Bentley Ultratank. Test run #2



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    1. Juan David DG

      Me: trying hard to do the budgetting to buy even that kind of old car. 😰😱

    2. Juan Rempel

      seems to de-tread to easy

    3. Ogsonofgroo

      As a Canadian of Russian descent I approve of this wholesome activity, and give all my interwebs to ya'll! Most comphy tank-thingy ever? Wonderful/fun project, yeh late to the game, but wtf??? How can so many derps not love this bit of engineering?

    4. DolleHengst

      1:06 brother cars. both German engineered. Lada Samara by Porsche Bentley by Volkswagen

    5. julini

      Respect, thats one tough project to complete.

    6. Walther Wittmaack

      Only a Russian would drive a car that had been crushed by a tank

    7. Y L B

      proton saga

    8. Attragon Antares

      Very nice. But why is speed limited?

    9. Fabien Toulgoat

      Go here: 1:24

    10. David David

      Great job! Hope you can sort out the track problem

    11. Ahmet Ahmet


    12. Jetsonic

      As much as that engine smokes I doubt that it puts out anything near 400hp. Pretty crude build, not impressed so far :/

    13. Muhammad Sobirin


    14. Game pro

      imagine this "car" in SEMA.

    15. Daniel Australia

      Please get the doors back on it and windows and maybe a steel tube following the line of the underside of the bumpers front and back. It's a beautiful build

      1. RoMMeL1337ak47

        The track design is really bad, the bogey design was being phased out in the early 1940s for a reason. I see no automatic tensioning and they do come off really easy as seen in the earlier video, maybe they have fixed that problem a bit in between the videos but you can see at 2:30 that it almost comes off again.

    16. buckets of lead

      Next one you build just use a twin turbo LS motor. You can save around $250k! Awesome tank though! Great execution

    17. Edmund Chen

      how does it turn

    18. Виталик Dja

      Почему такой звук пиздатый , там в 8 же стоит нет?

    19. elbatemano

      They should add this to Forza Horizon 4!

    20. Scarrax01

      2:46 explains Russia the best I think xD

      1. fazer791


    21. ageu agantes

      É show de bola com ela Fb!...

    22. алена каакур

      и ваз думает все мне пезда

    23. Gino Niklaus

      Я думаю, что русские действительно крутые люди, они строят все, что вы можете, все в танке, как этот Bentley !!!

    24. Carl Lund

      What is price on machine

    25. Da Killah

      Cyka is strong here

    26. Tj Mower

      I came here to wish my Russian friends good luck after you guys go splinternet on us

    27. Emanuel Köster

      02:46 still better than to take the bus

    28. Eric The Red

      Where do you get the money for this?

    29. Mystrien Blackshot

      US Car GEselsrs: Wrapped my car in this crazy colour !!! Russian Car GEselsrs: CYKA BLYAT TANK BENTLEYYY !!!

    30. superdestructo

      Awesome. Reminds me of the track monster trucks from the 1980s. (like Bigfoot Fastrax)

    31. GoPro478/Howling Dawn

      I cant even afford those cars he is crushing

    32. Simranjeet Singh

      2:45 only in russia

    33. Epic Gandalf

      Well..Wtf? :D

    34. THE NOTORIOUS Godfather

      99% comments like"aPjjJ Iq. Uauwhgd IhTyzhUh "

    35. THE NOTORIOUS Godfather

      I have one around 10 years ago but I lost my hot wheels collection. 😎

    36. Virág Lajos

      Bentley benTANKyga

    37. Sponge Bob

      Fast and Furious 9 Confirmed in Modda Russia

    38. Christopher Mendonca

      I need one of these to get to work on time

    39. SHUH


    40. Chris Wise

      Fucken Bad ass got to get me one of those

    41. Psychotic Scientist

      Glad to see a Russian youtube video that wasn't filmed from a dashcam.

    42. Israel Makinde

      whats the name of the song used in this video

    43. Мигель мигелев

      Ни и на хуя он нужен ! ? Пятнашки ржавые мять !?

    44. 4 канал ВЕЛ ВОКДАЛС

      1:07. Зачем давить? Лучше бы 3 сезон дизлайка сделали.

    45. Андрей С

      ЧЕМУ ВЫ ТУТ УДИВИЛИСЬ? СЛЮНИ ПОДОТРИТЕ... Любой муд@к за ваши деньги такое говно слепит... Вы хер@чите, бабло зарабатываете, а этот на вашей подписке выезжает... Если б этот блогиришко сам заработал на новую беню, засучил рукавчики на ручёнках и сам её сделал в собственном гараже..., не вопрос.., а так.., всё чужими руками делается.., дифирамбы не тем поёте...

    46. RUSSIA 2889

      Что ты зделал с тазиками!

    47. Laid Akari

      максималка 130км до сотни за 12.6

    48. Guan Karlos

      Блин чувак мы же в жизни ,а не компьютерной игре ,прекрати я не могу это осознать ))))

    49. Jonathan Horner

      This kind of stuff only exists in Russia

    50. 81Heino

      Джеймс Бонд на ней кататься не будет?

    51. Денис Горелов

      Американцы увидят, скажут - русским что не дай, из всего танк сделают.🤣

    52. Александр Гамза

      А зачем было момент выезда монтировать?

    53. Aaron Enright

      Post Malone should’ve had this in his music video

    54. Fotora

      Is the power steering still works?

    55. Vince Anthony Jumao-as

      2:19 the Bentley was scratched

    56. Edward Said

      this should be used in walking dead 10 by negen

    57. Kim Jakab

      This beautiful little beast could come very handy here in Panama since there are lots of bad roads and also many bad parked cars everywhere :) Imagine driving in the jungle with that rockn'roll machine. King forever!

    58. Sal broweyes

      2:46 lol

    59. N1originalgazza

      Fantastic job guys, well done!!

    60. Joe Average

      You know you gotta put lambo doors on it.