Bentley Ultratank. First Run. Eng Sub.



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    Мы создали настоящее зло. Это Bentley Ultratank - настоящий Бентли на гусеницах. Он валит по любому типу покрытия и делает это с комфортом.
    Teleport Ray - m ē k ȧ nsm
    svastonov - ребята с нашего двора pt.2
    вкладываюдушу - целовались по дружбе
    13 - woo
    yavnoe bessilie - hatred
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    1. Moki [SO2]

      Почему в комментах одни англечане

    2. Jyhlin Shen

      There is no point doing this.

    3. ECHONOTEvideos

      This is why every russian have a tank .!!

    4. GAMER, FIRE

      alguien en español

    5. Top Gaming TV

      Bentley + Tank... How Russian is this :D

    6. thzzzt

      Tune in next week for the T-14 Armata go-cart.

    7. a_l_b_iii_n

      When I gave my car to a Russian to change my old tyres

    8. Alan Schuetz

      but why?

    9. 林睿军

      Why dis they cut off the rear exhausters?

    10. Edos Wolf

      VW should offer a "tank version" with the next Bentley Continental. xD

    11. Flameoguy

      ZA RODINU!

    12. Jä

      Don't choke, use electric.

    13. Malaysian Gamer

      Who is here after text2meme video

    14. Isaac Jukes

      Only Russia :P I love it.

    15. Wayv Gaming

      roses are red, violets are blue, the title is in english, so why aren't you???

    16. bo Jack

      where can buy this car?

    17. お金(Okane)Haus

      No helmet, no seatbelt, no doors, no roll cage... no ****s given. Welcome to Mother Russia!

    18. metelicgunz 1

      Gps set to Berlin I presume.

    19. PurpleHaze

      What 21 savage drives around London

    20. L'Hermione Refrain

      This is insane

    21. DarthSailorMoon

      Roses are red Violets are blue The title and description is in English So should the video be too


      Не устаю пересматривать эти проезды. Самый любимый момент с 10:15 начинается. И трек очень круто подошёл :)

    23. supergameaddicted

      You can drive a regular bentley on dirt roads....

    24. soulicyx

      this is why we americans would never win a war against russian

    25. srryformybadeng 00

      [Brutal Music]

    26. Rolando Montana

      Gta 5 - introducing the new luxary tank

    27. alexandr TT

      Мне куда интересней, а кто вы сами очкарик болтун, инженер конструктор или отпрыск олигарха.

    28. Alex K.

      Mansory: We offer the most outlandish car modifications! Russians:

    29. ShrekOnionLord

      Girls on the weekend: “like OMG Cindy you should totally come to our sleepover with Samantha” Boys on the weekend:

    30. Sean T

      "We're not going to do any hard off road today".... Pops the front end 6 feet in the air over a 60 degree incline....

    31. etiquettefiend

      All hail the algorithm.

    32. lord james

      he should make the break petal make the thing go backwards or just remove it

    33. Eagle X

      i want it in gta 6

    34. who am i

      we still dont have brakes..... we drive around anyway

    35. Paul Chauvet

      Only in russia

    36. Peter Healey


    37. David Doyle

      "We created real evil" is a line reserved for when you Russia too hard

    38. максим Голованов

      Академик лучше всех и старается нас удевить у кего получается

    39. Miltown ENT

      try a jeep????

    40. Miltown ENT

      now this is epic!

    41. LARAM

      guys, fair warning: this might void the warranty.

    42. Privileged White Male

      I knew as soon as he spoke that this should be no surprise.. I’m just surprised he wasn’t squatting pointing at the “Abibas” logo on his jumpsuit jacket

    43. bMd

      I think you guys should have that LineX applied to the body

    44. Krow

      Meanwhile in Russia:

    45. Franz Marcos

      It's not gonna have weapons, is it?

    46. Metal Mindset

      Definitely see a skinny warlord hopping out of that thing with a wife beater on and an AK in his hand in Africa somewhere lol

    47. Keberro

      Monaco's military be like:

    48. COD WW2 CLIPS

      this needs to be in Kingsman

    49. Atsuto

      2:41 What's Adam Sandler doing there?

    50. Heyemeyohsts

      That is not Russian - he is actually speaking English backwards!

    51. Thomas Bradley

      Nw you just need to put a metal base on it and an angled one of the front and back underneath to prevent scraping the bumpers

    52. monkeypoop432

      Only Russians would think of this type of shit

    53. General Irons

      Now drive it to Berlin

    54. Gopherchucks Games

      I am not sure if you understand this but you have a great formula for proper entertainment and some killer engineering skills. I need to learn some Russin.

    55. kcernest

      watching him use that angle grinder cutoff wheel without glasses makes my eyes water.

    56. udufufufuf dyfyuig;iu

      Nobody: Russians: ok my bentley is now a tank

    57. Til Schraeder

      Slav science has gone too far this time.


      this is why germany lost

    59. DUDA Ø MAFF

      .....IM GLAD HE DIDNT SPEAK KKKRAKKKA (EN' GLITCH !!)............