, I'm a guy and I'm not afraid to wear my sample of it

      3. Be Layered

        We are the same company. Alexandria fragrances is our parent company. Alexandria is our male inspirations and unisex fragrances and and Be Layered is our house of women's perfumes and inspirations.

    37. Samah Abdullah

      I have and adore Dark temptation and first kiss exclusif. Dolled up , ancient amber and paris night in my wishlist.

    38. louise fisher

      I love Layered Fragrances. Quality & longevity so good. 💕

    39. MegaSemmie

      We want to order from holland but we want to pay with ideal and without high shipping that possible be layered?

      1. Be Layered

        Send us an email at and we'll provide you with a custom discount code to offset the shipping price 😘

    40. Maria Centeno

      Hi Demi. Great video! I just saw they came out with a dupe of Amouge sunshine. Hopefully you can get that one and compare it. God bless you

      1. Maria Centeno

        altagracia it’s called sunshine vibes

      2. faty

        omg can you tell me which one please?

    41. cheesball96

      I thought this was Alexandria fragrance from the thumbnail.

    42. Roberto Gonzalez

      Hey Demi, this house is the same of Alexandria? At least the bottles are same..

    43. Cici Loves

      I have (and ADORE) Dark Temptation and First Kiss Exclusive and can eagerly vouch for both of their quality and longevity. I’ve never had great luck with dupes until this house. FKE *IS* Delina Exclusif. Smelling them side by side is WILD.

      1. Cici Loves

        AlmasAli18 FKE gives me 6-8 hours of longevity on average. I have v dry skin - note. The projection is nice, I don’t seek HUGE projection as my husband is a bit sensitive to perfume headaches.

      2. AlmasAli18

        Cici Loves how long would you say first kiss exclusive lasts on you and does it project? :)

    44. mohoganii

      I have Dark Temptation. I didn’t like it at first, however, it has grown on me and now I absolutely love it! I am new to oud fragrances so I think I just needed to get used to it. I have a sample of First KISS Exclusive which I also love, but I wish you had First KISS to compare to Delina. I’m curious to know if they really do smell alike.

    45. SillySue

      Hey Demi, can you please please please review Bvlgari’s Splendida Tubereuse Mystique! Would also be interesting to hear your take on the rest of the Splendita collection :)

    46. steve-o-reno

      Hey, Demi! Would love to hear what you think of Alexandria Fragrance's, Royal Equestrian (inspired by Layton) and Arabian Horse (inspired by Herod). I purchased Layton and it has been a go-to of mine, but I didn't want to use it up so quickly. Found RE and I can hardly tell the difference! I felt like the biggest difference was in the opening...but still very similar (in my opinion). Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts. Keep up the great work!

    47. Nicole Miller

      I just wonder if the first kiss is as long lasting, there’s almost no way right?

      1. Nicole Miller

        Thank you guys! Thinking of giving the exclusive a try

      2. Stephanie Tamayo

        I got 8+ hours on my skin! With my body chemistry I got more of the rhubarb and incense notes with this one, but it’s beautiful

      3. N. M.

        It's pretty longlasting. I'd say on my skin it lasts a good 5-6 hours

    48. Monica fox

      Dolled up is an inspiration for YSL supreme bouquet, I have it and I love it, it’s beautiful!!!

    49. agosto15

      I love your cheapie lists, it shows you do research for best content

    50. Rajon Cox

      Wonder what type of panties demi wears 😉👙

    51. Abdullah A

      I’m interested

    52. Hal eema

      Would you layer Gelato with Geneva Chocolate?

    53. 305ssmonte

      You are so lovely. Thank you for your video's.

    54. Anna Sbano

      Hi there! Thanks for highlighting a more affordable brand. Do they have a dupe for Roja Dove’s Elixir?

      1. Anna Sbano

        Be Layered yay!! Can’t wait!

      2. Be Layered

        It is in the works :)

    55. Persian Billi

      Thank you for this! Are these long lasting on the skin?

    56. Amanda C

      If you mention this in the video, my apologies (since I'm only starting this comment a couple of minutes in) but how long did they take to ship to Perth? Been interested in trying this brand for some dupes... Thank you for reviewing them! 😊

      1. Be Layered

        Shipping to Australia takes about 14 days

    57. Daniel Storm

      I need help team. So the last month I had all of my fragrances in my fridge. But today I've taken them out and back onto my normal shelves. I sprayed my Blue de Chanel and noticed that I had fragrance over my fingers. If I tilt the bottle at an angle, fragrance liquid pours out of the bottle where the cap and sprayer join to the bottle. I'm worried some of my other bottles might do the same. Has anyone else had an issue like this, and can I do anything to fix it?? I'm 1/3 of the way through the bottle, but it's never ever done this

    58. Snitch

      rip kobe :(

    59. Zahoor Rehman

      I like so much a purfume and it name is Demi Rawling . . . . . . .

    60. RyzFragz34

      Great to hear your thoughts on these:)